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A Documentary… A Fact….A Reality

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Kombai TribeEver since i saw the Documentary on “Living with Kombai tribe ” on The Discovery Channel,wanted to blog on that..

A very interesting documentary,that took me by shock and surprise to find out how in this 21st century there are still tribes living in the remote rain forests in their own world of jungles!!!

The documentary show cases two of its DCh’s extreme travellers Mark n Olly trying to live with the Most unique Kombai tribes in the most remote rain forests!!!

It shows every inch of them right from the time they enter into the forest with a translator,how they struggle n convince the Tribe’s head to gain entry in to the Kombai’s territory.Initially..they were asked to make their own shelter in the territory ,which they manage with the make shift tents Mark n Olly had brought with them..After which they were taught many of their lifestyles still they were offered no food as they weren’t still  accepted by the Tribes fully as their own/guests…After a day, they were asked to live with the family of the Tribal head by the head himself…They learn to hunt rats for food,to make some type of molasses from a tree that they cut down …hear stories from the ladies,using their dog in hunting…

A interesting incident is that When the tribes cut the tree down,cutting is done by theMen and then all the work of peeling and making the molasses in to a eatable food ,filling and taking the necessary quantity,cleaning everything is done by the women..During this Mark n Olly offer to help the women …n u Shd watch the very natural giggle,shy smile n happiness on the faces of the Kombai women..

But i Shd tell u they are Beautiful!!!

Mark n Olly owe to themselves to shun every worldly thing without which v cant live, like Wrist watch,bedspread.etc one by one..n finally they achieve it!!!

The ultimate thing is that the Tribal head decides to adopt them as his sons in their own way  n arranges for a grand function for which a hut specially built ,next territory Kombai tribes invited, a kind of food made from the insects that reside in the fell down tree ,n so on…!!!  (shd watch the doc to see how Mark n Olly ‘s face expression changes when they were offered the insect alive to swallow as the first food after the adoption ceremony!!) And a Unique Private part cover made by the Tribes themselves are given to every man in the tribe ..Mark n Olly had already known abt it and they were very much aware if they are adopted they will have to wear it as well… This makes Mark n Olly feel uncomfortable n embarassed and they spend the night before the adoption day, thinking how they wd tackle it or wat wd happen to them on that issue…Finally the Tribes decide not to make one for them as they find it difficult…watch the doc for exact conversation.. 

And the Kombai Tribe are rumoured as the cannibal tribe..and in a conversation ,one of the Tribe..who happens to be the son of the Head tells Mark n Olly how he killed another territory guy for some reason!!!
  Cannot express my feelings..but its a worthy watch!!! Read here  abt the Kombai Facts!!!

 All the more, Its more than a worthy watch!!

Today i read an article in which researchers had produced pics of “Uncontacted tribes” taken from an airplane..

Very astounding…m spell bound..jus watch it n read it here n u will feel how I felt abt It!!

Medical Tourism…

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Medical tourism???

Wat does it mean?Itz been the buzz word for some years now as people started crossing  international borders to get the Best health care available around the globe!!!!

Wikepedia describes Medical tourism as ” Medical tourism (also called medical travel, health tourism or global health care) is a term initially coined by travel agencies and the mass media to describe the rapidly-growing practice of travelling across international borders to obtain health care ” Read more

Medical Tourism has grown leaps and bounds in India..Rt from the time I started working as a  BioMedical Engr 4 years back in a Leading Hospital In South India ,I have seen patients coming from all over the world..Developed countries like US,UK and countries Like Israel and our Neighbours Pakistanis ,Bangladeshis,Nepalis flock in to India for better medical care too!!!Not to forget are the patients from Middle east as well!

Have read touching stories from Parents of Pakistani Kids who are cured in India..and they talking abt the hospitality n care they recieved in India despite the ever rising tensions n conflicts between the ” once ONE” nation…(forget it it was before Aug 13th 1947..that is the day our Muslim brothers wish of wanting their own country was agreed and full filled by our Father of our Nation,Gandhiji…)

I greatly agree and have experienced always a better medical care n quick diagnosis Back In India. The reason logically being..India gets more patients as v are the second highest populated country n so the Number of different cases vary widely n the frequency of the same disease , diagnosis  but difft symptoms makes it a undoubted experience for the doctors…as the volume of patients grow!!!! and the facilities are amazing!!!

