Month: July 2014

Kids talk – A sibling!

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A very sensitive topic that Yuvan broaches with fun! Increasingly he is looking forward for a sibling.. Mind you I am not prego!

He tells me stories from school about friends who are single kids and some who has three brothers and how they can’t get along with their ‘sis’ etc

He has this habit of hugging me around my tummy every night before sleep.. Last night, (though he has done this many a times…yesterday’s was cute..) he hugged me as I laid down next to him, put his face and then ears on my tummy and pretended to talk!! He said, ‘Hello baby… You have to come very very quickly.. I will help mummy take care of you … You NEED to be a Boy and must love cricket!’ Aahhaaa…

I know he doesn’t like girls except his two friends E n R who are tomboyish n play all sorts of stuff with him.. But this talk of wanting a male sibling has been alarming for a while… I have done my best to tell him all good things about girls and how girls can also be sporty and watch sports as well *like mummy* as I grew up watching all sorts of sports (though I don’t play any – and that’s in his criteria now) and they can be equal play partners..

I also told him, ‘if we ever are going to be blessed with a baby again, it’s God’s gift and so pray that we need a healthy baby may it be girl or boy; so u can’t be partial Yuvan..pleaseeee’

After all this, guess what’s his response ??? Typical boys stuff!! It was just ‘Ok’

My mind voice – *what????? One word ??? after my 15 mins speech????*

A new look notes board !

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We started this notes/message board thing sometime early this year which is my way of telling him that I think of him all the time … We did this earlier and how we have upgraded to my much awaited adhesive white boards where I can leave notes, messages and we have a daily schedule too … We both love it … Do you follow anything like this?



That ‘telepathy’ mom feeling!

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It feels so amazing when you get a call from your child ( from the school) when you have made arrangements to pass something important that he has forgotten at home with the School GO and yet wonder whether they will call him when you are there, whether they will forget to pass it after you leave the GO etc..

It did happen to me a while ago, when Yuvan for the first time forgot something really important – his science project that we had worked on during the holidays, the science project he brought it along to school on the first day; and left in the locker until the ‘Race day’; the project he had to bring it back to glue it back to make it a bit more stronger; the project that he and me put our heart in to; the little project we bonded over !!

We glued it back last night and I really don’t know how we both forgot about it this morning. I realised it around 7.55 am – called the school GO – made my way to the lift lobby with all sorts of thoughts … My phone screen blinked …


Wow !! what a feeling… When I was just hoping to talk to him somehow, and pass it to him…he called me!! That’s what I call a Mum telepathy!!

I picked up and said, ‘Yuvan, I am on my way to your school.. Can u wait at the GO?’ We both knew the topic was the project! I continued, ‘I am bringing your project ma!’

As I went in, he was waiting at the GO and he was all smiles at said genuinely, ‘thank you ma!’ I know what it means !! Boys are so uncomplicated! And he hugged me which he has been shunning away to do so in public places esp at school .. Awww! That made my day!

You must be wondering what this science project is all about!! He had to make a working toy boat as a holiday project on Materials and they were to have a real race at school and that’s why I mentioned, ‘Today is the race day!’

I will write all about the Project in my next post 🙂

Good luck Yuvan!

A simple accident can be a life turner!

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Yes! I have been pre occupied with lots of stuff over last night and today and when I tried to cross the road just an hour ago, I almost got ran over by not one but two cars.. They had to HONK so loudly…

I was shocked but NOW I realize it’s all that minute – nothing less or nothing more that could be the difference… That minute may have changed my and my family’s life forever – For e.g. – I may have easily broken my leg, I may have even died if that had happened…

This screeching HONK has made me THINK! Take a different approach to life – Enjoy simple things; don’t have to prove yourself and defend yourself constantly, don’t have to think too much, don’t have to stress unnecessarily and what not… Cos life is so uncertain and a minute can change everything…

I am going to have a bit more easy approach, self-contentment, more more prioritizing, some MORE ME time and YES!, ‘a Don’t Worry – Be happy approach…’

It seems daunting if I re-read the above sentence myself… But I am going to try and achieve it slowly and steadily – for my own good in the first place!