Month: January 2010

Training a young mind for a life skill ?

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I have taken the chance to do this… off late ,when I had to buy something at the seven eleven in my next block, I will lock both the doors and leave Yuvan at home letting him know that m going and will be back in 5 minutes.. it absolutely takes 5 minutes …

all the while I will come and open the door straight away… but it did struck me last week to do this… I rang the bell…( no conversation )… Yuvan tried to open the door… Then I said..wait I have to release the lock first…

Then I had to have this conversation with him

Me : Yuvan,  how can you open the door ,without asking for whom it is… ? If it is not mom or dad then ????

Yuvan : ( silence…. )… Next time i will do…

Me : Yuvan, even when u know itz mom or dad who will be coming.. u must ask “who is this ?” if it is amma or appa and u must recognise the way amma n appa call you… ” then u can try opening the door…. but i would still say u wait for appa n amma to open the door… as u know only appa n amma have the keys for the door… if its any other stranger even if they talk in the voice of appa n amma…if u don’t open the door…they can’t… so wait… till amma or appa opens the door…. safety first… “

Yuvan: Yes amma..I understand !

Yesterday… I went to 7/11 to grab the newspaper and i didn’t give the lesson of not opening the door… just let him know that m going to grab the newspaper…

I came in few minutes and listened on the door.. I could hear his Mickey mouse  over the TV very feebly and his ball bouncing sound… I rang the bell


Yuvan :  ” Is it you amma ? “

me : *** silence***

Yuvan : ” who’s this ?” ( no attempt to open the door by him)

me : Yes Yuvan! itz me amma….

Yuvan : okie … he tries to open the door… and says.. “amma u open the door first “

Me: Very good Yuvan.. and I opened the door!

Wah…. I was very happy that he could do with the instructions and he purely understood it…. But many may think it’s  a hard way of parenting ? what have you got to say ?

For the whole of Last year E was overseas most of the time… That was the time I taught Yuvan to use the cordless phone …how to dial and how to attend the call…. and he knows my mobile number and the address and he is trying to remember his dad’s 🙂 and he learned to dial and attend the calls from my mobile and also E’s…and he somehow is into numbers …. he remembers my Brother’s mobile number… in India… his vehicle number… my cousin’s vehicle number and so on…

My India…My Nation

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s. though I am an Indian living abroad more than 5 years now.. I still take that pride and it is always the root where I belong and where I relate myself too..

But I have sensed that ever since I started living away from my mother nation India,My feelings  and bondage towards India has taken a path of realisation ..and the feelings are immense…

So here we are as a nation we are celebrating our 61st Republic Day…..

definitely as nation we have grown…The growth has been good..bettter and moving ahead… with promising reforms in the foresight…. There is feel Good signs of educated Young Bloods coming in to reforming politics..or to be precise… they are  doing things in a different way and not doing different things…

For sure these things are to be taken very positively,which is happening after a much long wait… as I had blogged before once, For a Country like India,the ruling party must  be  given clear mandate two succesive terms and it happened in the last concluded general elections and the results are visible…

So,India M very proud to be an Indian.. and I truly respect you:)

Happy republic day to all fellow Indians 🙂

What I miss a lot about the Republic Day or the Independence  Day is the parade and the patriotism it essentially and effectively brings out of every Indian watching it,that is always shown live on the national television, in the back drops of the Red Fort,and the thick mist and fog cover , in Newdelhi,the capital of India !


Have U every felt guilty on being Late?

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I feel so… and It happened unfortunately for the second time in the recent weeks

Yuvan was late to school by 10 whole minutes….

all because,I overshot my schedule and over slept ..basically cos of my coziness with the over-night running aircon… Damn… This is the second time it’s happening… and both the times Yuvan was late to school by 10 minutes.. which I had never have done  previously ,even in his playschool days or the whole of his last year except one instance,in his explorer – nursery days…….

I feel bad that he got to miss 10 mins of his lesson jus cos of me n my oversleeping..

I am a mom who always feels guilty for my son being not punctual ….

And I also practice “No leave /OFF to school unless  he is sick or the situation highly recommends” ..

And in his play school days I think Yuvan missed only one day in the complete year and the last year in his Explorer days,one day after the March term break,, both times he was sick.

So no more repetition of being late… M gonna keep up my schedule… and so the emphasis is on going to bed early,the whole family !and not only Yuvan….

