Month: February 2010

A Big Milestone

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I really don’t know why I take breaks in blogging for no reason… and it has happened many a times.. so whats wrong with me .. Good that M back …

I am happy and as well in a way feel weird as a mom, because my Little son has moved out to his own domicile.. tricky…???? yes!!!! He has started sleeping in his own room… which is actually our Third bedroom…  Why not the second.. ? cos our home is a  “child friendly  room in room master bedroom n child bedroom layout…”

But he chose to sleep in a separate  bedroom… moved out all his stuff from his child bedroom  to ” his ” own room… his toys, his writing-table and desk ,his books … and started sleeping in the bedroom, for the last two days… And to be precise, It was me n E who felt really uneasy the first day he slept on his own.. we kept checking on him…

Now I am really ok with it and happy that he is on his own…

I keep both of our room doors partially open, keep the bedroom lights ON  in both the rooms . And the big advantage is  once m up after a while he gets up  earlier than his usual time,which is a big bonus for me on the time front…

So ultimately,Yuvan is growing up! And is a major Milestone !

and happy about it:)

Practical science – Life cycle of a plant

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Yes… Practical science for a Kindergartener..

I have thought for long to do something practical at home that he could learn from.. one of the ideas was growing a small plant from the seeds… But I benched the  idea for so long… and it happened so that last week ,when I taught Yuvan about the Plants and how a plant grows from a seed to seedling and then to a plant with the help of sunlight and water… ,Yuvan asked me  ” Shall we do it at home?” That was the moment and the benched idea of mine came back to existence…

And since he was not ready to wait until I would go and buy a pack of sand ( is the word right ?)… we went downstairs to bring back home some of it and he helped me to collect some and he was so excited..

And then here is how it went.

1.I used 2 use and throw cups and fill half of it with the sand ( red) .. and used the Mustard seeds in one and the the bean seed in another… and watered… But forgot to take the day 1 pic….

2.And after 2 days he could see the seedling.. the ones which has not grown into a plant and then few remained at it and only two managed to branch out….

3.You could see both the seedling stage and the branched out ones in the same cup ( in which the bean seeds were sowed… ) The leaves looked awesome…

And here is how the mustard seeds grew into a small tiny plants…

4.And one day after it branched out he and as well me forgot to water it and the mustard seed plants were about to wilt.. and Yuvan was almost in tears and he watered immediately and after say about 5 hours it bounced back into life 🙂

And he insists me to bring the plant downstairs and keep in the sunlight and to my question of why he did tell me ” the sunlight is not enough here amma ” *** Faint**

And so the functions and parts of the plant and what  it needs to grow and how from a seed to a plant is etched in Yuvan’s mind… So the practical science  works..


I intend to continue posting more on the learning series which I will file under Learning – Science,Math,English ..whichever category it falls into.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pic.. as My digicam breathed its last and M waiting to buy a new one… and can’t be relying on Eash to use his professional gear always that too when I need to take the picture immediately.. so the pics will be from my mobile phone ,until I buy my new camera 🙂

The Love for Reading….

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I am a member of the Walter reading club on facebook and received this today… Absolutely remarkable this write up is ..I want to share it here.. All the mom’s can do a self check and improve and change if required, because I believe in “Better Late than Never “!!!

Here it goes…

Children who enjoy books make better readers and better overall students. Take our quiz to learn whether you’re doing all you can to raise a book lover.

1. How many books are in your child’s room?
a. Less than the number of shoes in my closet.
b. None; books are shelved in the family library.
c. Approaching the number in our public library’s children’s section.

1. The best answer is c. Your should immerse your child in books and have a variety at hand for whenever he’s in the mood to read. Keeping books in your child’s room, along with toys and games, will reinforce reading as a fun activity. If you don’t want to spend money on new books, shop at used-book stores or stock up weekly at the library.
2. What do you usually do when your child has free time?
a. Read together for a while, then have him read or flip through books alone.
b. Encourage him to go play alone so you can have some time to yourself.
c. Suggest that he watch a video.

2. The best answer is a. Encourage your child to read whenever he has some downtime or is bored. You may face some tough competition from the television set, but try at least to set aside some time every evening for books. Reading with your child is a great way to share a fun experience and to introduce your child to more challenging material. Try to spend part of the time reading to your child, and if he’s able, also encourage him to read alone.
3. When do you read books?
a. After my child is asleep; it’s the only quiet time I have all day.
b. I don’t have time to read.
c. In front of my child, whenever I can.

3. The best answer is c. Your child wants to be just like you. If you read in front of him and keep novels and books around the house, your child will want to read too.
4. When was the last time you took your child to the library?
a. It’s been so long I can’t remember.
b. Last week.
c. Sometime during the last three months or so.

4. The best answer is b. Take regular trips to the library, as often as your child wants to (within reason, of course). It’s a good way for him to try out new books and authors, and it’s free! If you take regular trips, you can also check bulletin boards for upcoming library events such as story times and book clubs. Make your child feel like a regular, and get him a library card in his own name.
5. If your child only wanted to read or look at comic books, what would you do?
a. Say no and encourage a quality book instead.
b. Say, “Great!” and buy more of them.
c. Agree to a few comic books per week as long as my child reads other books, too.

