‘Mom.. You have to

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buy a facewash for me!’, announced my 10 yr old right after walking into the door yesterday from school! I was rolling my eyes and with a smile, asked, ‘Why? Whats up?’

Yuvan goes, ‘Mr X (his floorball coach) said its time we boys start using face wash regularly as  we will now start getting pimples etc as we will be reaching puberty soon..’ (Me:- A shocked but very surprising rolled eyes..)

I said, ‘Ok Yuvan, makes sense.. let’s look for a kid-friendly one later!’ Yuvan continued, ‘Oh Mr X has suggested some brands too..’ Oh my Gosh! I am in for a roll leading up to pre-teen years I guess…

And we did buy one for him;  The mummy in mr rejoiced ‘Atleast he would start washing his face well enough from now on…’

 MY little boy is growing upppp!!! And when I was all thinking about this growing up, his P3 teacher sends me this pic and says ‘Yuvan got randomly picked to perform on stage for International Friendship day and he is:-)’ 

He never stops to amaze me…:-) 

Little celebrations 

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sprinkled through the month of June made June a content one – I am definitely thankful to God for this… 

I am a person who still believes in hand made cards; little notes; cooking with love and simple things on special occasions… I may be old school but this is something I have tried inculcating in Yuvan from young.. He does the little paper cards for all family occasions… However we have not been sending handmade cards to Yuv’s grandparents off-late…:-( Mental note to me – Start sending from now on again!! 

Mother’s Day was quite content with a dinner out and some ‘me’ time shopping and off-course a hand-made card from Yuvan! Followed by my Birthday – cake, food, date night and movie!! 

Come Father’s Day, we decided to throw a little surprise to the man of the house.. Yuvan worked on a painting for a week; made a card;    we both ‘baked’ some cupcakes and decorated it… 

     and Yuvan woke his Dad with these! 

It was a content Sunday and I am glad both the boys were happy today!! 

The colours and life of an Indian festival

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is something that has absorbed my curious mind, as we have successfully started the festive season with two auspicious days down the trot with poojas and yummy food like vadai and sundal already washed down with Payasam!

We have made it a point to celebrate these important dates though not on a big scale over the last two years and I can see Yuvan really enjoying it as well as relating to the stories he has read over and over about different epics out of his own interest!

The best thing for me is that I have rekindled my interest in rangoli and Yuvan helps me with it too … What else do I need??




On another note, Yuvan has started wearing the traditional kurtis on these occasion without any fuss and I like to see him in those during these auspicious days…

First up a few weeks ago was Krishna Jayanthi which is the birthday of Lord Krishna one of Yuvanz favorite characters from the epic; where he was involved a lot more 🙂 and we both bonded over it I should say 🙂




The next was Ganesh Chathurthi – the birthday of Lord Ganesh who is considered wise and known for the respect towards his parents.. This time around I had invited a good friend of mine with her kids..




Two good days with cooking and rangoli – a combo therapy for me and I can’t stop wondering what a good feel these festivities bring along:-)

Man-of-the-match! — Yuvan has arrived!

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It’s probably one of the coveted trophies to have at any age if you are playing cricket! If you are from the subcontinent and/or an ardent fan of cricket you would know what it means!

Yuvan got his first, though his team lost in the U-10 APSM league cricket match against NPSI juniors on 27th feb! He slapped 3 wickets and gave away 19 runs in the 4 overs he bowled. To give a bit of a background to his bowling he has this unique talent of spinning the ball while bowling medium paced. He can bowl fast, medium, leg spin and off- spin.. A worthy mention is that his coach has told him to mix it up in every single over he bowls rather than changing his style to just stick to one bowling style !!

He loves batting and he wants to be an all rounder but his bowling is what he has been getting accolades for.. But I know one day he will arrive in the batting scene too..

It was all dramatic during the match presentation .. The umpires noted all good performances but left out Yuvan’s ( I was disappointed — I thought he deftly did have a notable performance) Then, the unexpected happened. It’s always one of the notable performers would get the MoM. I was not even having my phone in my hand .. The umpire said, ‘The MoM goes to Yuvan for his wonderful bowling!’ The coach, myself and offcourse Yuvan himself couldn’t believe it., it’s one of those cherishable moments! I recovered just
in time to click the below pic:-)

Off course, we were all happy, he enjoyed his moment with the coach and his teammates as it’s something definitely notable not only to win a MoM but from a losing side…
His teammates were jubilant 🙂

I won’t forget the eye contact he made with me after his every wicket and after his MoM! Proud of you Yuvi 🙂 Keep going and you know what it takes to be there!

It’s his passion and hope he lives his dream 🙂

The magic of turning 7!!

