Month: November 2010

Action packed week part I

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Well… It was an all action packed last week, that needs registering here…

First It was the Diwali feel that caught up quite early this time unlike the previous years…. I still can’t find the answer to that WHY though I can roughly figure out…

I was supposed to do a modest shopping but ended up doing the other way round and I loved it… 🙂 And the visit to Little India Diwali market was quite a normal fair ,except that I got hitched by the Lady who was doing  Mehandi/ Henna… I wanted to do it… again unlike the previous  years and got it done.. fast Quick and nice…The funniest thing was Yuvan tried to hold my hands when the Henna was still wet and his four fingers turned orange tooo…. n he went “what and why is this ??? ”

And I made savoury and sweets at home rather than by usual buying from the store… This I knew the reason.. The unknown neighbour of mine who may be living two levels up or down below me was making all the possible things in the middle of the night, around 11 plus… 2 days before Diwali, the smell emanating all over , making Yuvan n Eash go ” YUmmyyyyyyyyyyyy wahhhhhhhhhhh ”

So I ended up making my mom’s specialty recipe “Murukku ” – a savoury with the help of my mom – stealing her recipe over the phone and it was a huge hit at home…. Made two sweets , which was a hit too…

The eve of Diwali was celebrated much more by the three of us, with Diya’s lit all over our home, pooja done and fire crackers..And so Diwali dawned so relaxing that I forgo cooking and we had lunch @ Ponnusamy’s – which is a new restaurant opened in Singapore which is the branch of the one in Chennai,India… The food was good… But service was very very slow  and Poor!!!!.

And dinner was already packed away from Ponnusamy’s…  🙂

The part two of the action packed week was the Annual day concert of Yuvan… which requires another post… as I have so much more to write about the fun and the relax time we had 🙂