But Kudoos to the healthcare facilities in India!!!

A recent article says that Medical tourism is on the rise in India!

The Snippets are

  • With around one million tourists flocking to India for healthcare, a Rs 10,000 crore medical travel value expected by 2010, and a growth of 25% per year, medical tourism is booming like never before.
  • Union minister for tourism, Ambika Soni said the government is aggressively promoting India as a global healthcare destination to offer a holistic approach to health.
  • Seeing the huge potential in the sector, the government has also started issuing M (medical) visa to the medical patients, and MX visas to the spouse accompanying him, which are valid for a year.Two lakh medical tourists visited India last year, and the figure will grow by 50% this year.
  • India is being promoted as a healthcare destination in the ongoing ‘Incredible India campaign,’ being run by the tourism ministry.
  • availing medical services in India costs about a tenth of what it is in US, and one-sixth in UK.
  • India now offers the latest techniques such as robotic surgery, and gamma-knife treatment for brain tumours. The efficacy of treatment compares with that in the West, with the death rate from coronary bypasses at 0.8% compared to 2.35% in the US.


Childhood Memories rekindled!!!!!!!!!!

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It all started with the traditional cube puzzle that i bought for my lil cousin ..Each side of cube has a picture so you could assemble 6 different puzzles.And it can vary from objects to animals n story pics…and what i bought is story pics…



 When my cousin was playing with it back in India during my recent trip..My other cousin K who is 4 years younger to me visited me..
K ,my brother n me almost grew up together..and if its summer vacation the only place each other stay is at either of the homes n have had loads of fun at each other’s place as both our families are that close..

And those days..My Dad would  buy us every vacation -one – during the long two months summer vacation and  two -the short DEC holidays were the puzzles called “Tinker ” (see image) and the ever famous Lego which v famously call Blocks..The most fascinating thing during those holidays was to go n buy these Tinkers with My DAD n play with it all day n night!!!


The Tinker

The Tinker


And me n my brother n K were damn crazy abt the Tinkers and we had loads n loads and my Dad n his Dad buys a lot as the purchase is only during vacation…so v wd wait for these vacations jus to buy these tinkers on top of everything else…
v three wd even shun to ve food until v solve all these puzzles..

And the place where they used to sell these Quality Tinkers n Lego was abt 45 mts Bus ride from our place n wow..Wat a feeling it wd b in the 45 mts bus ride..Thinking n recollecting what all tinker collections we three have all together..(v never repeat…v always share so that v have as many tinker sets as possible…),what to buy?excited to see watz new? ….and then the 5 – 10 mts walk from the bus stop to the shop will b too much to handle..too excited jus to go to the shop n get the feel of new tinkers in the hand ..the feel of the fresh new pack of tinkers wd jus give us that extra happiness and satisfaction for the whole of the vacation!!!

So..coming back ,when K visited me when i was with my lil cousin..v both were jus looking at the cube puzzle unknowingly for abt 15 mts i believe n didn’t talk a word…then suddenly at the same moment v both looked into each otherz eyes..and our eyes were gleaming n both me n K sd at the same time ” was thinking abt our tinkers” and then we started our big stories on Tinkers to my Aunt..(my cousin’s Mom..) n time jus flew by..n we three were all gleam eyes ,already time zoned 15 years back!!! What a feeling!!!

I still remember my old tinkers on which the outer papers had peeled off after excessive solving n dissolving!!!
And wd u believe ,when i got married , me n my brother passed our tinker collection which we had kept it safely all those years to this same lil cousin n he still treasures it though its 20 years old now,only cos it was used by me, K n my brother n was passed to him!!!!

DO u have anything like this??


M Backkkk

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Hey alll…M Back in Singapore!!!

Very much at home!!!

Had a good flight back!!!!Yuvan behaved so well that he co-operated with me ,that i told him “Yuv,u need to co-operate with mommy…cos v are travelling alone n need to manage the baggages n check in alone n do co-operate with mom during the flight’ and he was !!!!Kudooss…

Lots to write in…

had a nice sleep yesterday..

Jus getting settled down back in..lot of vacumning,mopping,,re arranging the whole day!!!

Jus cant wait to blog …Lots more on the way..