5. The best answer is c. Your job is to make reading fun and to teach your child to love books. If comic books are doing the trick, by all means encourage them, but continue to offer more challenging reads, too. Eventually you’ll hit on something that’s as appealing to your child as the comics.
6. What do you do when your child picks out books that are too difficult?
a. Say that the book is too advanced and put it back on the shelf.
b. Read the book quickly to my child, skimming over hard words and advanced concepts, and then move on to easier books.
c. Read the book with my child, explaining the hard words and discussing the story as we go.

6. The best answer is c. Encourage your child to try any book that’s interesting, even if it seems too difficult. You can always read these more difficult books to your child. Take the opportunity to introduce new words, and discuss the story as you go to make sure your child comprehends it.
7. If your child wants to hear the same story over and over again and you’re losing your mind, what do you do?
a. Pretend to lose the book.
b. Read it as often as my child wants to hear it but suggest other books as well.
c. Tell my child I’ll read the book only once a week.

7. The best answer is b. Children who are learning to read like repetition, rhymes, and word patterns, and they love to hear books repeatedly. Indulge them. This repetition helps your child memorize the story, which is an important part of learning to read. Encourage your child to finish some of the sentences in the book or to “read” entire passages from memory.
8. If your child doesn’t feel like reading, what do you do?
a. Require at least 30 minutes of reading a night, no matter what.
b. Take my child to the library and bookstore to look for books that appeal to his interests.
c. Let it go and figure the problem will take care of itself.
d. I don’t ever have this problem — my child loves to read.

8. The best answer is b. Your child may be avoiding books because he hasn’t found any that engage him. Show him that reading can provide information about whatever he’s interested in — dinosaurs, cars, fairy godmothers, movie stars, magic tricks — and he’ll be turning pages in no time! A child who doesn’t love books and reading may have problems in school down the road, so don’t ignore his lack of interest. You should also consider having his eyesight checked. Vision problems can make reading frustrating.
9. Which of the following best describes your child’s favorite book?
a. It’s falling apart because we read it every night.
b. I don’t know. My child does most of his reading at school, not at home.
c. It’s at the library. I don’t want my child to read the same book over and over at home.

9. The best answer is a. If you’ve been reading to your child since he was a baby, you should have a couple of books that are well worn by now (Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar, for example, is a favorite of 1-year-olds and kindergartners alike). Because memorization is an important part of learning to read, you should continue to read old favorites until your child says he’s had enough.
10. How often do you read with your child?
a. Once a week or less.
b. Wherever and whenever he wants to.
c. One hour every night, whether he wants to or not.

10. The best answer is b. Reading should be part of everyday life, and you should try to make room for it in your child’s daily routine with a book or two just before bedtime, say, or right after dinner. But don’t force your child to read if he’s not in the mood. Reading should be fun, not a chore or assignment.

This was written by Jay Koh,Walter Reading Club.

I am reproducing this and this is not my original write up as I want to share this with you, who may not be the member of this reading club 🙂

Top 10 Things Mums get irritated….

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Early in the morning , I bumped into the article in Times of India on a survey conducted on this…. ie Top 10 things Mums get irritated…

I want to know how many of you agree with how many points here….

Here are the highlights of the article…

The research by found that mothers were also irritated with overflowing bins, urine on the toilet seat, and tissues left in pockets in the washing machine.

Mums already have enough to do without cleaning up after dad and the children.

“It would make life so much easier, and the housework would get done so much faster, if other family members chipped in and tidied up after themselves.

” are taken completely for granted, and because of this they find themselves ”mothering” everyone who lives in the house, including dad,”

The survey also shows 36 per cent of mothers detest picking up the phone to find they are on the end of an automated call.

A third say they hate to see crumbs in the butter and the same percentage are left fuming by shoes left in the hallway.

Fathers are criticised for leaving a room and not turning off the lights, leaving curtains closed when they are the last out of bed and failing to rinse hair from the bath.

And men are also accused of shaving over the sink then leaving the bristles there, dumping muddy shoes outside the back door, and failing to wake up in the middle of the night when the kids start crying.

Children are also at fault, with mothers holding them responsible for storing dirty cups and mugs in their bedrooms and leaving toys scattered over the floor.

Other annoying habits include narrow shopping aisles, finding the toothpaste squeezed in the middle instead of the end and a lack of “me time”.

“This poll shows it isn”t just household chores which annoy mums,”

The survey on 3000 mothers also showed that failing to refill the toilet roll holder, leaving the toilet seat up and finding empty cartons and boxes in the back of the cupboard or fridge, can be major causes of irritation.

“These irritations might seem small and insignificant to other people, but when mums find themselves doing absolutely everything for their families, the endless list of tasks soon starts to grate,” the Scotsman quoted Kathryn Crawford, of the website, as saying.

The link from Times of India on this article is here

Anyone on the take ? My male readers ..m curious of what u got to say now….