Month: September 2014

Project Digestive system!

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The human systems have really got YUVAN intrigued and he has been so in to it in the last week or so or ever since his science teacher started teaching about Systems… Rightly this weekend he had to come up with a digestive system model. He was so in to it and the catch was to use material/object that may deem fit the functionalities…

As usual, he had thought up about the materials he would use and reasoning – and as usual I did a little tweaking 🙂 (mind you ‘little’ – so we went 90% with his thoughts and suggestions)

It’s always the planning and sourcing takes time and the actual completion would be quick… I also see these projects as a huge bonding activity for myself and Yuv; as he does paper projects with Eash every month..

Yuvan has been showing more decisiveness and taking responsibility in a manner we want him to in recent times; which has led to him wanting to do everything by himself – which is good thing. That means I am more becoming a listening ear and a helping hand, which I think is absolutely good though I can sense his growing up…

For the project, I managed to source some cardboard for the base and we started with the outline.. And then moved on – Stomach and mouth was represented by modeling clay with the function indicated in a seperate picture (blender)and linked; small intestine with cotton and large with beans and linked to vacuum cleaner indicating absorption – digested and undigested food; straw for the gullet with little pieces of sticky styrofoam as food particles, indicating transportation of food…

And he completed it as he wrote the functions of each and into the sheet protector the model went! Hurray! we were done 🙂

Lessons learnt from
the project

1. could have used a black sheet on top of the
cardboard – may have looked even better!
2. I should learn to be a bit more patient with him 😦

Senna – The person

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I have never watched race but read, heard about a lot, being a big fan of F1… Today, I watched the documentary on him titled ‘Senna’ or indeed a movie as advertised and I cried … Literally cried:-(

What a man he had been and the thoughts for safety he had for the formula one drivers; the outbursts when he was treated badly; his more publicized rivalry with Alain Prost; his amazing relationship with his friends and family and off course the team principals and the FIA Officials …
He was a man with so much to offer!!

The documentary had more real racing video files and it made the whole thing so real to experience.. But a sad one.. Especially seeing how he was uncomfortable with the car before the race after practice, how devastated he was with the death of a driver in qualifying all at Imola..

And the man who had so much life in him, compassion and passion for safe racing was no more the next day!!

He did so much after death too, the safety that all F1 drivers enjoy today is what he sowed but never harvested.. His sister runs a charity for poor Brazilian kids educating them which was his dream… What a man!

Now I know why the racing history hails him as a hero; – ‘if his car’s steering column had been 6 inches shorter or taller he would have walked back to the paddock and would have been the greatest driver of all time!’ – this statement has been echoing in my mind so much since I saw the documentary.. A matter of 6 inches for the great human being he was!

Love you Ayrton Senna!

A holiday with a difference

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is something that Yuvan has experienced in the last week…

a rock climbing experience…followed by a sleep over and movie date with his best buddy S with whom he has bonded over in the last two years or so immensely, though he is a year younger to Yuvan… and being family friends helps them too.. He has slept over only at his place a few times now that sleep over during holidays at both the places during holidays is becoming a norm during holidays for these boys now..

At his place they spoke through the night, woke up at 5.30 to get ready for jogging – jogged, watched Box trolls all by themselves in the theater off course under the watchful eyes of S’s parents which they didn’t know, been responsible enough for Hiya…and what not? Sounds exciting??

The next day he came over to ours  played loads of board games, read a lot and then they suggested to go to the beach for cycling and some sand fun since they have stared at the screens the day before…(surprising to see them skip the movie and go for the beach…) Off we went to the beach early as 4.45 pm – enjoyed the beach waters wetting our legs, walking along, and they explored the beach,!  They kicked the football around and did a lot of cycling..We did frequent pit stops along the way, we chatted along, they chatted with each other, raced, took care of each other…


I liked hanging out with them too..

Yuvan being Yuvan went a bit ahead by the very end when S was tired… He went and asked the boys who were playing beach football whether he could play with them and the boys readily agreed and they had fun as me n S chatted along..


And yes, after all the activities, we gobbled down fried rice and grilled veggies when we got home… Hungry Tummies!


It was a good evening well spent…

A climbing experience

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that taught me a bit more about my son… A usual play-date but at a different venue with his two best buddies was the plan.. I was completely amazed at the ease, confidence and agility he conquered the three different walls with various different difficulties…I was well prepared to handle if he has fear of heights and what not.. but he did it with ease and the more important thing is he also enjoyed doing it…

I could see his cricket training under the new coach has improved his physical fitness, ability and confidence..  Thanks to the trainers at The Rock School for teaching him the basics and guiding him 🙂

And the three of them absolutely had fun and then continued an hour of bowling too… It was a eye-opener play-date where I learned to trust my son a bit more….


Well done my boy! I know I have told you this many times in many situations… ‘I love you for what you are as a person!’


My favourite reads! – Book Challenge…

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I was challenged by my dear friend Siya on my favourite reads.. I started typing on my phone note pad and I went on and on… so I decided to blog instead…. Thanks for the tag Siya and I just can’t stop talking about books…It’s a part of me!

Books have been an entertainment factor me; for I have always had the love for reading and then it has become something that I lose myself away with; quietly for an hour or more whenever I had to … A tonic! An escapade! This is when I pick and re-read my favorites .. Here I go by a mix of authors and also titles in no particular order..
1. Nora Roberts – My all time favorite…  I have read most of her titles except some trilogy’s that I am not keen… I lose myself in her books… Complete escapade and as well I have learnt/implemented some life’s lessons from many of her titles!

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Cricket weekends

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have started again since the last few weeks with Yuvan continuing to do his coaching sessions and Sunday matched for his current team and friendlies for his current coach; which means our Saturdays and Sundays are so much filled with cricket – in a way good and in a way bad for me… But I am glad he is getting the exposure he needs and the joy of playing the game he loves to…

He has separate set of cricketing friends of his age and elder to him; form some kind of a special bond with the elder ones who take care of him when he plays under 13’s.., which is nice to see ..

He has showed improvement under the new coach and he is enjoying it!

What am I expecting in this as a mother apart from playing the game of cricket?
1. Discipline
2. Responsibility
3. Physical agility and fitness
4. Confidence and self belief

And I was able to spot all these when we went to try some other adventure sport and I was amazed by it .. I am happy and glad … That will be my next post though 🙂

Update:- Here it is… A climbing experience