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Friday tidbitz

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Yes Eash is back from Bangkok… Me n Yuvan had been there at the airport to receive him ( or “catch up “_ Yuvan Says)..He was sooo happy… so am I!!!

hmmm… Eash was on a day off at home…we had simple home cooked lunch an then We went to pick Yuvan up from school..he enjoyed a coin game.. n then he had his “snackers “from KFC..his weekend started in a good way..LOL

Yuvan is sooooooo happy with his Ferrari remote car…:) – off course from Bangkok from PAPA….Jus adores and hooked on with it:) pics later:)


Indian PM Manmohan Singh and his 19 cabinet ministers to be sworn in today! Dr.Manmohan Singh gets a second term..more positively.. M happy as an Indian!!!!!

Come on India!!!!!!!

Jai HInd!




Indian parlimentary results out!

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Has India voted sensibly this time ?????

To a certain extent true.. I would say… Cos I have always felt for my Country, Any ruling party that had completed 5 years, shd be given another term by the people by that  they could perform with full efficiency what they had started and had been implementing in the last five years… That has been my voice so far… Finally India has done it..

Dr.Manmohan Singh becomes the only second prime minister India has voted for a second term ,after completing full five years after our first PM Jawaharlal Nehru…

And the winning Congress with its allies – UPA, is sitting pretty with 256 seats out of the 543 , And the Indian national Congress itself performing well… so that it dont have do consider or go begging for few seats to form the government… SO Itz a big change.. the last 3 terms have been coalition govt..but not so good with the number of seats for the major party… Now it is.. Well done India!!!!

And the UPA is like 100+ seats ahead tof its  closest ally the NDA …SO thatz something to be noted that people willingly voted back the INC!!! Hurray….

Letz c…

But there are other reasons why I feel people have voted sensibly…

first, though the government by itself has had great results… many ministers lost… what  contrary… !!!Youth won…  So the non-performing or “not performing to their constituency” ministers have been voted out by the people…! SO it is deftly changing….and some true guts shown!

All credit to the Youth congress leader and the some of the charisma of Rajiv Gandhi,carried by Rahul Gandhi. He has seen to the campaigning,political tactics, the changes and promises  for this election for his INC… SO welcome Rahul on the big arena!

So its time the 38 year old accepts a post and starts performing right away in the cabinet.. !!!V need the some young Blood Rahul..Come on in:)lemme give a picture of this young crown prince -to be for My non-Indian readers:)


Secondly…more youth had won ! – telling sign of a change…healthy change…

and third INC has made a sensible statement that their PM candidate is Dr.Manmohan singh as announced. but their future PM is Rahul Gandhi… Wah wah..*clap*

So for the first time 4 from Nehru family will be in the cabinet..two in the ruling party two in opposing…

Sonia gandhi and Rahul gandhi… Menaka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi…  The wifes and sons of the two sons of Indira Gandhi!!!

M pretty happy with the outcome as an Indian..basically cos BJP is driven by RSS ..RSS is not good for India.. SO BJP without RSS shd do good…but they are inseparable.. so now time to think for BJP after loosing two consecutive terms!!

Anyways Well Done India…!!!! Lets get together celebrate ,rejoice and Bring about a change for us:) being a True Indian:) Democracy won!!!

India “Counts”

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Voting in India is completed in 4 phases day before yesterday.. Counting is on today!!!!

SO what m feeling is…. deftly there will not be a single majority… BUT  letz c.. coalition..but who’s gonna head it with most number of Seats is the question now…

This post wil be updated… as results come in:)

Have v voted for a CHANGE? or ????????????????/ Letz wait n Watch!!


Congress looks for a big WINNNNNNNNNN

Birthdays.. Anniversaries… where are the cakes?

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Happy Birthday MOM…

happy brithaymom

Though MY mom   by all possibility won’t be reading this post…I wish my MOM a hearty Birthday..and wish and pray that she be showered with all good health!!!! 

My Mom is among the only two persons whom I have whom I can call MY blood related:) 😦 thatz why m sincerely wishing her good health n long life..though touch woood she is in good health ….. And the other one is off course my brother 🙂 May God shower her with good health 🙂

So Yuvan made a card for her and I had sent it across.. forgot to take a pic for all reasons…hmmm… Yuvan coloured a big Mickey face drawn by me..He asked me to draw Mickey for “ammuchi ” ( “Granny ” in my mother tongue n slang )….

Once again Happy birthday Mom:)

And why i chose the coffee mug is that the best thing I always have cherished n will always cherish is the hot steaming creamy Tea thats she prepares 

and gives me right in my hands ,as soon as I step out of the washroom after brushing…:) Mommy..I miss that solemnly!!! I love you!


