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The story of a broom stick….

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ha ha ha.. I was so exhausted coz of this…thatz why wanted to post ..:)

It happened such that my very good old broomstick broke into two on saturday evening.. wherein we were having guests for dinner..So i sent Eash to find one …but he returned saying that there are only the plastic ones which stand like a stick…mmm… normally i purchase the brown one’s… okie.. wat to do.. after cooking for dinner.. i removed the lil dirts literally by crawling on the floor using only the bottom portion…

I had hopes of finding one on Sunday though i know many stores wd be closed.. so sent Eash on Monday to another store..result same. V were again having frens for dinner – who weren’t there during our house warming.. so after  alot of cooking i decided to vacuum rather than do the crawling.. (lol) ..n mopped as well.. Anyone can imagine how tiring it wd be after cooking a 3 course meal with starter  – thank God i decided To give ice cream for the dessert.. Easy job.. n then doing vacuuming n mopping.. wah… 

Yesterday was already wednesday..still no broom.. anywhere near my place.. so yesterday i went on expedition after dropping Yuv at school ..( Now got 3 hrs for me rt?) n found one in a mall two LRT’s away from my place , but still not the old oen i prefer but the softer plastic bristles one.. I was happy to find one which can do the job..

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy.. as Yuvan says.. ” I did itt..

So Much so

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that m back to my bloggin ways.. Mom flew last friday to India.. missing her a lot.. i truly had  a break..a good vacation for me too.. in Singapore n we had been to Bintan for a weekend as i had mentioned in my last post.. but m foregoing my word that i wd write abt Bintan n Marina Barrage in the next post.. as i have so much so post.. *laugh *

Itz that me n Eash had lotz of  “our time ” ,as well to be frank a family time with not so much frens always around… the  Bintan trip  jus so fantastic that it was v 3 ,my mom n a close couple fren of ours.. so much relaxing it was.. I can say a truly relaxing two ways it was… A vacation that was truly for us…

Itz Republic Day for my Mother India tomo.. Wish all Indianz a happy republic day..lets strive to make India safer :)Thatz the need of the hour..after seeing so much so in these last two months…

And not to forget.. a Spl CNY wishes to all my chinese Fellow bloggers n frenz n  to my dear Angeline..who has so many firsts in connection with my blog

* First to comment in my blog

*First bloggin fren n wat not?

Gong Xi Fa Cai ..!!!!!

Yesterday v had frens at home for dinner..n it was fun.. and M so much feeling bad abt one of Eash’s fren who is also known to me personally lost her son jus two days after her baby shower.. n v knew it almost after 10 months now.. she was not online n i used to think that she must be so much so busy with two kids n v are not online at the same time as they live in the States..n finally Eash had sent an email to chk her on..n she sent this bombed we we are in tuch…

And one of our very good frens who was living here until last year n moved to UK lost their baby after she carried the angel into 7 months.. he is like a brother figure to me.. oops..two news in jus overnight’s time.. jus can’t take it 😦

Day after tomo will be Dad’s 11 th death anniversary.. v do the rituals according to the star.. these few days I’m occupied with so much so old memories.. I know he is watching us … mmm..10 years jus flew by n it happens so much so that it happened jus now…

So from today i will be blogging as before keep visiitng me.. n i will be there in your bloggin homes to chk u guys out:)

Happy Weekend  ( to ppl in Singapore) n  a great week ahead for others.. N I Wish all Indians a Happy republic day 🙂

wat to say?

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Wat to say? ” I have been terribly busy ” ” i have been out ” “busy with something or the other..”

Yes to all..but lemme explain…It wd look that I wasn’t busy at all.. My mom is here..she does all the cooking.. yummiculous variety food everyday.. cleans spends time with Yuvan ..makes him times teaches him .. so what else m i doing to be busy..that I have not been blogging? seriously..i dunno…

V have been going out showing my mom places..thats true..she’s enjoying it… m having some quality time with my mom..Yuvan started saying that he doesn’t want grandma to go to India adn wants to stay back with us.. even I feel so… but m being too jealous i know,with my Bro back in India.. letz see how things work out in the future…

Okie… Yuvan is doing well at the Montessori..he’s already started doing writing strokes on all numbers both with pencil and the “two lil fingers ” and some alphabets. m quite happy.. showing interest in understanding and interacting on the stories when i read for him.. itz been one week into school and he likes his teacher n school .. he calls her “Miss .Reana ” ..I liked her too :),the way she is ..

And we had been to two places with mom which I fell in love instantly.. Marina Barrage – thanks Angel ..for posting it in your blog.. and i told Eash abt it when we were in India ,(that was the time u posted it ) and we went one week back..I jus feel in love with it..more on it specially in my post..

Next for the lat weekend we had been to Bintan.. wow.. wat a feelingggggggg… so next post wd be on Bintan n Marina barrage…

haven’t been visiting commenting on your blogs..but m reading it. will b back soon.. will try to do it everyday……

And Dear Angel has given me 3 beautiful awards in one go.. will post a lil later Forgive me Dear 🙂 But Thanks a ton:)

Wishing u all a great week ahead!!!!!!

A heavy heart :(

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Why? Why? WHy? why m I so disturbed?

 M feeling so lonely..upset n to be precise so HEAVY…

I have not been blogging much in the last month,so wasn’t able to share this 😦

My Best friend is leaving Singapore for abt an year for good,due to unforeseen circumstances..


I know her only precisely only for an Year though.. We jus clicked instantly… And offcourse as I had told u previously Sam n Yuvan too were an instant hit ..And then in no time we became too close.. our wavelength matched .. our ideas were in the same direction… our interests were same..our ideologies and Thoughts matched… and what not.. We had a wonderful time many days we have chatted at the crossroads for hours though we wd have jus had an evening together.. spent whole days together..I Jus cant imagine she is going to be away from me,though for a short while n for good,though my Mind says yes..n accepts it..My heart can’t!!!!!!

She is flying this Monday Morning… After which we will be in tuch thru phone regularly I swear.. Still i will miss her so Mucchhhhhhh…..

Miss u dear 🙂 But will be with u.. She will be my Best friend of my Life:)

I will sincerely Pray that we should live together in Singapore again 🙂 A Big Bear Hug to u Dear …






Wish us Luck n Best Wishes..Won’t U?

Welcome 2009 :)

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2009 has dawned…A tough year ahead as Countries predict..  we step in to the jus born 2009:)

I wish all of u guys  fantastic new year 🙂

Me n Eash went out to Clarke Quay with frens ..,leavign behind Yuv at hoem wiht mommy:) Had soem “our ” time:)

lots to write abt it..Yvan’s new school ..n all..may be later today.. Jus wanna wish u guys a fantastic New Year 🙂 Catch u soon:)

School re-opens.. All the best to the kiddos 🙂