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Project Digestive system!

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The human systems have really got YUVAN intrigued and he has been so in to it in the last week or so or ever since his science teacher started teaching about Systems… Rightly this weekend he had to come up with a digestive system model. He was so in to it and the catch was to use material/object that may deem fit the functionalities…

As usual, he had thought up about the materials he would use and reasoning – and as usual I did a little tweaking ūüôā (mind you ‘little’ – so we went 90% with his thoughts and suggestions)

It’s always the planning and sourcing takes time and the actual completion would be quick… I also see these projects as a huge bonding activity for myself and Yuv; as he does paper projects with Eash every month..

Yuvan has been showing more decisiveness and taking responsibility in a manner we want him to in recent times; which has led to him wanting to do everything by himself – which is good thing. That means I am more becoming a listening ear and a helping hand, which I think is absolutely good though I can sense his growing up…

For the project, I managed to source some cardboard for the base and we started with the outline.. And then moved on – Stomach and mouth was represented by modeling clay with the function indicated in a seperate picture (blender)and linked; small intestine with cotton and large with beans and linked to vacuum cleaner indicating absorption – digested and undigested food; straw for the gullet with little pieces of sticky styrofoam as food particles, indicating transportation of food…

And he completed it as he wrote the functions of each and into the sheet protector the model went! Hurray! we were done ūüôā

Lessons learnt from
the project

1. could have used a black sheet on top of the
cardboard – may have looked even better!
2. I should learn to be a bit more patient with him ūüė¶

That ‘telepathy’ mom feeling!

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It feels so amazing when you get a call from your child ( from the school) when you have made arrangements to pass something important that he has forgotten at home with the School GO and yet wonder whether they will call him when you are there, whether they will forget to pass it after you leave the GO etc..

It did happen to me a while ago, when Yuvan for the first time forgot something really important – his science project that we had worked on during the holidays, the science project he brought it along to school on the first day; and left in the locker until the ‘Race day’; the project he had to bring it back to glue it back to make it a bit more stronger; the project that he and me put our heart in to; the little project we bonded over !!

We glued it back last night and I really don’t know how we both forgot about it this morning. I realised it around 7.55 am – called the school GO – made my way to the lift lobby with all sorts of thoughts … My phone screen blinked …


Wow !! what a feeling… When I was just hoping to talk to him somehow, and pass it to him…he called me!! That’s what I call a Mum telepathy!!

I picked up and said, ‘Yuvan, I am on my way to your school.. Can u wait at the GO?’ We both knew the topic was the project! I continued, ‘I am bringing your project ma!’

As I went in, he was waiting at the GO and he was all smiles at said genuinely, ‘thank you ma!’ I know what it means !! Boys are so uncomplicated! And he hugged me which he has been shunning away to do so in public places esp at school .. Awww! That made my day!

You must be wondering what this science project is all about!! He had to make a working toy boat as a holiday project on Materials and they were to have a real race at school and that’s why I mentioned, ‘Today is the race day!’

I will write all about the Project in my next post ūüôā

Good luck Yuvan!

Parts of a plant — Science Project

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Between me struggling to find the right time to start the ‘animal kingdom’ home study project, Yuvan told me on one of the tired days for both him and me that he had to do a ‘quick’ science project after claiming half an hour earlier that he doesn’t have any home work!

The catch was to do the project using different materials — mind you it was 8.30 pm .. After some serious scratches on my head, we decided to use the following that I can rumble through at home..

Stem — a straw
Branch outs of the stem — match stick
Leaves — Watson’s plastic cover
Roots — brown felt ( for once I felt our art and supplies box came in handy!)
Flower – bottle cap and pink felt


He loved doing the discussion about how to go to about with the project as well as the nitty gritty cutting and pasting, as he already had a good idea about their functions and had completed that in the noon! Definitely we both felt accomplished after wrapping up this ‘quick’ project at the very end of a tiring day >

Primary One – Reflections!!

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I can’t¬†believe¬†a year¬†has gone by and tomorrow morning, when I drop him off at the school gate, Yuvan will be stepping in to P2.

