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Learning !

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Yuvan has shown lot of interest in fact books about animals , birds n other things which i bring from Library /let him choose..

But by chance,since his theme of the term is sea creatures and he has been asking lot of questions about shark ,I thought i would find one on the Internet.then stumbled upon a video..

But not soo great..but informative…
But from then (yesterday) he has been asking to find out shark video… n i stumbled upon this beautiful site of national geographic which ahs videos for kids which are many and so useful and informative

here is the link…

NGC Kids

M very sure it will be very handy n useful for all the mommies…

And from yesterday, I have a small idea to start a separate blog… posting different short a place of facts n videos useful for kids topic by topic.. what do u say girls.. kind off preschool Yuvan grows up…like regarding the topics he’s interested and learning form the school syllabus and outside the school syllabus… any feedbacks???

Song Sharing Sunday

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This is a Song which is one of my all time favourites..First because of music n Lyrics. Second cos of Sharukh Khan – The King Khan…. THE HERO

Music by the Oscar winning AR RAHMAN

M posting this for the song sharing sunday hosted by my dear friend Angeline 

Though itz in my mother tongue hope u can get the feel..i couldn’t get the translation in English…

For my Non-Indian Frens : The story is  the heroine is a terrorsit which the hero doesn’t know.And hero works for the National Radio station ,his father being a martyr in Indian National Army..Hope now u can feel it n see 🙂

Mind reads from the streets – I /My lil update

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More things often fascinate/ send me in to a thought train that i often notice in the streets – wherever I am…Singapore /India or wherever…

These are few of my recent Mind reads from the streets

1. Pacifiers

This is one common thing that I can find anywhere out of India basically.. yeah …Believe me Pacifiers are not one of the Baby basics used in India..
I didn’t use it for Yuvan.. personally cos…
I.I feel it restricts whatever freedom the baby has at the age for shouting..screaming..showing his reactions n whatsoever… I always have noticed many of the parents..jus put the pacifier on when the the baby starts crying whatever may be the reason..
2. It becomes one more habit to wean off.. apart from the use of feeding bottles/thumb sucking.. And intervenes in breast feeding…
Yuvan was not in the habit of feeding bottles nor pacifiers… N I always feel unhygienic towards using a pacifier..Dunno why..
3. And itz believed and to an extent true to whatever experiences i have had..pacifier kids are slow in their language development if the pacifier is gonna be prolonged n often put in use…

Actually m one among the parents who would vote against pacifiers…

2.Girls clothes..

He he he.. This one always astonishes me n i envy ppl who have girl kids.. Such nice  Breathtaking clothes/dresses are available for them..
Right from their cute miniskirts..anything thatz in the cardigan..something like the tennis dresses..cute sleeveless tops ,all the pinky pinky stuffs… n the range and variety in their clothingggggg.. wah wah… An the range n variety even in their jackets,cardigans always makes me envy on those who have girl kids.LOL

And Boys shopping is so boring.. what accessories can i Buy? apart from shoes n caps? what else cd be?
But for girls.. wah the many sandals n footwear n not to mention the party wear awes meeeeeee… Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
(i know all of u jus don’t jump to comment that i shd have my second one..Still not readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy )

My update 🙂

Eash is off in BKK for 3-4 weeks… Itz me n yuvan.. Sometimes i really feel so lonely i shd accept.. other wise itz yuvan school,lil very lil cooking cos m including very lil rice in the meal now. letz c how far i can take it…
SO doing a lot of organising.. n other stuffs..But time doesn’t seem to pass….. Hmmmm…

I was not even having the urge to blog.. but i had so many things going in my mind.. n now I wd be posting like everyday.. MM..keep watching this space..

India Votes – PART I

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Today is the first phase of Indian General Election to the Parliment..

For my non – Indian friends..To be to the point…In India elections are always held in 3- 4 phases over a span of 15 – 20 days in different states considering the vastness n the population and the security reasons in the country..

Very unfortunate. though M eligible to vote and I have a Voterz ID ,I haven’t voted so far in any of the Assembly /Parlimentary Polls… cos every time during the election M here In Singapore… N In India voting is not mandatory…

But i have always felt that voting should be made compulsory in India..cos every vote counts…And very surprisingly ,the very educated society forms the bulk of this non-voting community

SO this time I was taken by surprise ,by seeing the television ads by many newspapers,media  creating awareness for voting… The ONE i could vote THE BEST of the AD’s is below..

