Month: July 2016

Physical Dictionary 

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is being very rapidly replaced with amazing apps and yes, they are very handy too… But this goes also with my other concept of ‘The invention of smart phones has deprived us of learning to be smart..’ 

I personally think knowing how to use a dictionary is itself an art and the number of words you may come across in your quest to find the word you would be looking for makes you knowledgeable (and I admit its frustrating when you initially learn to use a dictionary…)

I had always been worried whether Yuvan would pick this art of using a dictionary or would completely be dominated by technology? As well, the worry was real as he started using google translate much early because of his mother tongue requirements academically… 

I slowly inteoduced him to dictionary since his grade 2 and though he didn’t seem to use much, with the neccessity in grade 5 and his constant participation in spelling bees has been a driving force… 

Today as we started studying he brought the dictionary along  with him and started using it, and he even mentioned he prefers this upon the Pocket Thesauraus he has.. Well, I hope he continues…

When I was young me and brother were forced to learn three to five new words every day from the dictionary and maintain a notebook for that by my Dad.. I won’t follow that footsteps but rather would like to help him to cultivate genuine interest in everything… I am striving.. striving…

Having said all these, I have become so dependent on Google.. I wonder why…

A break, sometimes a short one

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exactly with what you need in that short period would do the trick in rejuvenating you or rather rediscover you… I am glad I had one after eons recently… And I am happy that found myself again:-)
After a yes-no yes-no in my ever running mind for a short trip home, given the price of the tickets and the shorter duration, finally I did say ‘Ok, let me do this’ with 75% yes..

The day before I was set to fly, another God’s way of messaging, someone told me out of the blue, when I discussed about how unsure I am about the spending but how I miss my mom, bro and home, she did said something which I think is a clear message by the Almightly himself, ‘You deserve this break, spend time with people whom you want to and this one week is your investment for your next 6 months away from home… Just goo.. Don’t think much and do what you feel is right for you!’ And I did…

It turned out to be one awesome break with 

  • Me spending 80% of the time at mom’s.. 
  • A special birthday surprise for me from my bro and cousin, a flower bouquet from Eash, a very homely lunch get together with my Uncle’s family and a good dinner out; 
  • Celebrated my brother’s birthday which we surprised him with a card from me and Yuvan – long are the days gone when we wished each other with a birthday card, I was super glad I was able to reinvwnt the  magic this time and I knew my brother was pleasantly surprised; And order in and more family time…
  • Well spent time with my cousins A and K; couch sleeping; movie marathons at home; home cooked food; time spent with mom in her kitchen; shopping trips with mom;
  • Celebrated my best buddy’s big jump day – was a great feeling to have been there with her; ended with a great rum cake celebration and off-course a card:-)  
  • Two impromptu day trips (rather drives) with my best buddy, mom and Yuvan… The trip where I felt myself again – enjoying the touch of super cold breeze on my face, stops for tea, random pics, unspoken but well understood hours between me and my best buddy S and offcourse some good food…
  • Crazy panipoori outing on the day we were supposed to fly out just few hours before my flight, as Yuvan craved for pani poori.
  • A last minute meeting of an Old friend, because I decided I want to!

The joy of reading a book in the bed right after you wake up without even brushing your teeth and no one really giving you a dirty look for reading and rather being asked whether you would like a tea is a million dollar peace of mind that can only be achieved at your mom’s… And I was blessed with that during this trip..

The love of my bro’s two doggies Sash N Shadow blew me out too

Just one sentence about Yuvan – he enjoyed every bit of attention on him and yet he was well behaved.. as well there is something that I dare not to explain on this page, which made me content…Thanks Yuvan for that… Love you! 

A trip where I realised what I really need and what should I do for my own sanity and happiness..  A trip where I rediscovered myself and reconnected with myself – it was such a beautiful experience to just explore the ‘ME’ again… An eye opener of sorts… A pat on my back:-) I have told myself that I shall reward myself more with these ­čÖé I will continue being me everyday!