Instructions to Yuvan :

Pack your bag previous night..(though  he don’t have to carry much… he has the habit of bringing his favourite  mini toy i his bag n keeping it in his cubicle everyday… so for him packing meaning  ” put ur toy in your bag ,if u want to, the previous  night and not searching for it when Mommy n You are really running behind the clock…”)

Have any of felt like this before or practise it so ?

abosolutely Phenomenal

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is the response from my most regular readers on the FB n on my blog n a few frens who never comment but still read about my latest post,that m back blogging… It really made me feel nice the my blogger friends n my other friends who read my blog really look forward to my writing… M really feeling great about it…Thanks Guys..All of You made my day 🙂

Yesterday night was a time when I had to educate Yuvan one more time about what smoking is and how dangerous it is to health using many facts and a little explanation but in detail, about the germs and the smoke affecting the parts of the body..

It all started again when he saw one of our neighbours whom he is really fond off… having the cigar in his hand… n though he tried to hide it …Yuvan responded as below

Y : Uncle what’s that in your hand ? ( We were waiting for the lift in the lobby)

C : (Very embarrassed )”thats paper “

(tries to throw  it )

Y: Uncle, be careful..there’s fire in it.. u are gonna burn u’r fingers…

me n C : **** SHOCKED****

During our everyday study time yesterday I noticed Yuvan trying to hold the pencil in many different ways in his fingers on to his writing paper.. including the cigar position,which shocked me… whether or not he did it intentionally…

Thats when my lessons on smoking came back again…

I saw a SCARE in his eyes after I list down how smoking affects one’ s health ,body,and how it works on the negative side.. he was almost into tears… n jus nodded…. I can sense his fear.. and I don’t want only his fear..he must truly realise  and acknowledge the ill-effects of smoking..,which I believe will happen over a few more  anti-smoking lessons…

Job done…. Follow up will be reviewed….

This is part and parcel of bringing up a Boy.. and I Believe in the style of parenting that he must know everything when he has the inquisitive to know and he should be able to learn the good and bad from everything… And I believe in saying the facts and no beating around the bush!


M more happy that Yuvan’s blog is also getting the due attention from my blogger frens 🙂 thanks guys.. u are My Inspiration!!!

@Angel : Guess what ? U are the one to write the first comment in Yuvan’s blog too.. the ritual continues… thanks n Hugs dear 🙂

Where to start ?

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Absolutely…. thats the question that was going on in my mind.. since i got so much to update in my blog…but i never really did….

Had been to India for 2 weeks plus , to assist my mom who had jus recovered from a severe bout of Viral fever coupled with severe joint pain…. I accomplished that… spend a lot of time with my mom,helping her… and I could feel that she felt confident and happy after seeing me…  It was more than a Year since I had seen my mom… Though it was a very short trip..very satisfying on this front..

And I changed Yuvan’s timing to morning session… ie he will have be in school by 8.15 and finishes by 11.45

That brings a change in my schedule… (ha ha..most of blog frens had this re-scheduling on their blogs… Typical WE )

6.20am – Wake up

6.20 am- 6.35 am- prepare milk ( let it cool) for Yuvan, Eash n me

6.35am – 6.45am – prepare take away breakfast for Yuvan /pack his lunch ( Breakfast* ) Box

6.45 am-7.00am  Me time… Shower n get ready….n gulp my Tea after re-heating….

7.00 am – wake up Yuvan… and now he is getting to wake up without my voice  ” Yuvan ma… get up.. Don’t u have to go to school ?”

7.00am – 7. 20 am- Yuvan  brushes n then I shower him – most of the times his potty is before shower or after milk..

7.20 am – MILK time for Yuvan

7.35 – get ready for school

7.40 – wave good bye to E in Bed n ina  way wake him up tooo…..

7.45 – 47 in the busstop

7.51 the Bus arrives…………….

so once m back from Yuvan’s school,i do my cooking cleaning, grab a lil of my me time… applying for jobs.. (Yes.. m seriously looking to start work again )

m still getting used to the routine in terms of full usage of time… hope t master it by this week….

The last month has been a very very true learning journey which has made to re-arrange a lot of my priorities… though process n what not….

m thinking to clear a few stuffs of Yuvan  his high chair- combi – can be used as a rocker, his used stroller and the baby cot…. any ideas?? ,to make space and re-invest in something for Yuvan….

The formula one season is jus 40 + days away… Schumi making a come back…. M really expecting to see the season start off…

few things which i started on the blogging front really needs some big time inspiration to kick off fullflegedly…

And After so many years… M going Vegan on every saturdays ..itz been more than 8 weeks now… and I don’t even fell tempted though i dont force it on Yuvan… It truly amazes me… So I understand.. when u truly embrace something whole heartedly..nothing can come itz way… rt?