Month: May 2012

Growing Up (Series) – I

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Another series in the making… I want to archive all the little things that makes me feel he is growing up!!!


Dinner time everyday is a family affair we sit together and eat and chat, if Dad makes it home on time!!! Today was Mom and Son dinner time… As we were having dinner he bombed me with this question,

“Amma, in this Earth how did we all come into existence? Who created us ?”

My answer covered God, creation, ancient human beings, ape and ended in DNA.

So I am going to find more information about how to get him understand about all this… That will be a follow up post.

Love You Yuvan!!!

Circuit De Yuvan

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Most of our friends knew that Yuvan is crazy about Formula One and motor sports … He follows it with his Dad and one day wants to be an F1 driver!! ( but I know it has to start early and basically I have to think to let him explore and experience go-karting first and it’s an expensive stuff even to hobby). His knowledge and memory on these and most of the things make me flabbergasted as he can tell us which year which race was won by which race driver atleast for the last 3 yrs, ever dice he has been following it… Everytime he utters a name and year and talks about the incidents that happenned during that race, we had to go online and Gosh! every single time he has done this he has been absolutely right ! Touch wood!

So a few months back he wanted to buy the Zenga wooden blocks… I bought it after much hesitation. And guess what he is up to with it? Building different structures using those wooden blocks and his imagination. Boy … Kids these days can create anything from everything!!!

And his latest is a F1 circuit with 12 turns and his Dad aptly named it as Circuit De Yuvan..



Little something’s (series) – 2

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Today we were fixing up a few things long due – a few lights and replacing the ceiling fan which was actually done into the false ceiling by the previous owner who sold the house to us..

In the midst of all the dust, drilling sound and running around for last minute stuffs, Yuvan said to me when we were on the couch, ‘ let’s take a photo’.. Isn’t it a nice little something to cherish? And the result is …



Little something’s (series)

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Well… I am so inspired to blog with this WordPress mobile app..

This series thing is an inspiration from a travel blog I read last night which I bumped into accidentally.. In here I am going to post about any little something.. First one is Yuvan’s little something..


Yuvan has a habit of giving little notes, drawings to everyone including us, his friends and his teachers. He started it himself with no prompting or any idea of that sort from me. He could give anything from a thank you note, sorry note ( I personally think this is awesome), get well note or just a drawing or a note just saying ‘ I love you——‘.

The flower is one of those he did when he was waiting ( at home) to come back from work and I was late from work, which is quite not my everyday thing.. When this happened i.e. a few months ago, Eash was away on a business trip and I came late. I had the mom’s guilt even more that day!!! But this little sunshine came running to me with this flower… Awww!!! I was bowled over !!!

It is still in my wallet and I took it out today morning just to take a photo and blog about this !

Love you Yuvan !

A rose is a rose is a rose

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I think if I am not wrong this is the first time I have ever received a rose for Mother’s Day. But it was a surprise as it’s work place little love to all mothers in the office 🙂

The use of words ‘stress’ and ‘grades’

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It all unfolded today morning when we were getting ready for school at 6.45am. Yuvan showed an unusual reaction for wearing his shirt first as compared to his vest. He made a quick fist punch to the couch seat he was sitting.
His normal reaction would be a wide grin and ‘ Ahhhh man !!’

I quickly told him he can’t do that and asked why? He said, ‘Yesterday my PE teacher told me that today I will have an assessment for the Tamarind(?) dance and she will give me grades… So I am stressed that I may not get A plus as I am not so good and correct in step 4. I am sure you will not be happy if I get a C and so I am hoping to get an A’

I was actually flabbergasted cos we have never spoken about grades though am very well aware that he is too obsessed getting all correct in everything he does…

There were times when he missed a mark for a silly mistake and kept talking about it ‘ ahhh man…’ Every single time I have told him ‘that’s ok.. Take it positively… See you learnt something from this and love you’ and today I told him ‘ enjoy yourself whether it’s dance or maths or anything and give your best.. Learn everything with joy’ ‘You don’t have to worry!! As you enjoy yourself and give your best, you will do well’ ‘I love you’…

Yuvan, Touch wood and I am so proud to say ‘you are such a gift from God and I will always be thankful to God and cherish and love you’

PS:- I love this mobile blogging.. If not this post will be sitting in my mind I don’t know for how long…

Blogging on the go

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Finally I have got this awesome app after I sorely realized how I miss blogging and cos my that how am missing out on jotting down important little things as Yuvan grows up .. So I am gonna do more posts and here I start 🙂