Month: April 2014

A milestone match !

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Yuvanz passion is cricket and sometimes he does go over board .. For some reasons, we had to change his coach but he still plays for the same team in the league under his previous coach.. There has been a month break for the matches and that’s exactly the same time he started under the new coach.

Hence, today’s match was an anxious one as I awaited to see what improvement Yuvan might have done overall. Surprisingly, his new coach was also one of the umpires for the game.

Yuvan showed an overall improvement interms of discipline, managing himself independently in a match situation, and offcourse improvement in all departments of the game .. Over all, content I am and he is happy too and the highlight is he got a wicket in the first ball he bowled and one of the visitors asked how old Yuvan is, looking at the unique variety he bowls in a single over! I am happy for him ! He finished with two wickets (almost three) great fielding and improved batting !

The chief umpire also praised this match as the best he has umpired in the whole league 🙂 what a good thing to listen to and he also mentioned that the Dragon Boys (Yuvanz team) played really amazing with just 8 players in the team!

I am glad they all played together as a team with everyone doing their part !

The umpires were also encouraging all the kids from both the teams and his coach has also has given his tips to Yuvan after he saw him play:-)

I hope this dream of Yuvan comes true in the future!

The tale of the shoelaces !

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Have your felt that you little one is growing up when they insist they should have shoes with laces? Have you ever felt that their disliking of Velcro is a huge sign of growing up?

If you haven’t I bet you will feel that ‘Mom’ emotion when they do that.. Especially I think Boys!

Ours started 6 months ago.. When Yuvan needed a replacement for his casual shoes, he wanted to buy a slightly funky one; with laces; in the bright blue – orange colour.. That tells it all – not only with laces, but slightly funky but decent enough and brighter colours!!!! Wow man that was a feeling I will never forget 🙂 Even a few weeks ago, my heart pounded again when he tried on a fluorescent orange pair .. Oh my God — I can’t express that feeling!

Coming back to the story, he finally bought the pair he wanted last October with his Dad thinking that it was pretty cool and it’s a boy thing!
But, mind you his school shoes were still Velcro but a style he wanted..

Fast forward 6 months.. His school shoes breathed its last after 4 months of heavy usage.. I told Yuvan, ‘Let’s go and buy a pair tomorrow!’ Yuvan replied, ‘Mah, would you let me buy the shoes with laces? I don’t like Velcro anymore..’ *Ding* I said, with my mom thoughts in full force, ‘Yuvan, but is it safe for you? Your class is in 3rd floor and you must ensure that your laces are tied properly all the time, your floor ball practice etc? Can we buy next year?’ He said, ‘please ma…. I will be careful and I think I will be ok..’

We BOUGHT what he liked WITH LACES! I was still not 100 percent ok within myself but overcome that to get him the pair ..

It’s been a week now and he is so far managing it well with the boy methods of tucking in the extra bits of the lace inside his shoes and what not ..

I am finally feeling better about this and yes, this boy is growing up!!

Little things (notes) and happiness!

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I have always wished to receive small everyday notes rather than gifts or anything .. Cos I believe in little things.. And I still prefer these 🙂

When I was schooling, I had always wished to have little notes along with my lunch or what not!

I had thought of implementing this when Yuvan would start bringing sandwich to school.. But this Little chap doesn’t like bread at all and he eats at school for recess .. 😦

Recently the impulse was in me again and I found a Little – very innovative white board calendar style notebook from my favourite Daiso 🙂 Wohooo!! I am now leaving notes on his table everyday for him to read after school ..



I leave sticky notes too..

I am sure he is happy and off course I am super happy!

It also works fine as we have recently started implementing a more independent approach to studies and self-learning 🙂

I personally feel quite content about this! How about you Yuvan?

Center stage !

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That’s what Yuvan would be taking today in front of the whole school cohort at the assembly in the school hall along with his good friend M. He will be taking part in the school’s feature ‘Golden nuggets’ skit emphasizing speaking good English .. He will play ‘Rooney’.. He is excited and though he has done many other performances on stage including his speech and drama showcase, this is closer to his heart and I am happy for him too!!

A bright very early morning smile on the way to school today ..


I asked for a change of place…

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That’s how our Friday evening ‘Yuv n me’ time started as we were crossing the road …

Me: why?? U never have told me of any disagreements with your bench mate.. ( the school practices just two students sitting closer – so two desks together in a column)

Yuvan: it’s happening for a few weeks .. W has been rude to me so much that she also shouts at me..

Me: example ??

Yuvan: I forgot to bring my green pen .. I asked whether I can borrow hers.. She shouted at me that I can’t use hers at all ..

Me: wasn’t it that your mistake of not packing your stuff properly the previous night ..

