Month: September 2015

SG 50 – Singapore’s 50 years of Independence…

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A country that I have been proudly calling home for the last 10 years and hoping for many more, celebrated its 50 years of Independence this year!  Since I am professionally in the education line, I have been involved in quite a few initiatives to celebrate SG50, I have had the opportunity to learn and appreciate the country’s heritage and history even more.. It was a great feeling to experience the patriotic ambience with flags all around, unique wall paintings, many commemorations etc..

When Yuvan came up and asked me whether I could paint his face in the National colours for his school celebrations, though it was going to be my first time trying my hand at face painting, I readily agreed. After a little bit of searching I found a good face painting kit with just what I wanted.

It dawned and we both were up very early so that we have an hour set aside just for face painting before he could report to his school earlier than normal for his prefect duty. The end result was good, he was super happy – that he was able to get his face painted. He felt even happier when his friends complimented him as well the school Principal stopped to enquire him about his face painting. I was very happy to see him happy! Little things matter the most!

SG50 Collage1

And I had the privilege to be there at school as part of the PV group and I enjoyed seeing him proud to be flaunting Singapore’s flag on his face! It was a meaningful celebration too..

Colalge 2sg50

Earlier, every student studying in a Singapore was given a customised Lego set to create awareness about Singapore’s iconic buildings and present them with a opportunity to learn about them in a fun way! I personally thought it was a brilliant idea! 



 Yuvan had not been a big Lego fan though he has some car sets. After this Lego set he got hooked on to Lego and we bought a few more to add on…

And I managed to buy two books about probably the only political figure whom I have huge respects for! and I am reading it currently… It’s a huge eye opener and a very very good read…


Yuvan also managed to contribute to his school SG 50 100 wishes quilt that the school put together and unveiled as part of their celebrations! I was pretty surprised to see he drew satay which is  good we got introduced after moved to Singapore and we just love it..   

But my question was why after all that he loves, food? Then I came to know every class had a theme:-) 

When the little boy

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you have known helps himself with a late night snack without disturbing mummy (just letting her know he is helping himself) you know that he is growing up and a reassurance that your parenting has gone in the drain!
Yuvan,  Thanks for being thoughtful and responsible!! 

Little things go a long way! – I am Thankful for my blessings! 

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I am a firm believer in this concept but I have flawed myslef many times at this as I am still learning the ropes but I have also been able to receive it from unexpected ends many a times.. 

With some tough situations, I have not been in the best of phases or mood in the past week or so, but a few things made me look up and S.M.I.L.E which is worth mentioning… Hence this impulsive blog post..

While me n Yu were having a pretty serious conversation, Yu said, ‘You know I always look up and hope for the best to happen and give my best!! Simple example.. My exams!! You know am like that!’ Bang on – Give your best!!Be positive!! The little man continues to amaze me and inspire me…

I order the Poori’s for the very Indian Street food Pani Puri from P these days. I make my own filling and the syrup!! I was craving for it though my mood was sulky.. Since I had placed the order two weeks ago, I went to collect it, though I had no mood or plan to make the filling and syrup any sooner.. And guess what she said, when I collected ? ‘Hey… I made pani puris for us.. So packed some filling and pani for you! ‘Well! At this juncture I see this is a blessing and truly appreciate it!I saw my mother in front of my eyes… I sooo miss you amma!! 

And though Yuvan had already gone on a movie date to watch Inside Outearlier  in the week, he called me at about 5 today and asked, ‘Ma yousaid  you don’t wnat to miss Inside Out.. Do you want to go today? If you are ok I dont mind watching again!’ Aww! And we managed to get tickets and it was defintely a solace and spiralled my thought process…

Life is short!! There is always something to be thankful for! I am counting my blessings and rather not complain!!