But though i always think is that so that someone has to come n tell u to vote.?Itz u’r right exercise it.. atleast vote invlis rather than someone voting in your name… Now i feel..yeah atleast this kind off awareness will atleast send the 10% of non -voting community to vote -Machines…Better

But is India voting for a change is a BIG question to be answered!!

Part _II to Be continued… May be later  in the day?

F1 going crazy this season …….

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OMG.. I was just waiting to blog abt this.. and the final verdict has come… “Diffuser used by Brawn ,Toyota and Williams Legal “!!!

I jus can’t take it…


The formula one season started with the opening GP of the year as usual In Australia… When the final test results were seen on charts jus before the Australian GP,It was the new team Brawn (taken over from Honda due to Financial woes) ,Toyota and the Williams were clocking faster timings than Giants Ferrari ,McLaren n all other more than  minute or so .which makes a huge difference in the race…

The other  teams raised an issue that  the diffuser used by these Three teams are illegal.. meaning not complying with the regulations for the 2009 season.. as this season came up with quite a lot of changes in the rule book as it happens every year… Most important are

1. The no of wins will decide the champion and not the points

2. Cars can go fro Pit stop while the safety car is on.

3.Change in diffuser design, 

4. Must use soft n harder component tyres during a race

5. KERS system.. Pre race weights

Find out in detail here 

And then the race actually began with Friday practice..and everyone can see what the Brawn Carz n Williams n Toyota can clock.. they raised the appeal with Australian Race Control.. they sd “itz fyne..the design is legal” ..n Brawn took pole and won the race… Ditto copy paste at the Malaysian Grand Prix and then FIA international court was supposed to hear the same..yesterday.. As many of  you might know FIA is one of the strictest sports bodies..whoever it is mistake is a mistake for them.. Penalty, drive through penalty ,fines are always on the cards 🙂

Now..lemme give u an insight what this diffuser thing is : Courtesy

The below is the design used by Brawn GP and the text is from

diffuser1diffuser2Brawn have a quite different central channel to their diffuser, with the shape of the deformable structure being used to create a sort of double-decker (black arrows) design. However, the most important and controversial aspect is that to work properly this section of the diffuser needs to be fed by air. Highlighted in yellow, you can easily see the hole in the reference plane (red arrow), which actually starts far further forward than is apparent from the drawing, thanks to the small dimensions of the gearbox. The hole increases the speed of airflow as it heads towards the higher rear venturi section, where it expands and creates more downforce. Other teams are arguing that the presence of the hole is against the regulations.

So this is the issue.. and the verdict was much awaited ,cos the last two races was a big flop for the biggies Ferrari n Mclaren n the Under dogs have been out performing them…not performing better… “Out performed ” is the right word…

Now Itz become official,The diffusers used by them are ruled Legal….n My first line of this post is the verdict!

No what? all the other teams would design the same???????? most likely possible with the biggies Ferrari n Mc Laren.. they must have started their ground work as soon as this issue was out… who knows? More to come in the China GP this weekend.. I  dont expect a turn of events with these teams using differnt kinda diffusers…

But Ferrari made huge mistakes in terms of decisions, in the last two races.with Jean Todt stepping from his Technical Boss role to give way for others from this season.. so they have made many changes with the technical team to perform better in the china GP.. M keeping my fingers crossed..

Diffuser or no.whatever it takes.. I want the MEN N CAR in RED to WIN…

And Yuvan has started following  the GP’s with us this season..he’s in love with the formula one cars.. He can identify Ferrari,Mclaren,Renault nToyato on the circuit… wah..n keeps saying he likes Team McLaren… so Eash bought him McLaren  jacket from Bangkok last week..he’s in love with that.

here are the pics…


From this week..I will be writing post race reviews…. wat say ??????? from the point of view of a F1 fan… n offcourse how MY TEAM IN RED is performing… any suggestions????????


