Month: November 2009

Notes notes.. thats important

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Lots of stuffs…

1. I started a new blog for Yuvan… which would run parallel with this blog.. where m gonna record more of Yuvan.. sometimes the content may be same here n there…

Here i go is the LInk… it was a long thought after one… But finally i did it.. Ya-H-oooo

Yuvan mellows

2. And theres another blog propping up on preschool learning journey..which will be helpful to parents as well me as M gonna use it as my teaching archive…

And m doing this with my food Blog partner and my best Friend B… And my food blog… Endless experiments is more active and happening now with my new fren on Board C,contributing a lot and B trying to get back in to her writing groove…  so have a look…

3. Yuvan’s annual Day musical concert was last week.. and he played Jelly Fish in the themed concert “The greatest love of all…” – The concert was very impressive and the way they presented it… n I enjoyed every other kid performing… so cute in their own ways.. so adorable 🙂 all the kiddos….

I was very blur in a way on how Yuvan would perform…… though he had a full dress rehearsal..whether he will perform in front of the full audience or will he stand still..which is quite common.. But something also told me that he will perform as he basically loves dancing and he is a very social kid.. but I was very blank..,to be very frank

I was waiting for him to perform.. with my fren B accompanying me as Eash couldn’t be back in Singapore for his concert…

And there he came n surprised us.. he performed… and he enjoyed himself a lot,..which was confirmed when we saw the close up shots taken  🙂

he didn’t forget his steps.. though co-ordination in his group was not that great… he enjoyed himself nad performed… and to the surprise of everyone.. before the lights dimmed after his performance.. he did say  “yeeeeeeeeee ” and the whole crowd giggled… wat a moment… and then his teacher told me that after every practice they do that n he did that on the stage n she was all praises for Yuvan.. 🙂

here’s the link on my flickr… Yuvan’s concert pics

4. Tomo is Yuvan’s parent’s teacher’s meeting after his early promotion to K1 this september.. his first PTM is still in my drafts…. will do it together tomo 🙂

5.Yuvan’s 4th Birthday is coming up.. he will be having it a week early with his classmates as he wants to celebrate in his school… on the last school working day of the year 20th Nov 🙂

And we have planned to take him out on his birthday after a temple visit,.. its jus gonna be us 3 on his birthday.. n then a small closest frens get together at home on Wednesday night… Food will be cooked at me n B 🙂

His birthday on 26th :)How time flies.. Our little one is gonna turn 4 !!!!!!!!! there are more reasons for me to hit my blog so often.. hope I continue…. 🙂