Month: October 2016

Knowing your child

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and how internally they handle different things and situations, can be only a blessing because its hard to get an insight in their real thought process all the time.

Today morning was actually Yuvanz Mother Tongue paper viewing for this semester just for pupils who take Hindi as Mother Tongue. 

Though I always get more anxious for this than for other subjects (primarily because I dont really teach him this subject rather have completely outsourced), I have learned to manage expectations as well as have consciously worked towards not converting it to astress-factor  for him (Pat on the back for myself)!

He uses my phone for his school Whatsapp groups with controlled access(Why ‘no personal phone’ and its accompanying story warrants another post by itself *wink*). And I bumped in to the following last night….

When I read the above, something told me, ‘he probably is processing his thoughts the right way… ‘ As I have always taught him, ‘Work hard and do your best to your potential in anything you do.. Be honest. Once you have done something you can’t redo or rewrite.. so better do it well…’ I say this not just in academic context to clarify further… (I have always thought I advice too much though!)

But seeing him put it in the right context and even thinking about ‘whatever done is done, must face it whether good or bad and move on from there for better’ is defintely the right way to move forward. I am glad it is helping him manage expectations by setting his thoughts and outcomes ‘right’ from the outset. I hope this continues as a life long habit…

And he did quite well, though me being me expected a bit more but neverthless I reassured ‘Good.. strive harder..!’

I also bumped into the below with his best friend… He he he:-)