Month: June 2009

Mind reads….

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Hmmm… The swine flu is scaring me.. Yuvan won’t be going in to school until wednesday cos since i came back from Bangkok on Thursday..wd want to follow the rules of 7 days being home…. though Yuvan is normal.. n touch wood we haven’t got it over the flight journey…Good….

Basically m quite happy though I feel that he would miss two days of class… Its health n hygiene that has to be given importance his n others….


The daughter of my friend is recuperating well after her surgery..mostly looks like she wd go home in two days time….Thanks for all your prayers n do keep her in your prayers still….


Being back in Singapore feels M home.. But m missing Eash a lot being there in Bkk for more than 3 weeks… But I liked Bangkok for its bubbling life jus as India…  :)My experiences in BKK set to come may be starting tonight… lemme see how much i can get back to Blogging…..LOL


Had a very long nice catching up with Mom yesterday night… feels greattttttttt:)

Bangkok to Singapore

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Yeah.. flying back to Singapore tonite … Me n Yuvan…. and Yuvan starts school after summer holidays on Monday… Eash wd stay back in BKK for work…

hmmm I have lots to write abt the trip once m back blogging positively from saturday….

This was the month when I had been in Bangkok ,The Air France crash happened… two emergency landings… Fire in the cockpit, pilot dies of heart attack mid air…  What a worst month for aviation n flying…. All these though don’t trouble me disturbs me… Hope and I pray that me n Yuvan and everyone who’s in the air flying have a safe flight to wherever they are bound to…

And Guys I need your Prayers for one of my frens daughter who has undergone a open heart surgery jus a week after she was born.. she is doing well after the operation… and I believe she is a fighter and will emerge as a winner….I need ur prayers n good luck for her speedy recovery Buddies:)

And very surprisingly I came to know thru emails and chat’s that there are quite a few who have been following my blog… I was taken by surprise when they told me… then i told them… indeed begged..”Pls comment girls..see..I myself dunno that u follow my blog ”

But m really happy to know that people whom i know /whom i will know sooner  follow my blog…. *clap clap*

SO see u guys form Singapore:)

Hi From Bangkok

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Yes.. M in Bangkok from last Sunday…. as i Had written abt it.. will be here  almost till the end of june school holidays  in Singapore…

first two days were boring with Eash in office and we at the Bliston,Bangkok…

Since we are in the center of the city I have started exploring BKK near Bliston with Yuvan. went to the Much sought after Central Malls and the night market here in Chit Lom and did some shopping too

I wanted to Post few pics form my Sony cam..but today it is not working all of  a sudden i dunno..some rotating sound is coming… oohh boyyyy…i can’t take it… Itz been 6 years since we bought this cam and for the past 3 years itz been solely mine as Eash bought his own Nikon professional gear… 

Hmm.. Eash says..”i think that’s it for u’r cam..need to buy..lemme chk …” waiting for him to chk it….

I wanted to write a lot with the pics..but ……lemme see… how it can work out…

will keep posting form now on from Bkk

Tomo the actual sight seeing starts with Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kew,Wat Arun and Wat pho…