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Food always brings Nostalgia

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Food always brings Nostalgia, isn’t it?

Recently I have been noticing that lot of emotions are connected to food and intertwined with relationships! For example, people who cooked for you, people who served your cravings right and the people whom you always eat with… and the list goes on!

Even “Let’s meet for a coffee… or breakfast” is always associated with people. If I think, one doesn’t share a meal-time or a coffee-time unless that person significantly is a part of your life!

I always associate food with my emotions, happy, sad, homesick (Yes! you read that right… Homesick is a feeling for me!).

When I am happy, I would treat myself with a brownie or when I tell myself “Well, you deserve a brownie for all the hard work and the result you have achieved”, when I am down and homesick, I typically make very Coimbatorean home cooked meals  and eat with the right combination – Brown Upma with Yoghurt/Banana; Rasam with Scrambled Eggs; Tamarind rice with home made potato chips and the list goes on!

There are certain recipes when I eat, I get reminded of my Mom’s kitchen and eating at home in India – Poori and Potato Masala; Idli and Chicken Gravy!

There are days that I land in Coimbatore and crave for something  and my bestie would drive me to the odd but favourite places where we eat Grilled Chicken, a completely Vegan restraurant where we indulge in early morning Hot Pongal and Vadai, a Dessert Haunt for Rasagulla and not to forget our favourite street food vendor who sells North Indian Chats.

One of the best New Year Eve was spent driving around the city and having Idli and Dosai from Kaiyaenthi Bhavan and a mid night Coffee at Cafe Day!

Even in SG, there are only a specific set of people with whom I meet for Breakfast or had gone out for lunch with. Yuvan and me bond over food too, be it home-cooked or eating out his favourite Thai or the very Singaporean Satay and Chicken Rice!

I love taking my Mom out whenever I am back home, I cherish are the evening outs with my cousin A, my brother and Yuvan eating out  or bonding over lunch/dinner at either one of the home’s.

So looking at it Food and my Relationships are so intertwined and completely emotional for me! Its meaningful!




Break Ke Baad

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It has been close to a year since I blogged but never through this break, in my thoughts, the blog had gone away from my mind and heart!

It has been an intense year, where I have definitely grown as a person, individually, as a parent as well as professionally. The biggest take away during the break has been appreciating the support system that exists around me that I had failed to notice earlier, being grateful and counting my blessings in the pursuit of happiness!

An year which has been a milestone year for Yuvan, finishing Primary school, falling terribly down with fever during the school leaving examinations, but persevered with lots of determination. He may have fallen short of his own expectations in terms of his number but his new journey that he worked hard for is all set to begin. Lots of gratitude and thankfulness around it! Life is all about little things and looking back … all the little messages (from a cabbie to a random stranger), hints and directions towards what I once never wanted nor dared to dream off, now makes more sense and I truly believe in the light of the supreme power!

Blessed I have made some meaningful friendships, I have realized self love and self care should take priority. A year that has been so intense at work and at home for me… I think I more than survived and my solo first work trip to Sydney was a reward at the end of the year — time for myself, time for Yuvan himself and how it has made both of us a better individual, is something immeasurable.

A year where there were reassurances all through, be it a mention about me by Yuv’s form teacher to his whole class or me witnessing Yuvan telling the P with 40 degrees fever, ‘I am really ok with medication and I want to finish this paper..’, it all summed up to be an year to remember the small wins amidst lots of chaos.

A year, where I have learned to say No, a year where I have forged some great connections, a year Me n Yu flew back home to spend Diwali at my mom’s after 10 years, a year when we lost Shadow – our beloved family dog, a few health scares for my mom.. what an year it has been!

Through all this, I have grown as a person, I am sure I have become a better person. In all this, I am grateful and thankful for all my blessings, everything I have for I realise it could have easily been worse! Everyday I am growing to be more aware, appreciating every little thing, learning to be parent and striving to be a better person!

With all my heart, thank you everyone I met and had the opportunity to spend time with, you all made a difference! I am thankful for my experiences, for it made me a better person!

I shall continue to blog!

Go with the flow

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Just dont overthink is a recent wisdom of sorts; Knowing the unknown helps but overthinking kills it!

A good 45 minutes walk, cycling and greens and a breakfast with Yuvan on a school holiday  is something I would have never thought off! But in the end we both were refreshed and happy, Yuvan asking me, this already being the second time in the week, “Can we do it tomorrow too?”

Kids are not complicated at all — they love simple things… Just like deciding at 6.40 to go to see Kong, the King at 7:-)



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is what I have been described as. I have always heard of Yuvan being described with that word too… 

Today we did something really spontaneous and we enjoyed the experience and we both feel very happy and joyful.

It was an unusually early Sunday morning as Yuvan woke up because of a hunger pang (finally…) and so I woke up too.. While I was getting ready for my morning walk (still contemplating) I just asked ‘so you want to cycle as I walk?’ He spontaneously said ‘oh yes!’

We took a route that I knew but detoured to explore the Sengkang Riverside Park with no water bottle and money in hand and wohoo we survived… He had long been asking to cycle at the Riverside Park and so I decided to give it a go!

We not only survived but enjoyed the walk, explored and found out there are bicycle rentals, breakfast places. We enjoyed figuring out the routes, the fresh air and the morning buzz. We also caught a bee sucking nectar upclose which fascinated him…I told myself ‘we should do this again as a family too!’ We also bumped into his friend R. 

For me personally, I loved the whole experience of the morning walk in the park with lush green trees and flowing river, talking with Yuvan and what not! I was ‘present’ with my mind not ‘running’ in the background which was a surprise by itself for me. I enjoyed the NOW – Then and had FUN! New experiences and every experience makes your journey! 

Joy is ever present

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around one even in the complicated mindframes. An evening of breeze (Yes, in Singapore), Howzatt u-13 cricket and seeing your child back on the game after a week hiatus with 2 wickets gave me sanity, joy and reassurance!



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Powerful is not ‘over-powering’ others. Its all about knowing, accepting and facing up to your own strengths and weakness’. It takes a lot of courage and love. Knowing you are supported gives one immense strength… Finding your strength gives you joy!

There are the times when you know you are seen in a perspective that you never imagined to show up but you have no power to control what others think of you. Everyone has thier own say!

 All you can reassure yourself is that you are true to yourself. Acknowledge your feelings and others!

Ultimately, it is what you are and what you believe in. 

I believe in ‘Being’!