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Knowing you are blessed

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when you are exposed to realities either directly or indirectly is such an eye-opener and off-course inspiration.

During one of the sessions I attended, there was a little photo that showed how children in one of the country waited well into midnight for people to arrive with books so that they can read!!!

I teared !!

Also it gives you a positive inspiration to know that there are people and organizations who do it with their own time and money !!

Knowing you and your family are blessed is immense!! And I am thankful for that to God!!

Reassurances are purely inspirational !

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I have had the opportunity to attend the AFCC this year through work. Though I have been carefully choosing and attending the seminars that would help in my profession as this conference has been sponsored for me by my employers, there have been definite little rays of inspiration and reassurances all the way here and there strongly from a personal perspective!

The very first lot of seminars I attended were about different spectrum’s of blogging and it’s connect to the ever-changing social media.  It was more enjoyable  and made it more joyful as I blog too. The speaker asked ‘How many of you CAN’T put a book down once you pick it up and start reading it?’ Mine was not one of those hands that went up though I seriously love reading anywhere and everywhere. I come from a different school of thought. The next question was “‘How many of you CAN put down a book after  reading a few pages and deciding that it’s not what you like to read?” And Yes, I was the very first to put up my hands. The speaker said “Don’t worry, I am with you”. Yes, though am an avid reader, though I have a set of authors I like, though I can read any book that appeals to me,  I CAN put down any book after a few pages if it doesn’t appeal to me. That shows the passionate reader in me who wants to connect to my reading. Reading is passionate for me. And so is writing!

That was reassurance number 1 that it’s OK to do so 🙂

I have been blogging for 5 years now and I have taken blogging breaks purely unintentional because of a lot of reasons – no time to blog as I get too consumed with other things that happen around me and yes, I do have a life:) ; no inspiration to write etc;  And I am an instinctive blogger and not a scheduling blogger, so I do not have a schedule or structure for my blog. I have always thought my blog reflects me and it’s OK to change as I grow, as my interests change. Though I have been paranoid about my blogging breaks during my initial stages of blogging, I have learnt and come to accept and reason it to myself and I am content about my way of blogging.

And that was reassurance number 2. I was so much able to connect to the speaker’s (Stephanie Su) views about blogging and talking about whether it is essential to market your blog (where I differ from many current bloggers and their approach and off course no offence here as everyone has their own view and opinion about it), though the speaker was mainly a book blogger.

It was a great way to have started the week. That was an opportunity to tell myself “I am an instinctive blogger. I am blogging primarily because I love writing.I do it from my heart!”

Something along the way has rekindled my deepest aspiration!  Having met and heard lot of them who are basically writers, my thought to become one has come alive again:), which may or may not work in the longer run, I may or may not become one! The closest I have come across giving a voice to my aspiration is once when I told E that I would like to work  a book!!

Though  many of closest friends and others who have read my blog have suggested me the idea, I have never really approached with bit more seriousness…. Hmmm may it’s time to give a thought??

The science journey

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began for Yuvan very early ever since he started showing interest in typical boys stuff like astronomy, space, dinosaurs etc.

But I have really not been teaching him. It’s all the knowledge he acquired through reading many books, watching his very own cartoon channels and national geographic channel, discovery channel and animal planet.

The last week or so I was wondering to help and channeling his interest in science (Yuvan typed the following continuation –in a much more harder way so that he can master it.) and probably do a more structured teaching.

Off we went to the newly renovated the awesome kids library and has borrowed books to understand completely about our first two areas of interest

  • Plants
  • Animals

But I know he is already been fascinated about anything related to space and dinosaurs. We started a conversation today (11/05/2013) while we were traveling in the train, about the Earth, Sun, Moon and the revolution, light years, how day and night happens etc. I always believe to teach/impart knowledge as much as possible when the kids show very keen interest. And these bursts of interest could happen anywhere and anyhow. And so it was one of them and we touched on stars and the nine planets too..

I taught him my very close to heart way to remember the planets which I learned from my Primary school science teacher. And that is ‘My Very Efficient Mom Just Served Us Nine Pancakes’ – Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto!!! I believe this is very universal and tweaked to suit the regions!!!

I am glad that we have made a start!! And it has to be a slow and steady game with not too much information in a single conversation or session.

A start made is more important !! 🙂

Silence (Patience) is virtue

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I have realized this many a times in my life but never have been able to hang on to it for many a reasons. The reasons include me talking at a wrong time rather to term it as ‘not right time to talk’, being worked up emotionally to the brim, blame game, off course bottled up anger and thinking too much.

I used to be an anger-monger until I was in grade 9 to the extent that I got scared about myself and there was a day that I changed completely after a very inner feel about things but until now I cannot explain or do not know how. But, ever since I have been a changed person.

