Month: December 2012

Weekend craziness

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What do we do on weekend nights when all three us don’t feel like sleeping??

Play …


Also there had been ample of monopoly nights!!!
I strongly believe these board game times are our best bonding times!!

Do you agree as well?

Toddi Box Review

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In the Toddibox, there were activities according to different categories to choose from. I let Yuvan choose the activities he would like to do from the box and we tried out the following activities. But before he embarked on actually doing them, as I was sorting the different sealed pouches, he grabbed the book that was in the Toddi Box and started reading and he did say he liked the book and the story. It was definitely a good start!!!!


Category: Ten fingers

This section mostly is kind of Art and Craft section with opportunity for the child to use all his/her ten fingers. As Yuvan is 7, I didn’t help him much. He decided to do the Christmas Tree craft, Christmas Wreath and the Santa’s Dress up all by himself.

As he loves to do hands-on activities, he loved it and he was in complete control right from reading the instructions, cutting, decorating, pasting and what not!

Collage - Christmas Tree


Collage 2 - Christmas Wreath

Collage 3- DressUp Santa


What’s my take?

The activities definitely kept him engaged and he loved doing it, as most of the kids love doing art and craft, be it any age…

Dress -Up Santa had some simple sentences to accompany about the Santa Claus and I asked him to cut up the sentences, read and arrange them in the order he wanted to – All about Santa Claus!

The materials were neatly packaged with clear instructions for him to understand.

The glue was packaged nicely as a pen and so Yuvan loved it… But the glue was super low quality and after his efforts of trying to use it was not fruitful, I had to ask him to get our own glue out.

If you child is interested in art and craft, these activities can be used up to the age of 7.

Category – Test Tube

This was the most exciting part of the whole package. It was kind of introduction to science using experimental learning. As Yuvan is into all this right now, he was more excited, he read the instructions and we did it together. It was fun doing all the steps, but in the end our salt crystals didn’t  grow. The next day, we repeated each  step carefully again but still no improvement. So I am really not sure whether Toddibox tried the experiment. If so, I would be keen to know if there are any tips for this that we could incorporate.


What’s my take?

Definitely this is the section that will get the older kids interested and Toddibox can consider to have more experimental learning kits in the package rather than just one.

What’s my review over all?

  • The activities are neatly packaged.
  • All the activities are more suitable for 2 to 5 year olds.
  • I liked their advent calendar and which could be tweaked to suit all ages with the theme being the same for all.
  • If the package has to be developed for older kids, it should have more components of experimental learning and some more art and craft that may suit/challenge the older ones.

So are you interested to know more about Toddi Box? Click Toddibox to know more!

Who are they?

The Toddibox team comprises of a group of trained educators who believe that the joy of learning should bring on a smile to every child’s face. Creativity, open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, laughter and parent-child bonding are what they strive for in the creation of each Toddibox.


You can purchase a toddibox for trial or subscribe to them at monthly $39.95, 6 months, $ 239 + stationary pack, 12 months – $449 +statioanry pack+free month.

Visit them at Toddibox for more details

Disclaimer:- I received the December Toddibox for free to review. All the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


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will bring out the child in everyone! It was not otherwise for Yuvan too.. When I had been thinking that he had outgrown stickers, sticker books and what not,


he picked up one of his old sticker books which I had thought of passing on to friends who have much younger kids and started doing all the activities with shear concentration and excitement at 11.49pm!!

And off course he has indirectly proved to me he is still a kid !! And Yes, I realized how much I have treated him as an adult 😦 Love you Yuvan!!

What makes your day?

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Is it simple appreciations? Words of kindness?

Yesterday, when I came back from work, our little man made my day.. He was riding hid scooter in the corridor and the minute he saw me GE said ‘Hi ma, How was your day? Was everything ok?’ Well.. What more can I say? I love you Yuvan!!