Yuvan: yes, it’s my mistake .. But I don’t understand why she has to be rude to share her green pen ..

Me: may be she doesn’t like to share things .. It’s your duty to bring everything …

Yuvan: ok ma..

Me: what else ?

Yuvan: she is the only one who knew am selected for the golden nuggets ( an assembly skit) programme .. Our teacher came to me n told I cannot tell others so it would be a surprise on Monday.. But she told my best buddy about it and he asked me the same..

Me:so, did u confront her ?

Yuvan: yes, but again she shouted at me!

Me: Yuvan the best way to handle this is you should have told your best buddy A that he should wait till Monday to know it and not confront W at all..

Yuvan: okie got it!! Also I need to pack my stuff properly !

Me: is it just these two incidents?

Yuvan: these are just examples ma.. So I really need a change of place ..

Me : okie.. If u think u can’t work out the differences and affecting your performance and concentration.. Go ahead !! what did your teacher say when u asked for a change of place ?

Yuvan: she said I will have it from Monday as she has seen that we cannot get along in the class ..

Me: hmmm okie:-) but learn from your mistakes !!

It has been a draining week for me and this completely surprised me… I think I have given my piece of advise and will check with the teacher too:-)


Update:- The change has been made .. he is now paired with his friend of 2 years X from P1 days… His first comment ‘ She is verrryyyyyyyyy quiet, but she is more friendly!’

Me: Good For you – so you can talk less (Smirk)

‘I am Scared!’

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A phrase I never wanted to hear from Yuvan or a phrase I was not very prepared to handle! But I had to — yesterday!

He seemed well yesterday evening and was quite getting on to our new style of more independent learning. I was helping him with his science as well cooking his favourite pizza, clear soup and tandoori chicken, all seemed fine..

But, the last two days I had also noticed his responses had been frustrated, irritated and a bit rude which I know is not him — I was wondering about what could be troubling him as well I was all prepared to give him my piece of advise if I spot the same behaviour again, as after all that’s not what we want from him.

As I was cooking, he came to the kitchen and told me, ‘amma, can you come to my room? I need to talk to you..’ As I went in, he was already in distress and said, ‘I am scared!’ (My heart skipped a beat as my mind was already thinking ‘n’ number of things ranging from bullying to other things)
I asked him, ‘why Milo?’
Yuvan : ‘Tomo is my swim test, though I am in group 2 even if I fail in one category they will consider as failed in the whole exam’
Me : ‘what is that you can’t do and why are you worried about it cos it’s an enrichment rt?’
Yuvan: I can’t wear and buckle my life jacket in a minute’s time, as I swim…
Me: can you do it if given more time?
Yuvan: I think so… Cos the life saving technique taught my Mr Goh (his regular coach) is slightly different and this I need to do in one minute.. So I am scared ( he was almost in tears) and I am worried what if I don’t get at least a grade B and end up scoring C?
Me: Yuvan, grade is not important. Whether you can do it or not is more important. Don’t stress, give your best shot! You can do it since you can swim well.. Just that you do not have to panic .. But if you could have told Amma about this earlier and we could have asked Mr Goh to teach you in an easier way. But, next time anything please let me know in advance and do not hole up your feelings .. Talk to me !
Yuvan: hmmm
Me: it’s ok ..if you are worried that your ranking will go down, don’t worry only your 3 subjects are taken into account. But you have to learn to do this. Give your best and don’t panic! If you can’t still do it, it’s ok.. It’s not the end of the world.. You can learn to do it with more practice and I don’t mind if you donot get a A or B…
Yuvan: (crying) ok.. But am scared !!
Me: first, don’t be scared.. You can do it and give your best!! Okie?
Wash your face, be strong! Don’t worry so much! Just go and give your best shot!

Hmmm… This is something that I always dread to handle and also that I need to have lot of strength and I am glad I did ..

I have always worried about Yuvan being very competitive to be first in everything .. In a way it’s good but I do not want it to work the other way round. And, I have time and again told him that he will have to face a lot of flaws within himself as it goes by and he needs to handle it with more will power and overcome it rather than being scared and breaking down …and I believe fighting your flaws and correcting it is what makes you..

After the brisk face wash and the talk with me, he wanted to help with the pizza .. And l let him do it to unwind, to be content and happy!

I think he got the message clear .. He was ok and normal this morning and I also did my little pep talk about the same .. It’s just me being me:-p

Love you Yuvan! Don’t be scared!! You can do it .. Even not, you can learn it!!

My little chef!

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Yuvan has some interest in cooking and has been keen to learn a few stuffs.. But the one he always wants to help me is pizza … And I let him do it as it makes him content and both of us happy .. After a long time, I made pizza, chicken clear soup and tandoori chicken for dinner 🙂

And here is my little chef at work ..