Month: August 2013

The feeling to share

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makes a great impression than what you would like to share and similarly the feeling to listen is more important than what the other person shares!

Whenever my phone indicates its from Yuvanz school Pay Phone, I don’t panic as I know it’s not anything to be.. But I feel sooo happy to pick up the call.

Yesterday was one of those days. As usual, it was Yuvan and he said, ‘Mom, guess what and you won’t believe. I got X marks and am sooo happy and I thought I should tell you this even before I get home. ‘I was happy, yes, for his target goal achieved but more than that I was happy that he felt like sharing it with me during recess even before he bought his food. Though our conversation continued about him buying food and details, I felt so happy that he had the feeling to share. And I completely believe he would also share his disappointments with me similarly so that I can be his strength and to be his BEST friend!

A life’s lesson learned from the little one again:) The feeling to share and the feeling to listen !!

Growing up — Food :)

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When Yuvan started P1,handling money day-to-day became a part of his school life. Basically money was for emergency and to buy food during recess from the very many different cuisine’s available in the school cafeteria..

First half of P1, he packed food from home and wanted to save all. Then I let him buy once a week and gradually twice a week. Mind you, even after buying a pizza meal he can save a dollar and fifty cents everyday, since that has been the deal from the beginning. ‘Don’t spend unnecessarily. Cannot accumulate money in wallet. Must let Amma know your expenditure and the remaining should go to your piggy bank everyday’

Slowly I started to realize too if he has options in school, he could buy everyday as he would get fresh and hot food and he tends to finish his portion.

I asked him to try different things whenever was his ‘Buy’ day. But drink he had to bring from home everyday.

Last week he approached me and asked, ‘what do you think of the idea of me buying thrice a week?’ I asked him, ‘Now, what are your options in terms of food?’ He replied, ‘mushroom soup, normal fried rice, chicken fried rice, chicken rice, pizza.’ I told him, ‘ok, mummy will allow you to buy everyday but you must finish your food. I am allowing you to buy, as its also hot and fresh compared to your packed lunch!’ He did say ok but the finance mind of him asked me ‘so do you think I can get a 20cent hike so that I can save a bit more?’ I said,’No, I think even if you buy everyday and if u spend wisely you still can save a lot.’ He goes,’ok, then..’

It’s been a week now and he is happy and updating me about his recess buy and his savings …

Hmm.. Signs of growing up 🙂

What more do you want to listen

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to in the morning at the bus stop? I am super happy at the moment. I accidentally met one of Yuvan’s classmates Dad, who started the conversation as ‘I know your son, I have met you once before I think’,
I replied, ‘Yes, your son A and Yuvan are good friends.’

He replied,’Yea, I know Yuvan. Very well disciplined boy! ( me : – a weird smile) yes, he is when you compare to other kids including mine..’

I was super happy but practically played it down, ‘Thank You and touch wood, hope he stays the same way throughout.’

Love you Yuvan and Amma and appa will always love you for what you are and we hope you stay the same 🙂

What a start to the day!!