My best friend for whom’s wedding i flew back to India for 15 days last summer, celebrated her First wedding Anniversary yesterday 🙂

Happy anniversary S n A 🙂 I wish many years together for u guys 🙂

A – U are now more a friend to me  rather S’s Hubby … Miss u guysssssss 🙂


And My recent friend S whom i haven’t known the face n voice until recently has been in tuch with me now.. becoming a good friend…  Wondering who ? happens to be one of my Blog’s followers… can’t remember how he got to follow mine the very first time…..

Our friendship is blossoming 🙂 I wish it that way too 🙂

Itz his Birthday today tooo… Happy Birthday dear S 🙂

May u have many years with health n wealth…


And of recent frens who happens to be M from Yuvan’s school.. (but who doesn’t teach Yuvan… she teaches the Yuvan’s juniors…) met me n told me… “hey today is my Mom’s birthday..planning to send her to pedicure ..”

So Happy birthday Aunty..though i know her as M’s Mom n have never met her 🙂


SO now…. My mom can’t send me a cake.. the only possibility is S.. Oiiii where ‘s my treat  S ????????????

Yuvan @ work n play

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M not in a mood 😦 but i wanna post few of recent works n creativity of Yuvan!!!!

“Use different colours Yuvan ” results in this:)


Happens to be him n his brother (????&***) ..Thatz what he says.. ( as of now mickey is his brother -thatz how he says )




Phonics Vs Words /Pictures



Counting and Self writing – look how many times he has written 7 – trying for perfection..LOL


The ultimate – Our family… He told me the first one second taller is me (amma) , the tallest is “APPA” (Eash ) and the shorter of all is ” him ” (Yuvan)


Rhythm..Music n Yuvan

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Hope i have mentioned a few times that Yuvan loves dancing…I wonder have I ever told abt his rhythm sense n dancing to the beat.. even Eash thinks that itz his asset and he has it at a very young age..whether singing or dancing he doesn’t miss a beat…

We used to hear  everyday around 10 pm, a very passionate guitar strings flowing around in the calm quiet air.. My block faces the play area and the open park on one i can hear it every time from the kitchen… and Yuvan is a big fan of  that music.I had a feeling someone is playing it from inside their home… But I was wrong! and Yuvan has  always had insisted me buying  him a guitar …and does drums with his sketch pens on the Coffee table….

Today we were coming back after dinner at BK and we saw the guitarist playing in the common siting area alone an singing his soul out… Yuvan wanted to watch n listen..and he even clapped and danced for his music for abt 20 minutes….The guitarist was happy and kind of embarrassed tooo.. he must be 45+

Then we had a pep talk and he told me “your son has very good rhythm n beat sense.. u saw the way he clapped… very rare to see this rhythm sense in a 3 yr old (he asked me how old is he ) or someone so younger… then i did tell him abt what i wrote in the above two paragraphs. he suggested him a play guitar with strings..u will know his knowledge and passion with the way he handles strings.. and then u Can enroll him to classes…even though if he don’t wanna make it a career he can have it as  a hobby/passion n u can channelise his energy in the way he loves it… ” It made damn sense to me… I felt so grateful and so happy that he was able to recognise Yuvan’s music talent… (may be..)

here are a few blur pics i could grab in my mobile phone with the less lighting… Would buy him a guitar from kiddy’s palace soon… wat say? and he also told me ” is nice if he starts early with his interest n sense he will do well..and enjoy himself… ” and his parents when he was young had no money n couldn’t send him to classes and his guitaring is self taught… I should tell u he plays amazing…. such a great feeling to listen to him sing and play..he was embarrassed..but did say”don’t worry u are very good……Keep Going ! U are happy with your Music and so as we!!!!”

Clickon each pic to see a bigger version…as I have linked as a gallery!



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Hmm… Yuvan told me a few days back.. when he grows(not grow up – u see.. in his words “grow” ) he wants to drive big aeroplane ..then i told him ..Thatz a pilot! from then he keeps saying he wants to become a pilot…. ad he adds he would take me n Eash in his plane to India.. How nice..(dunno whether pilot’s parents have concessional airfare..LOL )

And he learnt abt the five senses early morning 3 am..when he woke up and started talking to me and ended up ” amma.. eyes is for what..” then i sdd ” to see ” and then all the five senses in a minute or so.. 


Spanish GP is this week.. Most of the teams are expected to be fitted in with new  legalised diffuser…. so M keeping my fingers crossed..for Ferrari… if not this weekend, itz gonna be one of the worst ever F1 seasons for them..until they bounce back with a new car design for next season….

Come on Ferrariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Hmm… letz c what happens…


Yuvan’s school trip to underwater world is cancelled as a swine flu precautionary…Lot of screening going on everywhere in Singapore.. Including yuvan’s declaration forms.. masks… even in library’s…Hope v pass through this safely n finely!!


Thinking to make mutton biriyani today..anyone interested?????????? – sathiya..don come jumping in.. I know uuuuuuuuuu LOL 🙂