Month: June 2013

A holiday afternoon!!

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It was a contended afternoon for Yuvan I believe, as we spent close to 5hrs at the Kids Amaze at SAFRA, Toa Payoh.

He loved the play-area as it is designed for older kids!
The only mistake I did was I forgot to bring a book for myself 😦
I treated him to McWings and Mc Flurry in between and he was soo happy!!

A simple drawing activity by himself, fed by mom for dinner and a monopoly game after dinner completes the day !!




We got a stadium at home!!

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Courtesy : The Haze!

A welcome change….

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Today we hit the deadly PSI 400 … But we still went to catch the movie ‘After Earth’ as staying completely indoors at home was getting a way too much to handle for Yuvan and me.

I read 9/10 super bad reviews for the movie, after I had booked the tickets .. But he loved the movie and I like it too..

As promised yesterday he picked up some books at Popular and this time, Diary of Amos Lee series, which is very understandable as he is a super big fan of Jeff Kinney!!

The icing on the cake is the ride in the front seat of the double-decker bus as per his request. The view is hazy though:)


The Haze Craze

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As the whole world knows at the moment Singapore is braving the haze that has originated from the burning of palm plantation for land clearing in Indonesia, which is at the peak as we have reached hazardous levels, PSI readings touching 300’s from last night!!

Yuvan had been ok these few days and I think staying indoors with NO outdoor has finally got to him though we went to River Safari yesterday. He just is getting impatient staying indoors without even chancing up to ride his bicycle in the corridors or roller blading .. (Completely forgetting the playground..) Sigh !!

On top of it, minor renovation at home has essentially confined us to one room and a bit of living room which has means less space for remote cars, tracks etc..

He is done with painting, carrom board,TV, monopoly etc!!

I felt bad just now when he told me, ‘What can I do??’ Hmmm… Tomorrow evening or weekend should be better at home, not sure about the haze though!!

Tomorrow looks promising as we are also booked to catch the movie ‘After Earth’ and I have promised to buy some more stuffs that he can do within the four walls …

Haze .. Go away!! Rain would be more than welcome but no signs of it in the last week or so too..

Stories…. Stories…

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From Yuvan’s very young age, I should accept I have not said/read stories to him as much as I wanted to!! I still remember the days when I used to sing the rhymes as lullaby (I still remember the tune I used to..) He was an early reader and so he started reading more independently and that, kind of made me feel good about the fact or I should say over rode the fact of me not been a storyteller!

But, over the last two weeks in particular, Yuvan has been asking me to tell stories all the time and I have managed to tell quite a lot, including the tweaked versions of folk tales, original folk tales, my own versions of King stories and what not..

He has been laughing so crazily over and over about a few stories, the Crow and the Fox in particular as he is super amazed with the idea of crows using Twitter and Google. He has laughed his heads off, he retold the same to his Dad, my helper and to me too..

I am so happy that finally I have become the story-mom who was missing in me and I love the way he enjoys the stories and I am glad he likes to listen to MOM’s stories ..

Love you Yuvan for giving me this opportunity and I will always cherish these moments, as you grow up!!

A perspective that amazed me..

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We braved the haze this afternoon to visit the River Safari as Yuvan had been home pretty much after our away-trip last week.. And one of Yuvanz school holiday request was to revisit the Night Safari and visit River Safari.. So we bought a Park Hopper but decided to visit just the River Safari for the day..The ticketing Aunty was very chirpy and told me River Safari would take only 2hrs (me – *rolled eyes*) and so suggested to buy the 3 in 1 including Zoo .. As am not ready for another 9am to 6pm at the Zoo, I did say a ‘No’

The haze was around 80 PSI when we went and now at 12 Mn as I am writing this it is 321 PSI – 😦

We went in and as we waded through the different river zones, it was a welcome sign to know everything is sheltered as I was a bit concerned about going out to River Safari because of the haze..

It was a combination of SEA and Zoo I would say with the highlight being the Panda’s 🙂

Some of the enclosures are empty with ‘coming Soon’ signs and we already knew the Amazonian River quest is not open yet..

As we were to end the day after being in there for close to 3hrs I told Yuvan,

“hmmm…..I am not so impressed as its pretty small and not up to the expectations”

Guess what was Yuvan’s reply? He replied,

“No Amma.. Though its small I like it and I am impressed, as we get to see everything that we may not see elsewhere ., Don’t you think this is amazing ?? I like it as equal to the Zoo..”

There he went, never fails to impress me with his spontaneous, genuine thoughts!! And Yes!, he was right and pondering about it I concluded that’s it’s not that bad as I thought and it is a different experience altogether. When the Amazonian quest opens, it may be a whole new experience..

He wanted to visit again and I have promised him so but definitely after the Amazonian boat ride opens!!

Collage 3


Collage 1


Collage 2

My little boy has taught me a lot with his thoughts and actions every now and then and it gives me life’s lessons and makes me look at life in a whole new perspective !!


A very weird first of a time feeling

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probably only moms would understand deeply is what I felt late today evening. Yuvan has this close knit friends who has been together from nursery days and during every June and December holiday break they would meet for a play date which would last at least for a minimum of 5 hrs, while we moms catch up over coffee and cake.

This time around it was too difficult to find a common time and so Z said ‘drop the kids at my place n let them have fun.’ I couldn’t keep up the promised time but Yuvan was happy once he met his friends among woo’s and wee’s. All was well until this point.

When I came home, I realized Eash would be home quite late and Yuvan is not expected to be home until 10pm. That’s when I realized how much these boys are my(in) life and felt so emotional though I completely understand the situation and agree that I should give their space and they are having fun, no doubt! A typical mom thing????

It was an emotion that engulfed me and made me think ‘These two boys will get busier and busier as they grow and will I be feeling this every other time??’

It’s not that I had never enjoyed the time when The Two boys were out playing cricket or whatever or when I had been out with the two boys at home ., Yes, I do! I love to read quietly and rest up, watch TV not so loud with my own choice etc.., whenever I get the me time – but still I missed them today evening a lot and I knew what these boys mean in my life !!

It’s a mom thing 🙂