Month: July 2009

Visual treats…

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Yuv’s pic in the school billboard ūüôā

(bottom left corner )


Yuvan spell n write 3 letter words – whichever he can read ūüôā


Yuvan spell n write 3 letter words – whichever he can read ūüôā – 2


A night with blocks – creative?


Morning word puzzle

Updates Updates…. Yuvan Yuvan….

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Well..welll..well… m back to blogging ways….

First.. A good thing in a bad thing…

Yuvan ‘s rashes had become little bad ¬†day before yesterday night with even a little blood spotting and I was worried about it ¬†getting ¬†aggravated,cos Yuvan has a similar infection which was very bad when he was one year ,after which he was diagnosed that he has a keyhole and he may require circumcision ,but asked to wait for any physiological changes until atleast he turns 5 ¬†and an effort at home to pull his skin back while bathing…. so My mind was full of these things…. whether should he require it ?if so when?how long he would need rest? oooooooo My mind was spinning….

So yesterday I took him to his doc after an appointment.. he checked him n said..”this time it’s quite red… will give u an antibiotic solution to wash and the same steroid ointment ” and then he was talking abt my other doubts… before that I should say that this doc of Yuvan is too good and I ¬†have never changed his Doctor since he was born and came to Singapore…He is too Good……………. I should say… never I say his diagnosis and medication has gone wrong…

Then I asked him ‘ doc u did suggest for circumcision earlier… so is it required ?”

To my shock he told me ‘ circumcision is not required , he is better now… and keep doing the pulling n cleaning he will be better ” it was a blessing in Disguise for me! I was so happyyyyyyyyyy… I must admit….

So now Yuvan has started to spell n read three letter words… I was little reluctant to start with his spellings.. but he showed lot of interest. Cos I was worried whether he would confuse with phonics and spell the alphabets – name of the letter for the spelling…. But his teacher encouraged me to go ahead… and he is doing it perfectly well.. he does say ” when i need to spell i should say the NAME..” wah… Yuvan m Proud of u MY BOY!!!

And today he has even started to write spellings of the three letter words he knows as I give him a dictation test – say the word and ask him to spell and write by himself. Wah Wah.. *clap clap *

And to my surprise , today he ¬†entered the password by himself in the laptop,by the time I went to washroom and came back.. he had already logged in …. superman?????? he remembered his spelling for his name and also that ¬†is the password …. So happy I am… And me and he has the habit of doing Hi-Five whenever he spells a word correctly or whatever he does properly!! It encourages him as well I feel happy everytime¬†we both do the¬†Hi-Five!

Eash will be back for abt 10 days in Singapore next Friday… M happy and looking forward as I have a very good feeling that our love has rejuvenated for good reasons especially I feel m back our pre-marriage years… Love u soo much E !!!!! I love you…!!!!

So m back back…. ¬†Happy to be back blogging…..:)

More about Bangkok stories… ¬†M pumped uppp now)

wat’s gotten into me?

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I dunoo.. haven;t blogged for abt 10 days…. tats not so much of me. anyways i made up my mind from today I shd be back to everyday blogging….

I need to update a lot on Yuvan and offcourse his long pending PTM…………hmmm.. shd make it tomo….

Been quite occupied wiht Yuvan’s school n stuffs…

Understood few stuffs that made me really cross… abt ¬†ppl who behave totally odd when it comes to something thats concerned abt them ,their money n theirs…. Hmmm…

Okie… Yuvan has a small rash over his private part,which is i know due to his key hole problem..but he is okay n fyne with the usual application of his ointment.. so we won’t w ait till he turns 5 for his circumcision,either in the next term break here in Singapore or next India trip..

But lot more to say on his developments

talking¬†to mom almost everyday now..catching up all the one month lag in BKK…

so deal… will be back here wriitng ¬†: )TOMORROW