And again, after soo many years, now, there comes a time when I have realized I have to look at life in a different positive perspective for everyone’s goodness and I have also realized patience is virtue and my anger, emotional hurt all will have to take a back seat and realization needs to kick in! Will I win this emotional battle with myself? It should be a ‘Yes’

I have never written about these kind of feelings ever in my blog (may be very early sometime? – I don’t remember..) I am making it a point to write it here for few reasons
1. I want to get to grips with this and be positive.
2. To tell myself my priority is Yuvan and my family, as it always has been and I donot want to jeopardize the same.
3. To tell myself I want to keep Yuvan happy for all that he is — touch wood!
4. I want to be able to come to this very own space of mine where I have committed to be a sane person with positivism in life, so that I can reassess and reassure myself.

Like my being connected rationalization and realization; I really hope I can do the same in ‘Silence is virtue’ too.. And this is very very important for me and my very own two boys in my life and I have to do this for a lot of reasons known only to myself. And at this point, I am taking a deep breath, hoping and believing that all is well and everything will be alright.

Update on being connected —

Not good — I have been logging in web Facebook definitely more than once — which I am not happy with myself.

Good– I have not updated anything on Facebook. The impulsiveness to know otters reactions has reduced tremendously.

So am I making progress? Yes, but I have to buck up!

Random acts of appreciation

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and kindness goes a long way in making someone’s day. And there are at least a few that happened to me over the last few weeks and I am thankful and grateful for that. The first two of them are here…

1. I knew Yuvan likes to read this(my) blog often. But I have never had an opportunity to capture his emotions like below previously. It made me feel so happy!! After all, when the hero of your blog reads and loves your blog, won’t you feel happy??

2. Last week, I had a crazy week at work though I enjoyed doing every bit of it. My Colleague P went to Delifrance (our favourite lunch place we frequent once in 10 days) without me to take away food and came back with something else too!!
When I opened the Delifrance pack and found this at about 7 pm…. It was a great feeling 🙂


There are other very impressive acts to write about too but that has to wait till next weekend though:)

Being connected !!

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But how much is the question!

Lately I have realized that being connected or being available to be connected is turning out to be so much of an issue mentally and it exhausts me too. And that also means I warrant to be affected mentally and emotionally with no fault of mine.

And the time spent scrolling up and down the smart phone and getting to know what is happening in others life and letting others know what’s happening in our life is nothing but stalking. Sometimes people try to connect to your posts and/or comments, which may not have been meant for them and vice versa. The funniest thing is when people react to the same thing, on social media in response, which drives me crazy!!

Do I need to go through this after all? And where does all this stand in my priority queue?

Finally I did ask myself, ‘Is this smart phone saga combined with social networking taking its toll on me?’ The answer, ‘Recently, Yes!!’

Does that mean I dislike using smart phone? Absolutely not!! It now boils down for me to use The Smart Phone, very smartly! E.g I am writing this post using my WordPress mobile app!!, which helps me as writing is my passion! I need apps like taxi booking and street directory as well.. I like to read news from around the world, our region and India! So after all it’s not bad!, though at times I reminisce about having a mobile phone through which I can JUST send/receive texts and calls.

Being disconnected and detached needs practice!! I know it’s a timely realization and better late than never to get grips on my gadgety digital life, though I have always tried not to share personal albums, not many check-ins etc. I know am not addicted but definitely need some channelizing, to be happy!

The most important thing that I always tell myself is, ‘If anything or anyone disrupts my priorities i.e my family and my life, it requires to be re-prioritised or limited.’ After all it’s my life which revolves around the two boys in my life and my family:)

In this case, have I re-prioritized? Have I taken the first few steps towards getting a grip? Yes, I have taken the baby steps… What did I do today?

1. Deleted Facebook mobile app
2. Decided will use the web version once a day. (I almost achieved it today but used it thrice.. But I can feel an amazing difference in myself .. A sense of peace…)
3. Will work towards using it once a week (let me achieve once a day first !! )
4.Turned off all notifications including banner pop ups except for the very essential ones that includes just my messages, calls and ichangi (with Eash’s frequent travels this app goes to my essential list) and offcourse taxi booking.
5. Reorganized/deleted apps that I don’t want to use or have not been using at all.
6. My Facebook friends spring cleaning will continue but more often!

Do I think it’s a big change? Do I feel good? A definite yes for a first day trial and I feel at peace..and will be a big step towards getting to grips plus something that would save me from all the exhaustion and emotional trauma…

Let me see how I can fare through the weekend!! 🙂 I shall survive without  self-controlled access all this!!

My little helper..

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My helper has started having her off days to do some course starting two weeks ago. I was mentally prepared for it though I had doubts on Yuvan’s helping skills and attitude which were put to use much more than now and honed before we had a full time helper!

The day arrived and we were up early to catch up some work and I was simultaneously cooking breakfast and lunch. And Yuvan came up and asked for a break and I said ‘Yes’. And guess what he did ???

Pictures speak more than words!! Love you Yuvan for this and I hope you stay the same !!