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Go with the flow

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Just dont overthink is a recent wisdom of sorts; Knowing the unknown helps but overthinking kills it!

A good 45 minutes walk, cycling and greens and a breakfast with Yuvan on a school holiday  is something I would have never thought off! But in the end we both were refreshed and happy, Yuvan asking me, this already being the second time in the week, “Can we do it tomorrow too?”

Kids are not complicated at all — they love simple things… Just like deciding at 6.40 to go to see Kong, the King at 7:-)




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is what I have been described as. I have always heard of Yuvan being described with that word too… 

Today we did something really spontaneous and we enjoyed the experience and we both feel very happy and joyful.

It was an unusually early Sunday morning as Yuvan woke up because of a hunger pang (finally…) and so I woke up too.. While I was getting ready for my morning walk (still contemplating) I just asked ‘so you want to cycle as I walk?’ He spontaneously said ‘oh yes!’

We took a route that I knew but detoured to explore the Sengkang Riverside Park with no water bottle and money in hand and wohoo we survived… He had long been asking to cycle at the Riverside Park and so I decided to give it a go!

We not only survived but enjoyed the walk, explored and found out there are bicycle rentals, breakfast places. We enjoyed figuring out the routes, the fresh air and the morning buzz. We also caught a bee sucking nectar upclose which fascinated him…I told myself ‘we should do this again as a family too!’ We also bumped into his friend R. 

For me personally, I loved the whole experience of the morning walk in the park with lush green trees and flowing river, talking with Yuvan and what not! I was ‘present’ with my mind not ‘running’ in the background which was a surprise by itself for me. I enjoyed the NOW – Then and had FUN! New experiences and every experience makes your journey! 

Joy is ever present

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around one even in the complicated mindframes. An evening of breeze (Yes, in Singapore), Howzatt u-13 cricket and seeing your child back on the game after a week hiatus with 2 wickets gave me sanity, joy and reassurance!



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Powerful is not ‘over-powering’ others. Its all about knowing, accepting and facing up to your own strengths and weakness’. It takes a lot of courage and love. Knowing you are supported gives one immense strength… Finding your strength gives you joy!

There are the times when you know you are seen in a perspective that you never imagined to show up but you have no power to control what others think of you. Everyone has thier own say!

 All you can reassure yourself is that you are true to yourself. Acknowledge your feelings and others!

Ultimately, it is what you are and what you believe in. 

I believe in ‘Being’! 

(A typical Mom-Son) 2016 in review 

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A year where we survived as a mother and son – handling Year 5 (me especially so perplexed after so many colleagues and friends shared what it is to move from grade 4 to grade 5), Yuvan playing two competitive sports – Floorball for his school as a Captain, Cricket for his club and representing both under 11’s and under 13’s (not all matches) and came out well I should say. Yuvan did quite well in academics I should say, at floorball and also was selected as an ‘All Stars Team’ member at the end end of the cricket season, won a man of the match award, ended up being on the winning team for both u-11 and u-13, all of these but not without the lows, which we survived together, introspected and learnt our lessons as we went along… 

On top it he explored his skills as an MC at the school hosting, Olympics week, musical performances during recess and his book review ‘A boy who knew everything’ got half of the class interested in reading it. And, I also managed to complete a very intensive work loaded Certification course which was long overdue. 

We survived I should say, and we literally unwound the whole of Decemeber trying to do what we like — reinvented our board game evenings and nights, ate our heart out, read a lot, went home to India and enjoyed the quietness, managed to squeeze a mom-kids trip and what not!

Personally I managed stress quite well I guess without transferring it on him, but only I knew  how anxious I was… sigh (something to work on!)

Its also a year that I did lot of soul searching – realised a lot more good in me through unexpected sources.

Yuvan too grew up as a person as I have seen him manage friendships and some fun childhood issues that comes with it, relationships and himself in total… I have to accept I got lot to learn from this little fellow..

2017 is going to be another important year and I really hope all goes well! 

Little things do matter

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Had a tiring and stressful few weeks… today I went to lie down as the two boys were catching up on some movie for the nth time…

After 10 mins, Yuvan comes into check on me – brings my blanket and make sure am covered cosily in it…

Awww… this is sweet and really meant a lot, Yuvan! Stay this way please always and be blessed…