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17th Nov and 26th Nov 2012

That’s how I would call it from his perspective !! He feels grown up — btw this post is almost a year back dated!

It was a big number to me as feel as I felt the big transition in him in terms of growing up.. And so somehow I also thought this may be the one that I may want to have the parents as well as I foresaw the future birthdays could be ‘just kids’.. So we decided to add some magic and colour to his birthday which I know he would love !! Yes, we had a magician at home, a lady facepainting the kids; balloon sculpting and I also organized a treasure hunt game for the kids.. So I know he absolutely loved it !! And it was very special as my mom was in Singapore as well.,

And we did a scrap-book message book as well, as I did for his first birthday ..

Framed – The return gifts were pics of him with the respective kids at some point !

I was so happy too that all his friends were able to make it and I know it’s one of the birthdays he cherishes 🙂

Pics speak more than words!! Don’t they ?

7th Birthday Collage 1 MOO_4524 - Copy MOO_4583 - Copy MOO_4622 MOO_4665 MOO_4686 MOO_4839 MOO_4861 MOO_4868

My mom was here and we spent his actual birthday at the Zoo 🙂 Spent half the day – though we were struck in rain – with his good friend R and my mom!! and Yes! he got to go free on his birthday:-)

Collage 2

And he did say he loved his birthday:-)

The festive season

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for Hindus generally starts with Ganesh chathurthi which is celebrated in many parts of India with colour and pomp!

We normally mark it with simple pooja at home. Since the last two years it has become special because of the involvement of Yuvan in the pooja. This year was definitely special as without me pushing it Yuvan wore the traditional outfit and remained in it for more than 2 hours which is a complete opposite of me pushing to wear it and him, changing right after the pooja!


The onus this year was attending prayers at friends places which was a welcome change. The aura and the divine feeling with a celebratory mood it created has no words to describe. Yuvan has fun with his buddies and he loved both the gatherings and he dressed up in traditional outfits for both the occasions.

Collage 2



The festivities are set to continue with more auspicious days lines up till the 2nd of November, which will be the Festival of Lights !

Keeping up

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with the cultural values or for that matter traditional values are something I am keen but I am not up to the mark and we have been implementing a lot of it recently. Today is Tamil New Year and we started off with prayers at home. What preceded it was a Rangoli session, which Yuvan has taken interest in helping me ever since last Diwali. He likes to fill it up with colours. Ever since last Vinyakar Chathurthi he has been willing and interested to do part of the prayers and he did so today too!

Collage-TNY 2

Puthandu (Tamil: புத்தாண்டு), or better known as Tamil New Year or Chithirai Tiru-naal, is the celebration of the first day of the Tamil new year    It is a time for celebrating new and prosperous beginnings. The 14th of April is the beginning of the first month Chittirai of the Tamil year (Vijaya year), which is celebrated as the New Year and is also known as “Chittirai Vishu”. Varusham is the Tamil word for “year” and ‘Pirapu’ can be translated as the “birth” or “beginning” or “commencement” of an event. The festive occasion is in keeping with the Hindu Solar Calendar.

According to Hindu mythology, on this day the Creator of the world Lord Brahma started creation. So what is generally done back home in India on Tami New Year Day?

  • House is thoroughly cleaned and doors and windows are decorated with festoons – especially leaves of mango.
  • After bathing, the eldest female member in the family starts the Puja arrangement.
  • Kolam or Rangoli is drawn; the Vilakku Kolam is the preferred one during the New Year.( Vilaku kolam is nothing but a kolam or Rangoli where lamps are drawn in different designs.)
  • If new clothes are distributed to family members, then it is arranged in front of the deity.
  • Neem leaf Pachadi is prepared. It is basically a mixture of jaggery, chillies, salt, neem leaf or flowers and tamarind. It symbolizes that life is a mixture of sweet and sour.
  • In places where Kanni is viewed, an elderly member guides others to the view the arrangement of auspicious things. This arrangement is usually done on the previous night.
  • In other places, all members wake up and take bath and receive new clothes.

Reference:- Wikipedia, http://www.hindublog.com


I still can very much recollect the ‘neem flowers in Banana’, which we were supposed to eat on empty stomach at the temple on Telugu new Year which falls just a few days earlier. It is believed that it would cleanse the system as well the evils and make way for new beginnings!!! It used to be that we always visit my granny’s house, then the temple along with granny on the New Year’s Day. The neem flowers in banana was always served by granny, followed by a sumptuous meal at granny’s place.

Today’s temple visit was a contented one with Yuvan learning a few important things in temple, all because of his curious questions! And as per the tradition it has been a vegetarian meal at home!!!

I believe these little things will serve as a window to the culture, tradition and much more!