Month: January 2014

Honesty is the best policy

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and I am glad that Yuvan has followed it even during his first interview 🙂 I should admit I admired his honesty and his answers.. Few questions and answers I managed to extract from him of the interview session .. (Not in any order and he remembered/recollected only these ..)

Q1:- Do you know anyone who is your friend and a Prefect?

Yuvan:- I know someone who is a Prefect, but she is not my friend but my friend’s sister.. (Very straight forward.. He he he) She is always there at the Parade Square guiding young children and reminding them not to run.

Q2:- Do you know what are the duties of a Prefect?
Yuvan:- Not really, but I think it’s like what my friend’s sister is doing ..

Q3:- Do you mind doing those duties ?
Yuvan:- No, I don’t mind ..

Next is the classic of all 🙂

Q4:- Have you ever been late to school?

Yuvan:- Yes, in P2 I was late by few minutes may be 5 times.. P1 may be 3 times.. But this year P3 I come quite early everyday !

I really admire the child in you Yuvan!

First interview for Yuvan!

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It all started last Thursday with his teacher wanting to talk to me when I had made arrangements to pick him up early .. My first thoughts were, ‘hmmm… What did he do?’ The teacher came down and told me, ‘Hi! Yuvan has been nominated for Prefect.. But the consent form should be returned tomorrow.. Since you are going away, I thought I can speak to you and get the consent form signed!’ (Actually, I was impressed with her, as she made that effort !)


I was definitely happy as was Yuvan! I was happy because Yuvan has shown that quality of being in charge; without dominating others; as it is a tricky thing to establish. I am glad he has that in him to be a good leader! On a side note:- We have been telling him to be gentle, speak more positively and basically showing the right attitude at all times for the past few weeks.. So I told him, ‘Itz great you have won yourself a nomination.. But this also is the right time to correct the flaws that me and appa has been mentioning to you…’

His teacher also said not to prepare anything for the interview; but just be himself.. Again good impression as that’s what I would have wanted him to be too…

All I told Yuvan was ‘I am happy for you.. Being nominated is itself good..Just be yourself during the interview .. Enjoy and learn from the experience.. If you get selected, yes good.. If you don’t, it’s ok.. It’s not bad either!’

We still don’t know the outcome but to be very frank the expectations and thoughts about it are nil. All that matters is that he enjoyed his first interview experience and I see it as yet another opportunity for him to be reassured; self confident and yes, an opportunity to learn and correct mistakes!

Yuvan’s first reaction showed it all, ‘Yes!! Yes!!’

Yuvanz first poem/song —– good and bad!

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I stumbled upon the below paper when I was checking his homework file;in which he dumps every single sheet of paper he gets from school ..


My first question was ‘what song is this?’ He answered me, ‘I actually wrote it!’ I went, ‘ahhh???????’ He replied back, ‘reallyyyyy’

Me:– who is this neighbor girl ? The girl who sits next to you in class?

Yuvan:- no no! really our neighbor .. Ma, the little girl who lives two doors away..

Me:- do you think you can write like this about someone ? Is it good?

Yuvan:- she always irritates me (the fact he thinks girls play dumb games except his good girl buddies R n E, has played a part)

Me:- see, I am happy you wrote a song .. But the background attitude is what I don’t like.. Have positive vibes and attitude please .. You can’t think about her like this.. She probably just wants to play with you ..

Yuvan :- ok, I got it ma!

This whole thing made me see a creative Yuvan who could write a possible song .. I like the way he paced and phrased the same .. But I really felt bad for the little girl.. I think she has been really trying hard to be friends with Yuvan for quite some time now… But on the other side, I didn’t like the not so positive feeling from Yuvan towards this girl ..

So, I had to give my two cents on the whole episode though I burst out laughing in the washroom.

On a side note, he said he wrote this when he had 10mins break in school where the teacher said that they can either read, colour, do puzzles or whatever.. but have to be quiet! So he decided to take a piece of paper and write this song …

Mummy’s note to Yuvan
Yuvan ! It’s good you can write something like this at 8 but I would have been more happy if the situation was something better and nicer !

A Breezy Evening …

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Was what we experienced yesterday after contemplating ‘Where to go?’ .. It’s one of our usual hang outs but I had never done the relaxing walk and lazing around on the park bench over looking the reservoir(lake) in Punngol.. It’s close to home and the crowds are not maddening but family friendly is what we had always liked about this place..

Mom enjoyed this simple breezy evening as Yuvan cycled. I told myself that I should try and do this more often with Yuvan 🙂





We finished off the visit with a simple dinner at Frenzie but told myself (again) to eat at Uncle Leong’s next time 🙂

A mother and a daughter

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is the phase I know I have been living for the past 8 years but whenever my mom visits me here it’s a completely new experience altogether!

Every time she had come I had needed her moral support and this time is no different.. In the hind sight I should say thanks to my brother who is managing all alone with his two kids.. Sasha and Shadow..No! No my bro is not married yet but they are his dogs 🙂

After what I would say had been an emotional roller coaster for the past month or more, it feels good to have mom at home and I feel emotionally content.. A good 26 more days that I can use to get back to myself!!

Love you ma for what you have been to us and you are to us.. On a lighter note, I have always wondered how you have handled two gemini’s at home 🙂

We have had our serious ups and downs but you have stood my me whatever nonsense I have done!! Love you ma!! And yes Hugs to you Bro!

A Journal

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is what I had been asking Yuvan to start writing for the last 2 years… but though we made a start twice it didn’t materialize! I know why and I didn’t push it as he was trying to get into the habit partly for me and but not whole-hearted for him. And so, we left it at it…

BUT, this year when we were out, we had this conversation;

Yuvan: ‘Do you think I can buy a journal – may be the Diary of a Wimpy kid notebook?’

Me: So, Whats’ your plan?

Yuvan: I think I want to start writing a journal now…

Me: Will you do it often? I don’t want to buy and then you would never start on it…

Yuvan: Sure ma!

Me: Ok, you can take a look at the other options at popular at the DOWK journal is expensive and it’s just for the cover…

(hoping that Yuvan would start..)

collagejournalAnd, yesterday was the day he started on it and he seems to plan to write everyday 🙂

And I am sooo happy that he is doing this for reasons that includes my wish of writing one when I was young and never materialised; he would have his very space to scribble which I feel is something great for anybody!

And I really hope he continues it not only for me but also for him as it will become an immense invaluable keepsake of memories for him too

Having to being!

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That’s the transition today.. Two years ago, he had a buddy to help him get used to the school and today he will be the buddy to help a P1 student .. How time flies…

After a series of ‘whether my alarm will ring’ ‘will I hear when my alarm rings’ ‘will I accidentally snooze’ ‘will I wake up to the alarm’, we have finally seen off the day one ! A routine start is much needed to keep you on the toes and I am glad we did that today!!

I think I am going to take a week to get used the academic and school routine.. Feels like I have had a loooong break!!

Done the pep talk to Yuvan.. I can see tell-tale signs of him growing up!! All the best and may we achieve your goal together with the divine strength too ..