Month: June 2010

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Hmmmm… I haven’t been here since sometime , I had been really  occupied busy with few things ,which kept me on my heels…

Now I want to be back, School holidays are back…

I always look forward for school holidays , because I want to spend lots of one on one time with Yuvan.. But I always fall short of it ! End up tired…

Cooking, planning, sourcing,taking him out, keep him entertained….

But I always fall short of  accomplishing few things that I had planned for  😦 It all part of holidays….

I would more likely go to India for 2 weeks… But my tickets are wait listed… My travel agent says will sure be confirmed sooner.. I was in a great dilemma whether or not to go… But few things would go fine if I am in India, then I need some pampering from my mom… looking forward to eat the yummiculous  food by my mom… She is one great cook!!!!! and an unexpected one day trip planned with my closest cousins… which is not yet confirmed.. but may be…

sourcing  few materials for Yuvan’s tamil is high on my priority list…

I have always felt ,Yuvan too unwinds during the vacation, it would be a welcome break for him !!!

Yuvan wants to go to India too ,but he did ask me when are we coming back after the holidays.. so ,is it for Yuvan too Singapore means HOME ?

I have some thoughts to put into action… let see how far it can work out this time… I really don’t know, but expect something good to happen 🙂

Yuvan ‘s vacation has really started with a bang… though he doesn’t buy toys more often, he is particular to buy few things ( within my stipulated budget) when he wants to.. He already bought a massive remote-controlled car..

Me:- (as he walked with the car at the suntec with his DAD ) “Yuvan how many cars will u buy ??”

Eash : Itz okie… let him  (is  thats why Dad’s are more loved by sons on this front ??? )

And we had one of Eash’s fren’s over for dinner last weekend and some catching up as she has flown into Singapore for a week.. It was really great to have her at my Place.. we really loved the evening… And Yuvan got his first set of Bob the builder trucks, A magnetic colour and play train and a set of 3 flag stickers sheets from Liz aunty.. He just loved all… Thanks Liz.. Yuvan loves Bob the builder and so he cherished the trucks.. he loves colouring and any train… and he is getting in to the habit of knowing countries and their flags.. so the gifts were a super-duper hit… and I am so happy to see my son pampered for a change by someone else..rather than always we buying gifts for others.. I mean it.. Liz..thanks so much dear 🙂

And we did watch Shrek – Forever After ..we liked it… Yuvan liked the movie..but the biggest hassle was they didn’t have a child size 3D glass..How can this be ? when they knew the majority would be coming in with children…SIGH!!! but he liked Shrek… and at the Mc-D’s last sunday he got SHREK as the toy to collect for his child meal 🙂 he was “wooohoooo ”

The 3-D glasses were this big…..

And at the EngWah with the Scooby 🙂

Tomo is another zoo day.. I haven’t even blogged about his last visit…we are to be there again..meaning Mom is pretty slow (lazy ) and the son is already planned about his zoo trip and what he specifically wants to do this time…

will sure have to blog this time…Lots on my draft… when will I clear ???????????????????