Month: March 2011

Back to Lapbooking!!!

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Yes.. For reasons unknown we haven’t been doing a lot of lapbooking as I would want to. As it is , We combine Lap an Notebooking together.. which helps me kill two birds  with one stone..

But the last week we got back into the groove of Lap and notebooking. The need arose as Yuvan needs to understand the basics of a Sentence , formation, the rules and so we also need to simple grammar – First getting to know about Noun and the Verb..

Thatz why we have named this Lapbook  as Grammar Part I , as it has been planned to be done in many parts with complete understanding in accordance to his age.

I normally get him do the related worksheets as well and we assemble in the lapbook.

So here we go … and we are incorporating a new idea from our next Lap and Note  , that will help us use the same for easy reference and reinforced study!

My First amateur publish..

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A contest for sharing Labour stories was on at the “The Asian Parent ” and was told about by my Hubby and I sent my entry, my first one to any such media.

As they had stated in the rules that the story will be edited , I didn’t expect my whole write up, unedited to get published.. But it did!!! But they changed the picture I submitted.

I submitted this

And….You can read my story at “The Asian Parent “ here . My story 🙂

I am not sure whether I would end up in even one of the shortlisted entries, But am way too happy to see my words on another webpage other than my Blog!!!

Let me know your comments!!!!

Photo Blog :)

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It is just by an instinct and I decided to take a cue from the Photography fanatic E , to start shooting better photos…

For me , I always take photos as and when required , and doesn’t boast to have a photographic eye for sure..

But to appreciate myself and learn and explore more into taking Good shots of the limited ones I am trying  to shoot, I decided to create this photoblog…

Click to have a look at MY RANDOM PANORAMA

Comments are most welcome and would love to!


What’s new ?

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Itz Scramble Mania and Battle Force – Hotwheels… 🙂

We already had a different set of Scramble .. like a chess board with alphabets ..which we seldom used ..

Yuvan got a NEW Scramble board as his birthday day from one of his Favorite Uncle’s here…
This Board has a Plastic sturdy base on which we need to fix the letters.. which comes in handy that we
could play the game anywhere.. on the couch..table.. mattress.. anywhere… and Off late he is very interested into it..
and I am his playmate and I love doing it as I love word games too and I can do my other stuffs simultaneously too..(wink)
where I can’t do my other things when he wants me to be his playmate for a game of cricket or so…

And Yuvan was talking all about this ” battle force ‘ color changing stuff  which he intends to buy if we agree…for sometime… and when I took him to ToysRus during the start of the term Break , He told us as usual.. he want to wait to buy the Battle force and not buy anything else.. Which has been Him for a long time…

we decided to get him one since its term break and he seldom asks for Toys…And  the ToysRus guys didn’t know what it was!!!We googled and showed him and we found out and bought the same..

It is nothing but a basically colour changing car ,when it goes into the HOT/ COLD water with various setups 🙂

He loved it and Enjoys it too 🙂 except that he makes my floor messy… and later helps in clearing up the mess!

A Date with Mom @ Mars and Shanghai Love

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Friday was a day, when not only Yuvan , I too had a date with MARS …

We were at the Cinemas , Shaw – for a non 3D version of Mars needs Moms.. The non-3D version because of our experience at Shrek 4 , as the 3D glasses come of only one Size.. that is the Adult’s!… which was ridiculous… Don’t whether it has changed by now, But didn’t want to risk it…

Awesome movie … A combination of Animation and Science fiction…

Even I felt like I had a trip to Mars… definitely depicts a lot of modern Mom’s of these days…Good Movie…Worth the watch..Yuvan was all ears and eyes on to the Movie and we had a nice trip to Mars and are safely back on Earth!

Here is the trailer

And then we had a lunch date at Pizza hut…  🙂

@ Pizza hut he always loves to draw the step by step , but then this time it was the same Frog which he did sometime back.. He finished faster and was waiting for the food..

I should mention here , the Pizza hut at Nex has a nicer sitting area if u choose to sit inside at the end of sitting area 🙂

After Dinner at home we went to the Airport to receive My hubby and Yuvan was surprised with the Panda styled stationery from Shanghai , bought for him with love by his DAD.

He started loving Panda after the movie Kunfu Panda and he is looking forward for the POO’s second stunt.. coming soon…. 🙂


Happy that his day was a Happy affair altogether!!

Hugs and Kudos!!!

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Are you wondering who deserves these ? Off course Yuvan!!!

I have never been happy with his handwriting ,ever since he started writing ie exactly soon after he turned 3 , which was when he started writing his alphabets  and then gradually moved on to words…until the recent two weeks….

I have been trying hard ,telling him to give his letters the equal size, the capital letter’s a little bigger , one finger spacing when he writes sentences and so on….

But the recent weeks suddenly everything seems to be in place and I am sure praising him for that..

He improved from this



Doesn’t he deserve some ?

Well, Mummy is so happy that finally you had come out with some good results  🙂 HUGS HUGS!!

New experience… New feel…

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At the newly opened NLB @ Serangoon at the NEX Mall…

After a school holiday break that started for us , with a High fever for Yuvan, rushing to the 24hrs clinic in the middle of the night, we were ready and wanting to go to the newly opened Library …

Basically , Both of us wanted to step out of the house after being indoors for almost 4 days ….

My first impressions about the Library are….

It looks stylish,

but overcrowded for the school term break and

the staffs are finding it very hard to handle…

But all the books are NEW NEW prints… and to be there …in the stylish place ,surrounded with books with the NEW feel…though it was crowded, felt good..

.I made a mental note to visit it with Y during one of the School days after his school, as it is just  4 MRT’s away for me… *WINK*

It is located adjoining the Sky park at Level 4… and I loved the location 🙂

Yuvan at the SkyPark

AT the entrance to the Library

The books are this new….

And One of my favourite Author’s, I could find almost every one of Her’s in a fresh print… Wow…. well.. I loved it…

Since the Kid’s reading arena was so crowded, but nicely done.. we found a place to sit down .

Yuvan could read a book and in the meanwhile I could browse and shortlist the books we were to borrow…

Yuvan loved this library for its new books.. and so we will be going again 🙂

The borrowing station looks stylish but, I feel they should have done the station elsewhere rather in the middle of the Library, which makes the Library more crowded and look very shabby…

But all in all I loved this new Library for its books and the feel… Sure worth going on ‘not – so’ crowded days and enjoy and utilize the facilities… 🙂