Month: June 2015

Coffee and nap

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a perfect combination for sanity! I now know for sure – for me – Coffee helps in healing! A morning date with just me and it helped me to sort things in my mind… I am glad I have figured out a few ‘healing theraphy’ units thats works for me!   

Little celebrations 

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sprinkled through the month of June made June a content one – I am definitely thankful to God for this… 

I am a person who still believes in hand made cards; little notes; cooking with love and simple things on special occasions… I may be old school but this is something I have tried inculcating in Yuvan from young.. He does the little paper cards for all family occasions… However we have not been sending handmade cards to Yuv’s grandparents off-late…:-( Mental note to me – Start sending from now on again!! 

Mother’s Day was quite content with a dinner out and some ‘me’ time shopping and off-course a hand-made card from Yuvan! Followed by my Birthday – cake, food, date night and movie!! 

Come Father’s Day, we decided to throw a little surprise to the man of the house.. Yuvan worked on a painting for a week; made a card;    we both ‘baked’ some cupcakes and decorated it… 

     and Yuvan woke his Dad with these! 

It was a content Sunday and I am glad both the boys were happy today!! 

Thankful for the reassurance..

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I have been plagued my mixed and some unexplainable thoughts these two days and have also had some guilt rides… 

And then, God had his own way of reaasuring me and comforting me! 

 Yuvan may not know/realise the one hour or so grocery shopping with him today, where he entertained me with his funny and silly jokes and his stories about his badminton camp; the whole 10 mins of him engrossed in a cococola game while I sent him away to find his cereal, his little (recently increasing) ‘growing up’ pranks and the ever insistent carrying of grocery bags, has done a world of good to me after being disturbed by ‘donot know how to explain thoughts’ over the past two days! But… I know through these little acts God has reaasured me! What a feeling!! Finally, a sense of relief!! 

Recently, I have started to inculcate in me the habit of looking back and being thankful for every little thing I HAVE! And I am starting to realise very  slowly, steadily and more confidently…     Today, I am thankful for this reassurance and these little acts of kindness showered on me which really and definitely has made a difference! 

On a rainy day

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in Phuket; we decided to venture out of Karon; out of the cosiness of the resort for bit of squeezy noisy fun at Patong!! 

And.. I enjoyed something that has always been my stress buster throughout – anytime…but as a pure indulgence today.. 

 Chocolate (cake) and my caffeine fix together after a long time.. On a rainy day outdoors added to the pleasure…

Why I say Caffeine-fix? ‘Cos… I love coffee but I am a tea-person on a day to day basis! But coffee fixes my mood and also helps to bust my stress! Today had nothing to do with my mood… But pure indulgence as I said!

I am thankful for all the little things that made my day including this:-) 

Dear Maggi.. I will miss you :-( 

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With all the ooh- ha about Maggi (noodles) containing more than permissible sample of lead and MSG; I bumped into an Indian newspaper online poll which stated the below two options among the rest; 

  • It’s ok – I will eat it cos air and water is also dirty
  • I won’t eat it 

Guess what I chose?

Before I reveal the answer – let’s unwind some Maggi nostalgia of mine..

Growing up in India means growing up with maggi rather than noodles – it’s so synonymous that only when I moved to Singapore 10 yrs ago, it dawned upon me Maggi is just a brand of noodles and there are so many out there… 

So, did I change my loyalty? 

Nah… Though I tried a few other brands which I offcourse liked, I ended up sourcing the very Indian Maggi Masala noodles from the big M here in Sg… Nothing could beat the very own Indian Masala Maggi…

Maggi had been my companion through my late night studies; a saviour for my midnight hunger mania’s; a good evening meal that me and my brother could make when mom was stuck at work; my saviour when Yuvan had rare cravings for instant noodles and offcourse my very own craving for maggi with half boiled egg in it.. The list goes on… And on… 

And I was so silly that I had always thought Maggi is just Indian and not an international brand marketed by Nestle from Swiz until 10 years ago too…

Maggi was/is still so Indian to me… Close to my heart… I am not sure what’s the future for Maggi (noodles) but Maggi will always be part of my memories!

Now, back to poll! yes, I did choose Option 1 – he he; but as a mom I wont give to Yuvan – it works fine as he is not a big instant noodles fan…

Maggi… My very Indian Maggi.. Willmiss  you!