Month: October 2009

What a Diwali…

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Belated Diwali wishes to all my Indian friends and for my non – Indian friends, here is what is all about….

Now to all about my Diwali,this year… I should confess that this has been the best diwali or to be more precise a satisfying diwali, I have had in the recent years

Though its fun being in India for Diwali,it always comes as a package the good n the bad…

Eash flew in from Bkk jus for two days.. I think this lifted up mine and Yuvan’s spirits… Me n Yuv went shopping ,the previous week to buy new clothes for Eash,Yuv and Me… I had a top that i liked soo much from Pepper Plus.. And I Bought sweets the same week.. I long back stopped making it at home,as none of  us have a sweet tooth…worse..Eash n Yuv can jus eat one for the sake of me making it….

Eash gave me a scare on FRiday evening on the eve of diwali…,when we were getting ready to go to airport that he is in the middle of the one of the worst traffic jams that keeps happening in BKK ,that he may miss the flight.thanks to his fren Ray,the motorbike Taxi, n then the normal taxi,he reached airport jus in time before the gate closed… but… after he boarded the flight,the flight was delayed by 1 hr.. n he reached Singapore by 12.30 instead of 11.30 and diwali dawned for us in the waiting lounge … But it was great that he finally made it to Singapore

Yuvan was so thrilled to have eash back n his funky alien remote controlled car/Vehicle (???? ) … We woke up pretty late on the diwali morning (expected as we came from airport n slept by 3 am – which is the time normally people wake up in India to burst crackers on the Diwali day )..

Yuvan had a great start,right after brushing his teeth,he had the sweet .. I was shocked.he cna’t even eat cake… but he ate a sweet… The after the shower ,we had prayers at home, then crackers time… n for a change we 3 had a good breakfast… Lunch was much more a family affair..3 of us…. and I passed lunch n sweets to dear fren B..

Then for a change, instead of me having guests around as always, we  were invited for dinner at our closest frens place…. we had a very good time…n v left early ,so that me n Eash can take a night out.. any guesses on yuvan… yeah he happily agreed to sleep over n his fren Sam’s place,,, thanks a ton BHony…

Me n Eash had a great time.. its only we two… had fun… really enjoyed every moment of it 🙂 we needed this 🙂

And that was my diwali…

And not to forget the wishes that came our way  🙂

One of my most satisfying Diwali’s ever 🙂

Here are a few pics


So much in my mind

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emoteThere are a lot of things going on.. and I had a day at Yuvan’s school ,with lot of confrontations… but the management listened to the parent’s view.. so looking forward to see some results…

My Nokia under warranty konked off again after coming back from a LCD change two weeks back… I have set my mind.. My next mobile will not be Nokia.. al through these years I haven’t used another Brand …. hmmm have to go to Nokia again.. Hmmmm…

So much in my mind that i feel like i need a sleep therapy… so must go to bed soon today… also as Yuvan has to go for his concert practice at school at 8.45 am…Hmmm

I wanna write a lot… But I want my posts to be positive.. so this is enough for the day.. happy that i spilled it here…


back … for goodd..

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Now I have come to conclusion that I should be Back to blogging atleast to keep myself occupied..myself free and to be myself….

Yuvan does a lot of  Talks that are shocking me… surprising me.. and sometimes astonishes me.. So m gonna start a new tag called “Yuv’s talk ” which would be easy to archive…

Yuvan’s Children’s day Celebrations at school Was initially themed Beary party  But later was told though the theme is teddy bear…can wear any favourite cartoon Tee..Yuvan wore a new Mickey Tee which eh loved:)

here are a few pics 🙂

At Home all ready 🙂


Another pose:)


The teddy he carried … The one which Eash bought for me when he went to France:)


Pose on the way 🙂


Yuvan and Sam In the Bus 🙂


The balloons from the party…


Yuvan and Sam With Bhony ( Sam’s Brother)


The gift he got from his school and the teddy he carried for the party