Month: February 2014

It’s another upgrade time !

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After the bicycle upgrade, it’s time to part ways with his beloved red writing desk and chair which he has been using from the age of 3 yrs as well..

Recently he had been using the bedside table as a writing desk as well but we know he wasn’t comfortable in both as he had grown taller and also had complained a few times about shoulder pain!

So, it was finally time for upgrade and with the space constraint in his room, we went for a humble ikea table and chair which took probably 15 minutes to decide and buy but took almost 5 hrs for E to fix it up 🙂 He mentioned ‘I dunno why we didn’t look it up elsewhere!’

But nevertheless, the dimensions were great when we placed it in Yuvanz room and he just loved it (it was his choice actually). The chair was definitely comfortable enough and we added on a focus light too..

He was hooked on it and was up till 11 doing something on his table that we had to remind him, ‘the table is yours and it will be here tomo as well..’

Glad E’s 4 hrs sweat has brought smiles to our little man! Two well deserved upgrades!!

A new bicycle and a mom’s jitters..

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It’s been a while since Yuvan learnt to ride the bicycle on ‘just’ two wheels and he has been eyeing for an upgrade.. Since mom is here she offered to buy him his upgrade!!

And off we went to his favourite bike Zone with E! And it took him 5 minutes to choose one. Though he wanted a black coloured bicycle, he settled for a white as for the other colours he had to place the order and wait.

I know he was not completely convinced with the colour but after more than 15 hours of the buy he did say, ‘Yes! This colour looks good too !! (after he finally unwrapped) He did a morning ride — Oh yes! morning ride right in front of our apartment 🙂

He was all smiles and he did mention, ‘Yay! I love the bicycle!’

When I looked at the size of the bicycle we selected for him at the bike shop and the minute he started to ride, I had the mom jitters!! How much this boy has grown up!! Well… time flies and again when I saw the cycle parked inside the house, I cannot stop but compare his kiddy bicycle with this new one — which is a clear indication of our grown up 8 year old 🙂

I know he is going to be hooked on to this for a while atleast as he already loves cycling!!

A good side of him is a worthy mention today! Atleast two weeks ago, I told Yuvan not to bring his bicycle to the playground as he was accompanied by by mom and it involves going across a road. He then told me, ‘please ma, let me bring it .. I will manage ! Cos I am bringing my cycle for my friend who loves cycling but doesn’t own one..’ Well, I couldn’t say anything after this. All I said was, ‘Be very careful!’

As always I am sometimes really amazed by his thought process at this age!!

Board Meeting at 8

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That’s how the form he received stated!


The way they coin the words are quite interesting! But he did have his BOARD meeting where he was pep talked into.. shown videos and reflections and finally given his duty rooster with a reminder that they are all on probation. He had loved it; he was tired after a long day and refused to go to bed early .. Hmmm..

I hope he can balance everything as I have heard from other parents that the Prefectorial duties are quite a lot.. But I personally think it’s going to a world of good to his confidence; inculcate qualities like responsibility and taking ownership etc and help him to be moulded to a well rounded person!!


A Big lesson

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from a little boy.. It was one of those nights ..yesterday Yuvan and me had to go through talk–argument and what not regarding his behavior which started in the evening..

After some crying, soul searching, convincing and insisting we both slept together. And the whole night he hung on to me where generally he likes to have his own space or just hug a little bit here and there .. I felt contented.

Today morning, when I asked him, ‘was it all necessary yesterday?? You could have just been a good boy!’

Guess the words that came out of his mouth…?

‘That’s past and don’t talk about the past ma..’

That’s something I need to take it and practice!! It’s not that I didn’t know about it or didn’t want to practice it.. Coming from him, it has made a huge impact than my own self-realizations or hearing from others..

On that note, I am believing in Yuvan that he realized his mistakes and would change and not repeat it..

A selection and the joy!

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Yes!! Yuvan has been selected to be ‘A School Prefect’ and he was:is very excited:happy about it..

He told that me he is on probation for a month 🙂 so cute!!

I am really happy for this guy! His honesty, dedication and determination has won him a lot of accolades and also keeps him going!

Moving forward, all I wish and pray is for him to have all these qualities through out so that he can excel in life as a person and not only in academics. And being fair is a quality that he has and I believe that, it will mold him into a better human being ..

I want you the same way you are and definitely better than this Yuvan!! Go on!! Love you ! Hugs!