Month: February 2013

Can you hide an elephant?

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Today we had a very early start to the day by my Saturday standards as both me and Yuvan were up together by 7 am. While Yuvan read his Beast Quest for pleasure and followed up with some Maths models, I had a look at after a really long time!

There was a free eBook download which was aimed at younger children than Yuvan. But I still downloaded it to the ‘ifamily’. And Yuvan wanted to read it immediately during his ‘break’ between models. It looked very attractive though.

As he was reading I was so engrossed in something else only to be startled by his huge laughter. I gave him the puzzled look and smiled at him and he insisted to re-read it again and he once again laughed his heart out.

The book the he really enjoyed was ‘Borre – Hides an elephant’ by Jeroen Aalbers and illustrated by Stefan Aijs.

Collage 1

I read it a while back while he was away practicing Cricket, I realized that though he has kind of outgrown these kind of books and long ago moved on to chapter books, he still enjoys reading them on and off.

I love this ‘child’ in him!

The book ‘Borre – Hides an elephant’ is such a creative book that I admired it soo much and I can understand why Yuvan was laughing and I can imagine how much he would have enjoyed this book.

The book is all about a hide and seek game between a mouse and an elephant combined with Borre’s awesome creativity using his painting skills.

Borre Collage 2

The illustrations complement so much that it makes it a such a joy to read. I loved it too!

Borre Collage 3

Even if you have older kids download it and read it. I know Borre is a series and if you have younger kids try reading them all!

Be happy with little things

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Last night, during one of our ‘before dozing off’ conversations, Yuvan and myself had the conversation as below..

Yuvan: Amma, you know what? Mdm H (his P2 form teacher) taught us something amazing that Ms L ( his P1 form teacher) had not taught us..

Me: ( I was more curious ‘Cos his P1 teacher had been amazing and taught the kids soo many things..)

Oh! Wow! What is that?

Yuvan: she taught us how to increase and decrease font size in a word document .. Isn’t it amazing ???

Me: Yes Yuvan!! (Rolled eyes)

But I realized that there are a lot of things kids teach us in life everyday. For example in this conversation, smiling at little things that make you happy and taking pleasure in little happiness’ are a few simple things that we adults often forget.

Thanks Yuvan for reminding me about it!! Love you Yuvan!

What did Yuvan do

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when he was creative and bored?  – Played Powder ghosts and poked holes in the eraser… I am ok  with the powder ghosts creativity and also enjoyed the moment but definitely not the holes in the eraser though I revisited my childhood..  so gave him my two cents on that casually…


photo (27)

Never underestimate kids

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is what I learned over the last week ..

As a practice, Yuvan has to ask permission from me before he spends a part of his pocket-money in either book shop or to buy from the cafeteria, as he packs food and drink from home. And touch wood he has been asking permission so far as he is more keen to fill up his piggy bank and the occasions he wanted to spend could be counted.

Last week, he asked me two days in a row whether he could buy the origami paper from the bookshop which will cost him 70 cents.. I said ‘Ok’ the second day but told him he can’t keep buying.. He said ‘yes’ and I told myself,  ‘hmm .. It’s going to lie down unused..’

But the next day, which was a Saturday, guess what I saw him doing? First he wanted to use the iPad and then he brought out his pack of origami papers, googled for ‘How to make Origami models’…I was shocked and surprised!


And yes, he did make a lot of planes, was trying to attempt the dog and crab I had made a few months ago, and he was still looking for simple origami paper-folding models even after 1 hr into it, which really surprised me. I also has a guilt feeling about under estimating him!:(

The enthusiasm soon spread to the Dad and he recollected a plane model that he had done during his school days and they both made it successfully !!


So I told myself “Never underestimate anyone, and definitely not the KIDS!

‘Mother Tongue’ learning

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has been in a different light to us from the beginning. When I was worried about Yuvan not speaking at 1.8 yrs but able to communicate with me everything through gestures and sounds, the doctors told us, “He will eventually talk, nothing to worry” to “Why don’t you stick to one language only?” But, we thought it is very important for Yuvan to know how to speak and write both languages – English and Tamil, our mother tongue. We thought so very basically for one reason, and the reason that stood out was that he has to be connected to his grandparents and all others who may not be very well versed in English back home in India.. And then there was a spark!!

We tweaked the idea a bit and decided that E would talk to Yuvan mostly in Tamil and  myself in English. He started talking full sentences straightaway in English when he was 2.1yrs old and his first sentence was to his playgroup teacher Joyce, “Please open the door” and from then the learning journey has progressed to asking me questions about God and what not. Since this has been primarily  in English, he had been quite slow in terms of  speaking Tamil, basically because he had been speaking in Tamil only to a few people who know the language.

Nevertheless, his mother tongue journey continued with a major emphasis just on spoken Tamil for the last few years and yes, his language has improved over the years and after every India trip or visitation by mom here in Singapore, his Tamil has improved leaps and bounds.  At age 7, I won’t say it is perfect, but we enjoy the way he speaks the language and at the same time try to correct and teach him more often. But over the last few months, E has been stressing the point, that it’s time to teach him to read in  Tamil. Though we made a start when he was in K1, I had to drop it so as to concentrate on Hindi (which is the other commonly spoken Indian language) which Yuvan was to take as ‘Mother Tongue’ in primary school.  Though E was stressing for a long time, I was not able to make a start in Tamil again and I was starting to feel guilty about it..

Out of the blue, E started teaching Yuvan to read Tamil one Saturday and he has told me that he will take on that responsibility and all  I have to do is to follow it up whenever I can and especially whenever Eash is out-of-town.  E being a very gadgetry person, and Yuvan being into it as well, they decided to use iPad as the tool, with the crazy apps.. He is also tapping in on Yuvan’s other language Hindi basics so that he understands the concepts better..It is working fine and am not complaining:)

Tamil Learning - Collage

As a “book mom”, I dug out all the materials that I bought from India over the last two/three trips so as to use it… A start is very important and I am glad that we have made that start again and huge thanks to E to have pulled me out of the guilt quotient.