Month: March 2014

A visit to the dentist ! (And some blood..)

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Over the last weekend, we realized that one of Yuvanz milk tooth was half-broken (well.. That’s what we thought..)preceded by some bleeding along the gums..

In my quest of finding a good pediatric dentist referral, I failed with my first approach — i.e going to his doc to get a dental referral – who was on leave 😦
After reading a few blogs and some google search, I zeroed in on The Wacky Duo’s suggestion .. We booked an appointment with Dr.Ong at the Kids Dental World, Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital .. Some of you may think I am crazy to find a pediatric dentist but I believe, read reviews and have heard first hand accounts that most of our adult dentists may not know how to handle kids. And so we didn’t want to risk it 🙂

I should say I am pretty impressed with the doctor herself, her clinic and the service!
She bumped into us as we were looking out for her clinic and she was very friendly that she started a conversation, ‘I suppose you are looking for me.. Kids dental world is at the right end..’

The waiting time was less than 5 minutes! As she examined him she also taught him the good brushing techniques which included applying a purple paint and letting him brush and then analyze the parts he has been brushing well and not, which I thought was pretty good as the kids realize then and there what they are doing right and wrong! She also taught him other basics as well as me what to watch out for in which age..

Oh yeah! Forgot to mention …The waiting area is equipped with video game consoles, tv with kiddy stuff playing on, and kiddy stuff to play as in any other kids clinic.. And.. Inside the examining area, right on the ceiling as they lay down on the dental table is the screen that shows them a 3D movie about teeth .. Cool rt??


After examining she said we have to take out the milk tooth which was hanging there still to the gums but not broken (a big relief!! ) as his new tooth has already started growing there.. That’s why it has been pushed out and the gummy bleeding… And so this scenario had given a broken tooth impact and impression..

She was very smooth and amazing as she pulled out the tooth and all through the procedure, she was very chatty with loads of information for Yuvan and off-course, she made me and Yuvan feel comfortable! Though it was quite a lot of blood, Yuvan braved through with Dr Ong’s, ‘Darling, are you ok? Darling, is it painful? ……’

Overall it was a good experience and always felt through out that he was in good hands !!

Ps :- The tooth had not yet been visited by tooth fairy yet:-) The blood stained tooth is still waiting ..


Saturday rants — I confess ..

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I didn’t like myself a while ago and am trying to make amends.. I scolded Y for a few things I could have handled the other way round .. But he has been doing ‘these’ repeatedly … Like — tying the shoe lace not so properly and claiming it’s done. When he does the same every 5 mins, especially when we take train for coaching it’s even more frustrating !! I got it that he is being independent but he needs to take a little bit more time to tie it bit more properly … Another .. during dinner(almost everyday) pushing the chair back n forth ‘n’ number of times ..
These little things are driving me crazy, I confess ..( these are just examples mind you …) I also agree it’s kids stuff..

But it’s all getting to me basically very quickly because we are still trying to settle into a routine with changes happening with his cricket coaching, Hindi tutor and helper at home .. All at the same time and the last 3 months have been very challenging though we have managed to work around it ..

I know … this weekend, everything seems to be finally settling down and I hope by term 2 we should be back to routine with changes incorporated — fingers crossed …

And this weekend started with a blessing of sorts at this point with great help at home — thanks to good friend C …

I need to unwind, de-stress and learn to be h
appy !!

As I am writing this, something made me smile and also reassured me that I can make a better parent – Yuvan has taken it on a positive and lighter note, he did the below with his cricket pants and showed it to me with a huge smile 🙂 I smiled and had a happy conversation too…


My little Guardian

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Yuvan has his own moods and there are a lot of times I advise, scold and give a ‘mommy’ look..

But, he has been quite sensible and caring whenever I had needed him and today is a day that I would like to record it here.. He has been a great help around the house for me as we battle through our bad days of juggling work, exams and home between the three of us.. I have not been cooking as much as I would like to .. Being a foodie he has been adjusting to it … He has been my constant table setter, clearer and he throws rubbish for me.. And he does much more 🙂 And makes sure he is organized himself which solves a lot of things 🙂

Today has been pretty worse as I am hit by a flu bug quite badly and has been running temperature too..
Morning, I let him walk by himself to school after we crossed the traffic lights together.. He insisted I should stop there and watch him as he thought I was weak .. After some discussion I did follow him half way through .. But that feeling he showed towards me is invaluable.. I am really happy to feel that he cares 🙂

I picked him up after work with a heavily coarse voice and a runny nose.. After we came in to the house, as he went to take shower( his usual routine) I was clearing stuff in kitchen .. He quickly came back without showering, set the table and went to shower .. I was speechless… We had lunch together and I had to lie down after a while., As I struggled to get some sleep, he kept checking on me and finished up his work and was waiting for his Hindi tutor.. This is one example of being organized himself!

And when I woke up, I could see he had made the effort to pack the swimming bag for me just in case I stuck to my schedule.. Man, this boy really thinks and cares..,

After E came home, off we went to the clinic and he wanted to accompany me downstairs to cycle .. I said ok .. He was cycling and I went to see the doc as my number was called.. After a minute I heard a knock at the door.. Guess who? Yuvan came in… Awww !!!
how sweet 🙂 I really appreciate that thought of him being with me when I was with the doc 🙂

As I lay trying to shut my burning eyes, I am thankful to this boy though he has his own moods..

Note:- He has checked on me before he went to bed and has told me not to cook tomo .. Lol.. But, me being me, I would 🙂

Love you Yuvan! Stay grounded and be as you are always !!

A bloom can cheer you up!

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Finally, I accept the fact and now, I can understand why my neighbor feels ecstatic when her plants bloom..

I am not a gardening buff but we do have some low maintenance plants because of the two boys at home!

The last two weeks I have noticed our only flowering plant had started blooming every week now:-)


And yes, that brought a smile on to my face ..

Being someone who is completely not in to flowers to that matter, this was a Welcome change ..


May be .. Do I like to see them on the plants?

Books are my first best friends!

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What this blog means to ME?

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I have had a sudden increase in my blog followers and there has been a few texts; some random conversations by friends about my blog…
May be my silent readers have finally decided to tell me that they love my blog.. *wink*

Though I write mostly about Yuvan here, this blog means soo much to me.. I started this blog when I wanted to do something for myself after I had quit my job and dedicated myself to ‘Baby’ Yuvan! It has become a place where I have digitally archived his growing up–challenges, happiness, rants and all..

Yuvan – the hero of this blog is 8 now and I have been back at work developing content, but the blog still remains close to my heart and am keeping it very much alive after some really loooong breaks In-between!

But ….
This blog means much more than all of that .. I love writing and it makes me feel contented and I love writing about Yuvan.. Which is a double bonus! So two birds in one stone!

I have been conscious not to convert this into a personal diary of sorts rather keep it as an archive of Yuvanz growing up years and also a place where I share my parenting emotions.. But I know it gives me so much solace — to my ‘sometimes’ troubled soul.. For me writing is a therapy:-) and so I blog it away:-)

Yuvan — I owe it to you! Love you man!