Month: August 2012

Go Kazakhstan!!! – Little Something’s – Series 3

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We are following Olympics quite closely with all of us quiet keen on sports and Yuvan  just loves to watch anything sporty and loves learning about different sports..

On one such day, apparently the below conversation has happened between Yuvan and Eash when I was snoring away to glory in the late afternoon today. I knew it from Eash’s Facebook status and confirmed and laughed about it… Even asked Y randomly again so that I can enjoy the moment too.. Here’s the conversation in Eash’s words…

Yuvan: gooo kazakisthaaannnnnnn!

Me: (wtf….) do u really support them? And why Kazak?

Yuvan: I like the name Kazakithannn!

Me: (palm face)

Ha Ha Ha.. Another little something to remember!!!