On how Yuv literally enjoyed every bit of his first train journey (long distance Indian trains) and his actual first flight journey i shd say..cos the previous  4 trips he wd sleep the whole flight…but this time he enjoyed every bit of it n slept for jus 2 hours …

Lots n loads to write in…

From tomo….



Off to INDIA- lil nervous

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My Flight is tonite…will b in Chennai 22.45 IST

But i dunno m feeling lil nervous..the nervousness thats associated with my every trip to INDIA!!Shd b fyne…

My Fren is jus waiitng for me to touch down!!

will b blogging after a lil break from India!

Will b back in 15 days!!

SEE U ALL soon!

Praying for a safe and good flight!



Breast fed kids smarter?

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Breast fed kids are smarter than formula fed?
THis is something i have benn bumping on to on n on..and read this article on a study showing “breast fed kids are smarter”… yesterday.

Personally,being from India i have always believed that breast fed kids are more healthier,have more immunity towards diseases..forget diseases a properly breast fed kid seldom gets this common cold n far as i have noticed!!

I have breast fed Yuvan until he turned 1,means no formulas after i slowly introduced him to solids from 4 months…part from soilds his milk intake was Totally BF!! Yuvan hated formulas too..I dunno very weird he was …once i weaned him completely off…he took Formula…200 – 250 ml a day..split throughout the day!

Yuvan seldom gets this common cold n flu ,i have noticed..n he has the power to fight it off…since he is by birth has this environmental ezcema..he gets rashes at time..n being sensitive to enviro rough changes has got cold n cough..but not so often rt from day 1..touch wood!I believe it was cos he was breastfed!

But ..rt now i have seen n heard many ppl (Indians)not breast feeding (exclude the low secretion , other complications in which they are not advised to BF)for many reasons…rt from..” very troublesome..feeding her every now n then…” to stuborn ” i dont want to” from many of my generation Indians… both livign back home n abroad! M surprised n shocked though sometimes…cos the BF’g thing is in the blood of every Indian n the Family system out there back in India!!!!

But i have also seen mothers of all races who wnats to breast feed their kids until they are 1!!Kudoos!!


SO the highlights of the article..which u may find amazing as well wd compare with u are…

  • Children whose mothers breast-fed them longer and did not mix in baby formula scored higher on intelligence tests, the researchers in Canada and Belarus reported

          Mothers who breast fed are

  • Mothers who breast-feed or those who breast-feed longer or most exclusively are different from the mothers who don’t,”
  • They tend to be smarter. They tend to be more invested in their babies. They tend to interact with them more closely. They may be the kind of mothers who read to their kids more, who spend more time with their kids, who play with them more,”
  • The researchers measured the differences between the two groups using IQ tests administered by the children’s pediatricians and by ratings by their teachers of their school performance in reading, writing, math and other subjects.
    Both sets of scores were significantly higher in the children from the breast-feeding promotion group.
  • “It could even be that because breast-feeding takes longer, the mother is interacting more with the baby, talking with the baby, soothing the baby,”
  • These include fewer ear, stomach or intestinal infections, digestive problems, skin diseases and allergies, and less risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Chk this for all about breast feeding!!

Upbeat but Lil down under!

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Upbeat …???cos m flying to India day after tomo…n very eager  to meet my dearest buddy n spend some quality time with her!!

Lil down..cos from last Friday Yuvan is down with dry cough n cold..i had been giving him his paeds’ prescribed Bircanyl and Zyrtec…his cold subsided..dry cough not a great improvement!!he was not at school, these last two days!!so was busy with him being a playmate..classmate..friend,teacher n last but not least His MOM!!!

That’s why no posting since Last thursday!!

Finally took him to his pead..he told me that is cold is cos of Yuv’s environmental ezcema!!and changed his cold cough medicines to allergic cough n cold medines..n an antibiotic chewable tab!He had his doze of medicines n off to sleep now!!!

Looks better n will b goin to school today..he is missing  school a lot!! wanted to go today..he told..”amma ..sam coming..Ashaa (for AShwin)…

Did my lil India shopping..have planned my packing..but will b doing it tomo!! n off I go on Thursday for two weeks..

But i’m hoping that Yuvan’s cough shd get better…m very worried abt it!! as Its scorching hot In India as well now…

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!