Month: January 2011

Elements of the Story

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I have always wondered and wanted to test  Yuvan, when he  reads a story how far he has understood it and how he could narrate and write it in his words.

When I was searching for something similar over the internet , I chanced upon ‘ Elements of a story ‘ .

It normally is split as  –

  • Title
  • Author
  • The characters in the story
  • Starting of the story
  • Sequence of the story
  • End of the story
  • Theme or Moral

So, the above , can be interpreted /written in equivalent key words too.

And I also Included a page called  ‘ New vocabulary sighting sheet ‘

where Yuvan has to find atleast two words which is new  to him and that he doesn’t exactly know what it means.

So I asked him to find the meaning  of those words from his Kids dictionary – which was as a set of  5 children’s encyclopedia, which has lots of pictures , depiction and simpler meaning for the children to understand.

This set of books I bought In India a year back, in a street sale. Amazing BUY:)

And I also used a “1000 Times word dictionary” , which I actually found in a second’s sale in Singapore, which is really in a very good condition and spent  just

SGD 2 on it , a year back.:)

Actually, it can be made more interesting , if we could get the child to write what he thinks as the meaning of the word for the ones in the new vocabulary list  and then look up and write the actual meaning and also try to frame a sentence using the new word.

I suggest to use one page stories revolving around 100-150 words for this story elements exercise for a 5 year old, as it rather gets them interested rather than making it tedious  🙂

I put to use one of the many books which Yuvan normally buys crazy whenever we go to India on vacation.

The Story we did was from the above book , titled ” The Fox and the crow ‘

And we did as below,

The Vocabulary we looked into this time using Word lookup , as the kids dictionary didn’t have exactly what I was looking for in it…

He looked up for

  • Flattered
  • Settled

Yuvan loved to do this 🙂

And it solves so many purposes/ gets the child involved in many exercises in one work

1. Reading

2. Understanding and framing sentences on their own

3.Writing skills


5. How to use a dictionary


Chinese New Year Project

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I Know I have not blogged yet about Yuvan turning 5 🙂

Yuvan was given an assignment to do some Chinese new year project along with the parent and bring it to school…

I googled and wanted to do a little simpler thing, but a good one and I found out this  called Mini Red packet lantern door decor.

I found the below  links to make mini lantern and made use of Red creative paper instead of  Hang Bao (Red packet) because the Redpack  I bought had a central merged Golden rabbit on it, so the cutting was not possible .

and made a lantern chain that resembles as below in the link

Here are the pictures taken while we were doing it…

Yuvan’s Idea for Eash – Kids Talk

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This conversation that happened yesterday between me , Eash and Yuvan has compelled me write in here after a long break..

We were on our way to dine – out yesterday, when I was suggesting to Eash that I could see his grey hair and He should color it much better next time …

Then Yuvan goes like ” Mom.. I have an idea for Appa( Dad ‘
Me : what is that /
Yuvan :Let’s color Appa’s hair purple with SPIKES and
it will look SUPER … what do you say ?
ME n Eash went laughing and Giggling

I am at times so surprised with lot many inquisitive thoughts on so many things that are so spontaneous 🙂

The 5 year old of mine keeps throwing surprises every single day!