Month: January 2012

Stickers !!!!

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For the last few months, I was thinking of ordering the personalised stickers for Yuvan so that all his books and belongings can be labelled before he started P1 in the way I wanted!!!. I went googling and reading reviews (the typical “me”) to find a an affordable yet quality wise acceptable to my standards “someone” to order the stickers. I found Muakids listed and recommended in one of the very famous forums. I went ahead and placed an order.

What I liked with them is the way that I could mix various forms of stickers as a package and the little icons and the nice decent colours.I was so anxious about how they will actually look like and was waiting to receive them…

Guess what ?? They surprised me by sending a mock-up to my email to confirm whether this was what I meant!!! I said “Yes” and I also requested them a change in my text in on of the labels and they readily agreed as the labels had not gone to print yet!!!  and Yes, I received an email notification that my order has been shipped and I received it in the next two days.. properly packed and delivered into my post box!!!

So Did I Like them ??? Overall, I am really satisfied with the quality of the stickers and their service plus the fast delivery.. I have already ordered from them twice and received them long back… so this is a post that was long due and I am about to order my third one:) I wanted to record this in my blog here because this is Yuvan’s first ever personalised stickers…

I personally like their little icon’s and their Dot labels which comes really handy .. but unfortunately I have used up all and you can’t find it in the photos….

But you can always see clear examples on their website 🙂

Muakids.. Muaahhhhh to you!!!!

Reflections 2011 – 6th Birthday – Part One

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Yuvan as always had a double whammy celebrations.. First at School , on the 15th of November, much earlier than his birthday,that falls on the 26th of November.

Yuvan had chosen the Diego cakes for both his celebrations this year, chocolate sponge with fresh cream…

Dad couldn’t make it for the school celebrations and it was a Mom, Son, friends and teachers affair !!!!

Yuvan was so happy and excited when his friends surrounded him to sing Happy Birthday Song, and it was lot of conversation with his friends as most of them know me as Yuvan’z mommy…

The kids enjoyed eating, cracking jokes, posing for pictures and I hope they loved the return gifts too:) It was a Happy Happy Day!!!!

Reflections – 2011 – Yuvan’z K2 Graduation

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All I wanted over the last few months, was to blog back like before.. But I wasn’t able to… Yuvan had a blast Holidays starting from his Graduation Day:)

23rd October was the Day,  our little boy graduated from K2!!!! It was a great feeling to see our little son wear the graduation gown, with the little graduation hat!!!

And little did we know, he did a major performance role in the graduation concert together with his good friend Eleanor:) We were pleasantly surprised to see too many pictures of him displayed for order and he did awesome great on the stage. The good thing about Yuvan is, he enjoys completely what he does:) It was a day to remember !!! and Well done my Dear Boy!

Just before they entered the Graduation Hall, Yuvan as usual joined with his friends of 3 years starting from his Montessori Days….

Yuvan will continue and cherish their friendship forever:)

Two of the many Graduation Keep Sakes 🙂