Month: September 2013

Books all over!

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With Yuvan’z reading appetite ever growing (off-course the food appetite never increases as much as I would like to…), a look at our permanent and temporary book shelves at various places at home πŸ™‚

This is the permanent number 1 in Yuvan’z room


The permanent number two at our chillax cum study corner… There’s another Number 2 which is an inbuilt bookshelf in the master bedroom but am not counting as it doesn’t contain ‘his’ books actually…

photo (9)

We also have another permanent number 3 which is an aquarium table convert bedside table in his room which also houses books for him…mainly non-fiction…

Here comes our temporary book shelves which are like mushrooms; keep popping up once in a while for a week or so..

Temporary one – Master bedroom raised platform beside the mattress ..,

photo (8)

And temporary two — chillax corner carpet πŸ™‚ We also have temporary 3’s and 4’s at times….

But is anyone wondering whether we have these collections accumulated over many years? NO!! all of them are what he is reading currently for the last two years… So, I swear, we do weed periodically, give away, store some of them in the store room which are in the in-between stage etc… So the books that he currently reads are on these ‘n’ number of shelves…

So let me record what he loves to read!

Literally anything! But prefers more non-fiction…

Fiction he has preference within – His love is Jeff Kinney which I don’t know how many times he have re-read and the Amos Lee series for boys, Geronimo, and the list goes on… He loves the magic school bus series as well. He reads for pleasure as well for his drive to know more and more:)


He loves reading magazines…He gets subscribed copies of National Geographic Kids and Discovery Box! I really hope this continues:) But I thought it’s worth recording here… Definitely something I cherish:)

But this also makes me think, somewhere somehow his Tamil reading journey must start… Yes! we did make a start and we have not progressed at all… I need to have a time frame and my next goal is to get him to read Tamil!

A morning scene

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and a night after the signs of cold and cough (for Yuvan)….


The festive season

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for Hindus generally starts with Ganesh chathurthi which is celebrated in many parts of India with colour and pomp!

We normally mark it with simple pooja at home. Since the last two years it has become special because of the involvement of Yuvan in the pooja. This year was definitely special as without me pushing it Yuvan wore the traditional outfit and remained in it for more than 2 hours which is a complete opposite of me pushing to wear it and him, changing right after the pooja!


The onus this year was attending prayers at friends places which was a welcome change. The aura and the divine feeling with a celebratory mood it created has no words to describe. Yuvan has fun with his buddies and he loved both the gatherings and he dressed up in traditional outfits for both the occasions.

Collage 2



The festivities are set to continue with more auspicious days lines up till the 2nd of November, which will be the Festival of Lights !

Up until after midnight…

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Though I am tired, I love the long holiday nights where he just reads sitting with us…(and not to forget the monopoly and scrabble nights)


Movies! Movies!

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September term break and that’s when the new kids movie releases starts raining on you and it continues till December!

Yuvan was so happy and excited to watch the ‘Planes’ with his Dad after a sumptuous lunch and then it was just me and him at ‘Cody, the Robosapien.’ Β He loved both the movies, but I think he loved the Cody a bit more than the planes. For me, Cody was awesome and Β I loved every bit of it… And we were only 7 people altogether in the cinema hall for the movie Cody… Well, we loved it too…

Ended the movie date with the Dart tag game purchase, which he had been asking for a long time and a Burger Dinner:)


Fresh Feel!

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We did a some simple renovation over the June Holidays – that also meant Yuvan got a dedicated bookshelf in his room – I did re-use the planks we had in the living room but redecorated with all his collectibles from the N number of McD happy meals and also his close to heart toys and pics -Formula One Ferrari pic taken by his Dad, Mom’s favourite team Redbull Car, the Ben 10 cycle which his Dad got him a few years ago and Ben 10 figurines, pics with his friends, his just born pics etc…

What more? we changed our chill-ax corner from the living room to the littler room inside the master bedroom which now serves as chill-ax and study corner:)

And he just loves his new look bookshelf – the voracious reader he is πŸ™‚

After thought:- I also realized he needs an upgrade for his study table – another sign of growing up πŸ™‚

Book Shelf

A patriotic and a sporty feel

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Singapore’s National day always brings me back memories my school days celebrating Indian Independence Day. The last two years at Yuvan’s school I have made myself available as a parent volunteer during the National Day cum Sports Day celebrations. This time was slightly different as the parent volunteers were allowed during the observance ceremony which was quite an experience I would say and yes, it brought back memories:)

Last year during Sports Day too, his team won an event and this year too.. This year it was a bit special for him, as he was chosen to give the head-start and he was also chosen one among the 3 to do the run twice as three kids were absent on the day to make it fair between all teams. This year I forced – I convinced him to wear a Red Tee instead of his PE Shirt and he was happy that I did that πŸ™‚

He decorated the flag himself and the day in pictures, as pictures speak more than words.



Collage 4

Collage 2