Month: March 2016

Mummy moment

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happens unexpectedly and it could be anything 🙂 My recent mom moment was completely out of the blue!

Scene:– Conversation with his vocal music teacher about ‘vocabulary’ while I was there to pick Yuvan!

Me:- Does your child read? It really helps.. its a good habit not only for academics I think…

Tr:- Ahh I know, but my child doesn’t read much… May be because I am not a reader myself… Do you read??

Yuvan quickly quips in and says,

“My mom is a voracious reader, she reads almosy every night…” (with a sparkle in his eyes)

Tr:- Ohhh Wow…

It’s deftly a mom moment for me knowing my child knows my hobby and appreciates it and follows it! And it gave me a high! 

And for a matter of fact he knows I not only read ‘books’ but a lot of news! Reading is just not reading books!


Small joys are part of every childhood!

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I had always liked to take a walk in a drizzle… I love rain but my adult wish of getting drenched in the rain has not seen light yet!!

On a Saturday noon, while I was catching up on my sleep, Eash made an effort to get Yuvan feel and enjoy the rain! The first thing Yuvan told me after I woke up was, ‘you know what? me and appa went out in the rain and had fun!’ Though I was happy for them, I know I missed the moment…(Note to self:- do it again with him)

The joy of being in rain supported by a parent is  definitely different  and Kudos to Eash on that!   

Little joys are a big part of childhood! I can feel the happiness in these pics:-) 

A Parenting reassurance

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is what has made me to write this post after many looonngg busssy months!

Yuvan is in Grade 5 now and however I think I have to remain calm and cool (or atleast pretend to be) I have been up and down in that area with anxiousness, calm, cool, hyper and what not! And knowing where you stand especially moving from P4 to P5 in the first term makes a lot of difference. As we completed our exams amidst a bout of high fever, cricket league and me burning mid-night oil, Eash travelling etc.., this happenned!

Well documented first hand account, as Eash was home!


And he also called me to explain and inform! He was so happy when he expalined that and there was no regret of not being one of the only two who scored full marks in the test! That was a phenomenal feeling for me (though the mum in me was like ‘we went through your silly hyphen mistake n number of times *rolled eyes*) as a parent! It was a moment I felt ‘ok !…. somewhere me and Eash has succeeded in instilling the right values including being honest and yet happy!’ (Mum in me: I am awaiting the other subjects marks 🙄🙄🙄)

One teacher appreciated him for his honesty and (it happenned in two subjects actually) and the other got the class to applaud for him!

He just completely catches me off gaurd at times and doesn’t fail to amaze me time after time! I think it is also a reminder to me that values, character and the way of approaching life is more important than anything else!

I am thankful to God for this experience and blessing today!

Note to Yuvan: Yuvan, amma is really proud of you! You are a person who at importnat junctures in my life has always reminded me of something that I should always looks upon positively and  showed me the other pretty side of life too!

Keep going! Amma and Appa love you to bits!! Big Hugs!


Same scene but opposite when I was say 19 in Uni. 1 mark less than full marks and my closest competitor got full marks and I was marked wrong just because I had an extra comma; Me to Prof: ‘I wrote everything correct expect the additonal comma so shouldn’t I be given atleast 0.5 marks?’ *hitting forehead*

Comment to Eash by his friend – For Tamil audience only!