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Krabi – Part Two

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I think this blog of mine is gonna give a lot of information about planning your trip online with the booking services I have used.. Simple .. tested and tried Formula!

The day two was planned to be taking the 4 islands tour by Long tail boat!!

Actually I accidentally bumped into an online booking service for day tours (They do also hotels.. but I have tried their sightseeing bookings) when I spent a whole month in Bangkok last June and their service has been totally great n very professional… So I wanted to use them this time too…

They are The oriental escape team…> I would recommend them , as once your booking is through , your trip is planned 🙂

And the pick up point for all boats – long-tail / speed boat will be at the Sand sea resort ..which is like 2 minutes walk from our resort. so when you book request for the  pick up point from sand sea resort, railay… This is because normally the majority of the tourists are concentrated in Ao nang because of the more commercialization of the area,where you can find all the tour agents operating and even a Burger King. But I would suggest to stay in Railay, if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty,chill and relax out of the bustling scenes…

The boat pick up was at 9.30 am and we were ready and waiting for the pick up and they promptly came and picked us up.. and the tour guides will come and look for you and the names and receipt near the sands sea resort…

And it was fun getting into the long tail baot with its swaying and with the water high… we have to get wet almost up and above the knees… to get into the boat.. But it was really exciting.. and the boat staff were really helpful … And Yuvan had company in the name of a boy of his age named Svante ,whom eventually he made friends with 🙂

The long tail boat with its  swish swish swaying for about 20 minutes in the high seas took us to our first destination on the four islands tour called the Poda island... I must here tell you the exact words that came from my mouth  “wahhhhhhhh…. stunning ” The place is really like that.. awesome!!!!!!

Crystal blue green waters with a stunning back drop, and more inviting for water play and even more for the endless clicks in the camera’s… wow Wat a place… Yuvan had a roll on 🙂 Yuvan n E had a good dad-son time in the waters 🙂

Poda island

And the boat took us to chicken island , it’s just a view where the island looks like a Chicken and they have a snorkeling site near it where whoever interested can snorkel..E did it and liked it so much… Krabi is supposed to have one of the unspoiled snorkel sites in Thailand, but the tour guide told us that the tsunami has ruined it, if not its even more stunning… I was thinking How it would have been, as E was already awed by the present snorkel…

Yuvan had fun feeding the fishes with Svante and the fishes where are Blue , Yellowish green with black stripes and so much which you can see on the surface of the water.. wahhhhhhhhhhh it was a sure a Sight!

Fish feed /Snorkel and Chicken island

After all except a few who finished the snorkel session, we with the sway of another 30 minutes reached the place called Tab island... another awesome place where you can see all these beautiful fishes in the shore ,take a walk in the causeway that joins two islands… Yuvan had lot of fun with the fishes, water and the walking in the hot sun which joins the two islands.. awesome scenic beauty again with lots of water exploration … and we had lunch there,provided by the boat man… I should say they are clever enough about the lunch,which would have suited everyone – plain rice with chicken in chilli (water ) – (dunno what’s the exact name  )and egg 🙂

Tab island

The causeway that splits and where u can take a walk

And the water is like this.. 🙂 what a sight right ???

And our last stop was Hadd Pranang Beach, which has natural limestone cave , and you can explore the beach. But we didn’t explore the beach basically because we were so tired and then we have seen the best beaches already and have had a lot of fun… and first we were shocked to hear our boat man say that whoever stays in Railay can walk to the resort from here.. cos of the Low tides in the late noons the boat’s can’t go … but Svante’s dad already knew the route n the boat man showed us too.. It was a nice walk around the caves for 10 minutes and we already were at the resort…

And to wind up the day , we decided to go to the Ao Nang beach, which is 15 minutes ride from the railay beach.. the tickets are available for 80 baht  per person for single trip and for the trips taken after 6 pm pay to the boat man directly and after 6 is 150 baht per person.

So after a hot shower,fresh clothes and nice food at the Beach restaurant of our resort , we went to Ao nang beach,where you can do some shopping, (and I did buy the two pants purely Thai ,which i fell in love with when I was in Bangkok for that one month )eat since you have a lot of options there including BK, Indian food ….

WE took a stroll, had early dinner at BK n shared the whole boat with 3 other guys on our way back.. the sea was very rough n actually it was little scary too….

Ao Nang beach stroll

The scary night boat ride 🙂

But it was an awesome action packed day 🙂 Am tired writing the day… The next part will be our Phi-phi island tour 🙂

Falling in Love…. (Krabi – part one )

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With Thailand…

Yes… My first trip to Thailand was Bangkok,which i really liked , last June…

But our recent trip to Krabi has really made me to fall in love with Thailand completely.. Basically m not a beach person… But the blue green waters, white sand and crystal clear view where i could see the colourful fishes on the shore really left me awestruck.. and not to forget the hospitality of the Thai’s.

Here’s my Krabi day one

I was proven wrong about my doubts of whether being picked up by the resort  people from the airport , by the dutiful driver with a big sophisticated 7 seater air-conditioned van waiting for us patiently with the name board though we were the last to be out of the immigration after almost 1 .20 hrs after the flight landed..

This photo is taken inside the 7 seater..

The resort is  located in Railay, one of the most stunning views and the  beach and we need to take a long tail boat  from the Ao nang Pier to reach there …as only boats can reach Railay… The Resort is called the Railay Bay Resort and Spa… Book through , which we came to know about through a friend,which gives a better rate. But the resort website booking is handled by Krabi tours and travels , who did an excellent job for us. Book the airport pick up too… which would cost additional 1500 THB , per car . I would suggest to do this, Because it’s a hassle to find a taxi n then a boat by yourself… I think with the excellent reception I got , anyone of you would be doing that.. as obvious anyone wants to start a vacation on a high 🙂

And I was stunned by the communication the driver of the van and the boat man  would have had.. the minute the van entered the pier the boatman was waiting to take us to the boat…

The walk to the Pier 🙂

Getting on to the long tail boat…

The long tail boat journey is about 15 minutes and the minute  the boat reached there ,the resort guys were waiting for us n brought us to the front of the resort in Railay west from Railay East where the boat stops by a golf cart..  And I forgot to mention , due to low tide, we were transported by a weird way of transport from long tail to golf cart by a converted tractor ..LOL.. Yuvan had fun travelling in the golf cart of all .. and the tractor -convertible..LOL

And we were awestruck by the view from the hotel.. the beach is just at the foot steps of the resort n we had some immediate fun in the water n We jus fell in love with the place and the location almost immediately 🙂

Waiting for some good food after the water play and the flight journey 🙂

Krabi day two n more to come 🙂 My first kinda Travelogue 🙂