Month: August 2009

Oh yeah….

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M back after two weeks… Looks like my breaks from blogging are happening more often… But Shouldn’t I be happy that atleast m back at it again…. ???

The last two weeks had been a event filled week…

First On Yuvan –

His Teacher Ms.Reana quit ..and she had been the one Big example of a teacher and a Pre-school teacher any kid should get…

Yuvan has showed tremendous improvement and I could see so many changes positively in him – academic and personal too…

Thanks Ms. Reana 🙂  And here is her with Yuvan and the pic of the cute little thing she sent along with Oreo on her last day @ school…

ms.reans n playground 001

Yuvan -august2009 046

Yuvan -august2009 049

Yuvan -august2009 050

Yuvan came an told me ” Ms. Reana say that she has to go and they will get a nice teacher and be a clever boy ” .. hmmm Wah my son has grwon up 🙂

And so Yuvan has been promoted to K1 ahead by a term… Cos his teacher felt he is ready to go to K1 and i felt ,rather he go ahead rather accustom to tow new teachers in the span of 3 months…

He is in K1 from today itself..

He is excited and I did hand him over to his new teacher and he went to his K1 class straight away by himself….

He has started to read more 4 – 5 letter words…He has understood the concept of blending through phonetics… and he can remember and spell the words he can read…hmm.. he is showing lots of improvement… and shows great signs of improvement on grwoing up as an individual… Slef shower… self dressing -partially… already he has been quite independent..but now completing the circle probably…

On personal front.. I had been through an emotional rollercoaster which i dont wanna discuss… But m up n back…at  everything more  +++++

This emotional roller-coaster shock has been a blessing in disguise… time to wake up… to more positive things… time to step into other’s shoes ….But i expect the same from the other side tooo….. Looks more promising now… hoping for better n the best…

I want the strong sharp dent to go away with more positive things to heal the wound….

I have lots of stuff pending to write in… esp the more important Yuvan’s PTM which happened in May… a record of sorts…

Open to me, so that I may open. 
Provide me your inspiration
So that I might see mine.

First Sri Krishna Jeyanthi

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We celebrated first Sri Krishna Jayanthi at home.. though in our family we don’t follow this… I did it today and intend to follow it every year…

For the past two days , who knew me n whom i really i don’t know  kept saying me… ” U should do the pooja….   cos who has young son’s should do ”

then  I felt that I shd do.. And i did .. followed my intution n feeling n relaxed and happy… Sometimes i do feel things happen around us for a reason… and this i really can’t brush aside…

And here m so happy  n relaxed… after the pooja

For my non-Indian followers here is what Krishna Jayanthi means…

Janmashtami also known as Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanthi  marks the celebration of the birth of Lord Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna was born in the ‘Rohini’ nakshatram (star) to King Vasudeva and Devaki Devi on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Sravana. This festival is also known as Sri Krishna Jayanti and Krishnashtmi. The actual day of celebration can be on two different days as the star ‘Rohini’ and Ashtami may not be on the same day. These days correspond to the August and September months on the Gregorian calendar.

Sri Krishna is considered as the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu’s, (one of three major Hindu Gods) on earth. He is considered to be the Lord’s most glorious incarnations. It is said that his remembrance true heart brings extreme joy and pleasure because Sri Krishna himself was a manifestation of joy at all levels and in all walks of life. No other God in the Hindu pantheon, or for that matter in any other religion, is associated with so many romantic tales and so fully radiating with all the divine attributes as Sri Krishna.

Since Sri Krishna lived in luxury throughout his life, Sri Krishna Jayanti is celebrated with pomp and splendor. Plenty of sweets are made on this day. Among these are laddus (yellu oonde), chakli, cheedai, payasam (kheer), and so on. In addition, plenty of milk products especially butter, which was Sri Krishna’s favorite childhood food, is given in offerings. A wide variety of fruits are also offered. The most common sweets made laddus and payasam.

I did make the pooja chanting the mantra  ” Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya ” ,Thanks To my friend S for the advice and details.

Yuvan enjoyed the pooja and enjoyed the evening:) I made Vada,payasam and did the pooja… And passed the snack to sam also 🙂

here are the few pics i took today…..

Yuvan doing the Krishna Padam

Krishna Jayanthi 2009 008
Krishna Jayanthi 2009 009

Dressed for the pooja – new kurta 🙂

Krishna Jayanthi 2009 012

Pooja 🙂
Krishna Jayanthi 2009 015

After the pooja 🙂
Krishna Jayanthi 2009 013P

out of the shell

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Woo hoo… Finally here m..after a pretty long break..which was quite unplanned….

First coz’ Eash had to flew in early cos of his Acute bacterial Gastro infection for which he was hospitalised in BKK.. a few other things that happened later ,which has served as an eyeopener for good sake….

Been busy with Yuvann….he really is showing signs of real growin up.. academic,independency in 90% of his activities..which equally shocks and surprises me.. in a  way m getting to terms with his growing up………..

He has joined in an art class..Called Global art international which he really loves doing it… i took for a trail class..n i let him talk to Eash abt it and let him get permission from Eash by himself..before he got enrolled.. its a weekly once class….

here’s what he did in his first class…. I liked Global Art..cos they do it methodically.. a system in place for the curriculum and the progress is also so…

yuvan n sam 013

So … things are good with him… And I have one more important thing regarding him to update which i will update once its confirmed…

Otherwise.. there are a few stuffs i learned in a short a span of time…

Getting to know The real faces of people around me.. which i think is a blessing…cos in this world u hardly get to see wat’s in them…

On the positive side, I have a friend who really is concerned about me and cares for me… M happy about that friendship a lot……..

I have been in mixed moods over a period of time… but when i really think..that’s the nature of  a normal human being ..isn’t it?

The long weekend was Quite a good one,in the front that Yuvan’s fren SAM spent two days at my place… I enjoyed and engaged them… they tow behaved such good kids… adorable..

And Yuvan  Sings the Singapore pledge ” we the citizens of singapore… ‘ thanks to the project approach class regarding Singapore the last week…

Now its high time i need to educate him about our Country Mother India… A alarm clock for me….

Woohoo… got my passport renewed for another 10 years………. *clap clap *

So still have so many drafts which are to be recorded in terms of Yuvan’s first…… I hope i Can find time n mood to do it sooner… I wish….