Right from my heart

A sense of contentment

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fills you, when you see things happen out of the blue in the way you may have wanted, at the right time! This is true for anything:-)

I had this guilt of not building a routine for kids household chores, as I genuinely believe that it has to come with shared responsibility, interest and acknowledging one another and not forced upon. But what has been bothering me in the back of my mind was ‘Am I taking efforts and creating opportunities for it to happen?’

Over the years, Yuvan has willingly done house chores like setting the dining table, clearing it, grocery shopping as well as assisting on anything when one needs help at home; learning to reheat food etc at a pace of his own, on top of being responsible for some of his very own chores – that mummy insists must be on his own. This also seemingly worked well with ‘wanting to be more independent’ phase of his!

But I had always thought about why he has not been picking up chores like mopping, which I genuinely believe is a core job on top of cooking and cleaning to be shared by everyone in the family. I had also thought of his mind set etc (now I know it was unnecessary..) towards these chores! Suddenly, in the last week or so, he had willingly learnt to use the pail with spinner and mop small areas such as kitchen, store room and living room after cleaning the fish tank etc., And I can see he is genuinely willing to do it and I appreciate that. And off course no mind set issues! He has been learning how to wash the rice before cooking too.He also has conversations about me being naggy and at the 5th minute after complaining and being grumpy, checking on how am I getting home/office after I drop him at school.This boy never fails to amaze me as much as he makes me go crazy!Love you Yuvan!The important thing I want you to remember is Be respectful and be a Gentleman!

Make the most

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of the opportunity is my motto rather than complaining! 

Yuvan and me had to wait for his vaccination turn with his doc and our tummy’s grumbled as well.. We took this opportunity to get away to a nearby food court for a relaxed breakfast – just me and him! Bonding can happen anywhere anytime and the opportunity is always there.. This applies to everybody I guess:-)   Instead of complaining about the pitfalls of others (which everyone will have) take the opportunity and celebrate thier goodness! 


Coffee and nap

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a perfect combination for sanity! I now know for sure – for me – Coffee helps in healing! A morning date with just me and it helped me to sort things in my mind… I am glad I have figured out a few ‘healing theraphy’ units thats works for me!   

Thankful for the reassurance..

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I have been plagued my mixed and some unexplainable thoughts these two days and have also had some guilt rides… 

And then, God had his own way of reaasuring me and comforting me! 

 Yuvan may not know/realise the one hour or so grocery shopping with him today, where he entertained me with his funny and silly jokes and his stories about his badminton camp; the whole 10 mins of him engrossed in a cococola game while I sent him away to find his cereal, his little (recently increasing) ‘growing up’ pranks and the ever insistent carrying of grocery bags, has done a world of good to me after being disturbed by ‘donot know how to explain thoughts’ over the past two days! But… I know through these little acts God has reaasured me! What a feeling!! Finally, a sense of relief!! 

Recently, I have started to inculcate in me the habit of looking back and being thankful for every little thing I HAVE! And I am starting to realise very  slowly, steadily and more confidently…     Today, I am thankful for this reassurance and these little acts of kindness showered on me which really and definitely has made a difference! 

On a rainy day

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in Phuket; we decided to venture out of Karon; out of the cosiness of the resort for bit of squeezy noisy fun at Patong!! 

And.. I enjoyed something that has always been my stress buster throughout – anytime…but as a pure indulgence today.. 

 Chocolate (cake) and my caffeine fix together after a long time.. On a rainy day outdoors added to the pleasure…

Why I say Caffeine-fix? ‘Cos… I love coffee but I am a tea-person on a day to day basis! But coffee fixes my mood and also helps to bust my stress! Today had nothing to do with my mood… But pure indulgence as I said!

I am thankful for all the little things that made my day including this:-) 

A complete cracker – A boy’s thoughts of a school holiday! 

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Yuvan came up to me with his ever favourite Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and insisted I read the pages he pointed out! 

My reaction after reading – ‘Rolled Eyes!’ and I laughed out heartily!    


But I am glad that he treats me as his friend and shared this with me and we laughed together! I am so happy we read together!!

After a tough week or so, this has been such a reassuring moment to know that your parenting has been good and we can achieve a lot more together!

And he showed this to me too and said, ‘Amma… This is sooo you…’  

We both laughed out so loud hysterically!! I feel sooo good!

I am thankful to God for this bond and Yuvan… I wish we can be like this throughout! Love you little man!! I am super happy that he is able to share what he feels right out of his heart to me! 

I am going to try and make an effort to be a more fun mom! 


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A simple train ride – A friday evening – only myself me – driverless – front compartment – my train of thoughts…

 An efficient cycle that is perfect; useful for everyone; yet its own cycle is just endless with more and more expectations; noone appreciates its for  its perfections but flaws noticed!