P1¬†was very anxious basically for me as a mother and lot of thought went through before choosing a Singapore School compared to¬†any other¬†which we had an option to go to.. ¬†When Dominique Goh hosted me at her blog, I wrote about how we decided on his school and other things as I looked through myself as a mom.. But I think I have done the right thing for Yuvan…

He did start school after a week ‘cos of suspected HFMD – but he coped well and he was quite independent and accustomed well to the changes. He has consistently done well in the¬†academics¬†and¬†other¬†areas. He has been vocal and very social and he has been able to manage well in a BIG environment, academically and socially well…

I did do some preparation right from K2¬†knowing what is expected of kids in P1¬†– reading being the main focus with strong basics in Math and English which the pre-schools he attended catered to.. He was fortunate enough to have good teachers so far, may it be in the partial¬†Montessori¬†set up or his¬†Kindergarten¬†years… Again, he had a great teacher in his P1¬†and I will know tomorrow whether she will continue to be his P2 teacher as well according to the school policy of same form¬†teacher for two years. And Off-course the home support system has helped and I am really glad that God has been with me n Eash¬†to provide him whatever he needed and I hope to do the same with God’s blessings this year too..And that has made me more a believer¬†that everything happens for a reason… I am absolutely happy that it did happen for good reasons for Yuvan…

So am I happy? Yes, I am absolutely happy about the year that went by in his Primary One and we are looking forward to P2 and the challenge is to be able to sustain!!! I was so surprised to read the little notes that his friends had scribbled for him on the last day of P1 in 2012… It feels great to know that your son is loved by many….

A big pat on his back and a bear hug!!¬†Overall I am happy with what he has grown up to be and I hope he keeps it up!! Well Done Yuvan¬†and All the Best!! Wish us luck!! Love you Yuvan! We shall continue to strive….

Some snapshots through his P1…..

yuvan p1-3

Yuvan p1-4

Yuvan -P1- Friends


Yuvan P1-7

Yuvan P1-2

photo (1)-cropphoto (2)-crop

Reflections – 2011 – Yuvan’z K2 Graduation

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All I wanted over the last few months, was to blog back like before.. But I wasn’t able to… Yuvan had a blast Holidays starting from his¬†Graduation¬†Day:)

23rd October was the Day,  our little boy graduated from K2!!!! It was a great feeling to see our little son wear the graduation gown, with the little graduation hat!!!

And little did we know, he did a major performance role in the graduation concert together with his good friend Eleanor:) We were pleasantly surprised to see too many pictures of him displayed for order and he did awesome great on the stage. The good thing about Yuvan is, he enjoys completely what he does:) It was a day to remember !!! and Well done my Dear Boy!

Just before they entered the Graduation Hall, Yuvan as usual joined with his friends of 3 years starting from his Montessori Days….

Yuvan will continue and cherish their friendship forever:)

Two of the many Graduation Keep Sakes ūüôā



Back to Lapbooking!!!

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Yes.. For reasons unknown we haven’t been doing a lot of lapbooking as I would want to. As it is , We combine Lap an Notebooking together.. which helps me kill two birds ¬†with one stone..

But the last week we got back into the groove of Lap and notebooking. The need arose as Yuvan needs to understand the basics of a Sentence , formation, the rules and so we also need to simple grammar – First getting to know about Noun and the Verb..

Thatz why we have named this Lapbook  as Grammar Part I , as it has been planned to be done in many parts with complete understanding in accordance to his age.

I normally get him do the related worksheets as well and we assemble in the lapbook.

So here we go … and we are incorporating a new idea from our next Lap and Note ¬†, that will help us use the same for easy reference and reinforced study!

Hugs and Kudos!!!

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Are you wondering who deserves these ? Off course Yuvan!!!

I have never been happy with his handwriting ,ever since he started writing ie exactly soon after he turned 3 , which was when he started writing his alphabets ¬†and then gradually moved on to words…until the recent two weeks….

I have been trying hard ,telling him to give his letters the equal size, the capital letter’s a little bigger , one finger spacing when he writes sentences and so on….

But the recent weeks suddenly everything seems to be in place and I am sure praising him for that..

He improved from this



Doesn’t he deserve some ?

Well, Mummy is so happy that finally you had come out with some good results ¬†ūüôā HUGS HUGS!!