Post updation on Thursday 10.16 AM

Ferrari says “diffuser verdict mean fundamental changes in their car design “

SO uh hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Itz officiall..Ferrari gonna make changes to its diffuser… but also satted it takes time n MOney..with the season jus started and the strength in teerms of money n technology with manpower they have..we can expect the change sooner… BRAWN .. n others we come…………

Read more on it in detail here 🙂


Thursday fragments

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Mmm .. Good news is that Eash Will be back home by tomo evening… 🙂 

Yuvan co-operated so well these few days,when Eash was overseas ,as this is the first time he’s leaving overseas , but not with Yuvan, other than India. Cos normally our India trips are such that me n Yuvan take an extra week off in its only one way we fly together..So he has enough to do in India that one week jus flies past…

But this time it was different.!!!He understood.. he was not cranky..normal ,active n he was himself ,except for th 20% of unhappiness which eh kept with himself.. but which i can make out..after all being a mom.. But well done My Boy… Hugs:)

Icing on the cake : After last week of not -concentrating,not -completing the Montessori ‘ activities.. He ‘s back to his normal self this week..completes his activity, attentive,concentrating..progressing well .-This is the feed back his form teacher gave me today n was all smiles.

Intending to celebrate n  make a simple early dinner, M making Chicken pizza with lotz of mozzarella cheese n ice cream in the wafer cone.. anyone wanna join in????



coming to me.. I have been feeling lil bad over the days without Eash around.. But i have been doing a lot of stuffs for myself …since Yuvan has decided and follows to skip his afternoon nap.. does whatever he want sheets..some TV, colouring ,racing cars , bit of fresh air in the evening..shower,eat n sleep …I’m giving a miss of his two newest activities…which m writing abt below….

So he now tucks in for the night by 9.oo..That gives me ample of time do lots n lotz of reading which i love.. Off course my favourite Fiction :), m getting back to myown ways of listening to music…which I have for no reason not been doing for almost 3 years now..jus the interest was not there..i listen to songs when it played on theTV,or whenever Eash switches on the Radio or the CD’ he is a Big Music buff!!! so getting some of my interest  back…


Yuvan has surprised us by using the laptop the mouse so perfectly… I  teach him thru .This is a very useful site for kids.. Mommies can try 🙂 he told me a few weeks back he wanted to do on his own..I taught him abt the mouse n the pointer..but he didn’t succeed that day.. suddenly last week ,he asked me.. ‘shall i do it myself ?”..I said  “yes ..u can ” and to my surprise he was using the mouse picture perfect.. perfect clicking,moving,drag n drop,matching , navigating within the site.. wah… Eash was also taken he has his everyday 1 hr on the laptop 🙂 – meaning i have one more person to share the laptop at home in the evenings… But m happy to do so *wink*

And next is …

He woke up yesterday asking me  “can u buy me water colour?”   I was so much  like why so suddenly as he is more into crayons and pencils..but then i agreed to buy him ..but he kept asking me n getting reassurance that i wd buy until he went into his school.. But then i bought him a 21 colour water colours..and now one of his activity has become painting..n he is doing it well.. LOL 

so..m looking forward for the weekend 🙂

Service?double standards or wat the heck?

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Ever since I have started encountering these issues ,I wish I had a space to write in my concerns..When I started blogging and faced it again ,I was little reluctant.. Now ..I can’t take it… Here I go…

Itz been 5 years since I came to make Singapore my second home..

And i dunnoo..whenever I have these house hold issues,I call up a Plumber/Electrician or a washing machine repair guy whether through reference or sorting it out on service websites.they have always disappointed me n has give me the feeling that I’m cheated in the daylight.

I dunn wanna say abt the long old events.. wanna list down the last two.. 

When we were in the rented house last year,The washing machine started spinning with some noise… so as per the contract, X dollar has to be borne by tenant..sometimes its followed that even if in case they had to replace a stuff due to wear and tear.. M talking abt things like  n so.. if they had given the tenant old one still can’t argue kind off stuffs..when it conks off after the “one- month” window period and when it comes to replacing the same thing,the X dollar has to been borne by the tenant and the Y-X will be borne by the owner.. Y being the cost of a brand new one… I always think  “m i going to carry a part of the new stuff when i vacate..????”Shd it be not the case when things has to be replaced cos of the wear n tear it has gone through for the years they had been used,jus before the so called “paying tenant ” moves in,that it has to be borne by the owner/landlord???

forget it..that’s not my issue now anyways… the washing machine started spinning with some noise.. through some reference at my hubby’s office we got a number..after stating clearly the brand of the washing machine n the issue, the guy sd he will send the service guy…the next day…

The next day he came..he was sure fragile n weak… i felt so bad..but he was with his tool kit n insisted to have a look n he has the experience…he tilted my washer upside down…running all the water n stuff in my kitchen,which I had cleaned n mopped jus an hour back…telling that there are coins inside n he needs to take out.. since m an instrumentation engr myself i know the basic ethics of servicing…whether or not medical it any instrument.. I was furious how come he could turn my washer upside down..then after like 30 mts..he found a coin..n then sd shd be okie…I sd “now how to chk?”  Cos , due to the upside down activity n some water in it..all the circuit boards that would have been exposed must be wet n not advisable to start on… and to my shock he tied to switch on..thanks to Singapore’s good electric lines n options tripped… n he sd ” let it dry.. n then switch on” n he wanted to leave as quickly as possii.. asking me money… not a small amount 80 dollars n then agreed for 60..but i insisted u stay until it dries off n lemme chk..he was too insistent n i had no option to pay him..but at the back my mind not a good feeling .. and al the while he was smoking the cigar that gives the stinky smell,sitting near my door grill,since I told him he can’t smoke inside …WTH… n he promised me he will come back n look if there’s any issue… but my mind sd ” my 60 dollars gonee…”

It hapenned so..after it dried..I turned on..same issue.. I called him.. after a few tries..he pick up n sd ” i dunno how to do the machine..”  I was like…” WTF ..u shd have told me before u tuched my machine..” n i was like ” then what happens to my money..??” u wd have guessed what wd have happened he cut the call n switched off  ” ..calls to the guy who sent this service man also went useless…

Then we managed to find one guy who as genuine over the service website n he did a good job..n it was another  story getting part of the money back from my owner..

And always these guys say ” since u are tenant m charging less… let the owner pay up…” what kinda attitude is this.. ???? whoever it is charge right..u are charging for u’r work  rt? that means u urself indicate that u are already following double standards… who knows u may be talking otherwise to a “owner” ns till getting the same money for the same job..

Next..I experienced the same thing as a owner yesterday..which made me to write this post out of frustration as early in the morning . as Eash is flying to BKK in an early morning flight..

I had few small issues with both my toilet..s a Small leak.. my ceiling fan not working ..water not coming from one of the tap..

found a guy who Can do all this..his advert was so professional that we called him..he turned up

he told me after checking ceiling fan..he has to open false ceiling.. its gonna cos 40 + 40 + spare part charge.. i sd no need.. cos by then i was not confident with what he was doing..of the flush..I know had to charge few of the rubber washers..BTW he insisted he needs to charge 20 per toilet..n tap needs to change 35 for the tap + 20 service charge… .I decided my toilet is urgent..let him fix it.. i pay him 30$ though i know it’s expensive…

He changed..messed up my whole house walking with wet foot.. n finally getting the money n laughing like “someone who has succeeded in cheating “ to the the other guy who accompanied him talking in Chinese.. n then he gave me warranty ..that anything in 7 days he will come back… but after he got the money..he asked me ” u owner or tenant ..” i sd”owner”  then he responded.. ” allamak … u owner..then i wd have charged more… now u call call  me i never pick  up wah..”

I felt furious….

Then after one hour in my other washroom..I started again leaking back to square one.. called him he says..“tomo i will come.. ”  I sd” what time ?”  he says ” i Will  call u lah..u stand by  at home …i was like ” I cant wait for u the whole day u see “ then he says “I call u lah..” —————- phone disconnected…

I don’t think he wd turn up… Do u ?

And this is not my experience normally..I have heard from many many Indians who are here from India… I dunno how is it with you Singaporeans these guys..

I feel like ” u think money comes from a tree n we pluck it ?? ” I have tried to translate a very famous Tamil saying.. ” panam enna marathulaya kaikuthu “

And I dunno every time these guys turn up in two,then keep talking in Chinese after talking to us..I understand one of the fellow may not know English..But, still doesn’t look like talking abt the service or repair genuinely….and u know u have the feeling and intution towards a bad and a good guy… and I always feel they  are over charging ! I feel 80/100 are non -genuine..But i do agree that 20% are very genuine.. Two extremeeee ends!

And yesterday evening ,after all the fiasco,i saw a new sticker ” 24 hour plumbing..blah blah..jus above my door bell.. ” wahhh!! -may be he would have stuck it one day before..I might have landed up with a genuine guy..n may be…

M pist off!

M not offending anyone,but this is my personal experience and let not anyone take it on the wrong side 🙂

PS: If u have reaached here..thanks for reading my long frustrations:) will post good things from tomo 🙂 *wink*