Month: July 2012

Battery operates toothbrush

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was gifted to him as his 6th Birthday present by his Montessori Teacher who later became our good family friend Michelle. Personally I have never had a thought of getting him something like this before.

After exactly 8 months, yesterday when I was releasing toys which had been stored – all thanks to the overwhelming birthday gifts he gets every time, I did remember that he was so excited when he opened the toothbrush very first time. So I decided its high time to use it and explore it.


So was he excited yesterday as well? Absolutely Yes and more, with brushing the teeth twice everyday being more a must routine to follow!!
Ok, What got him excited ?

  • The Colour – Orange
  • The very mechanism of circling motion when you switch the tooth-brush on.
  • The little cup to gargle which is how he has been gargling everyday, but with a different cup though.,


  • And now comes the best he liked – the one minute sand timer with orange sand which can to turned being still attached to the set-up.


Do you know which is the best feature I liked?? Off course the timer 🙂 I don’t have to utter the statement ‘Oh!!! Are you done so quickly?’ every other day !’

Thank You Michelle and Yuvan just loves this and he started using it from last night 🙂

Our very first museum visit

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happened so much unplanned. One of Yuvan’s planned meeting with friends had to be cancelled the other day and inspired by the SMB’s I decided to bring him to the Singapore Arts Museum, right during the last week of June holidays. I was not quite sure about how he would like it, But after I showed him what’s on in the exhibition we decided to go and explore…

Here’s what we saw and what he enjoyed… The collage’s speaks volumes… so I am going to keep my descriptions short…

Mood: Yuvan was pretty excited to explore the unknown waters.. as he simply didn’t know what was in store except the knowledge that he was going to the Art Museum and a bit of peek on the brochure.

First up was Echoes-Infinity-The Forest by Shinji Ohmaki, which was not a great hit with Yuvan nor the wall murals as we went one level up, contrary to my appreciation towards it.

 SAM collage2.jpg  Next up,we were at the Everyday Wonders by Loh Sau Kuen which didn’t appeal to him at all, except that he loved seeing the exhibits, but he was not interesting in making patterns on the clay models they provided.  So I leave it to your imagination, how much time we would have spent there and the Clay model itself, except that he stayed with me as I was clicking some photos.


SAm collage 3The adjoining room had an activity to choose among three pictures, color, stamp, decorate and make your art a part of the evolving art wall, the idea which I thought was quite impressive.


SAM Collage 1 He was pretty involved as likes generally drawing, coloring and sketching but he finished the coloring and stamping quite quickly which made me worry that we may end up spending just 30 minutes in the museum 😦

Rather I was feeling so great to see his work on the Art Wall but not him 🙂

Next up, we visited The Art of Imagination by Justin Lee.

Again, the same concept, but this time drawing something on the cardboard cubes which he finished up quickly and responded “Ok, let’s go to the next one..”


Collage SAM 4 What we visited next was, Reactive Wall, Mojoko and Shang Liang where you can make sounds on a microphone and the images appear on a wall before you proportional to the speed and frequency of the voice/pitch.

He took lot of time taking turns with the children and adults present there and definitely a super hit with him..


COllage SAM3.jpg Adjoining was the Let’s Dance by Emilie Fouilloux, where he was completely taken by surprise about the fact that he could dance for a song, record and then the video gets showcased on the wall for a minute like ‘One minute Hall of Fame’. He loves dancing so another super hit and that’s the reason behind the photo taken next to the signage:)

What else did he enjoy???

The Origami leaf making and the garden itself – Grow a Garden in the Dark by Tay Bee Aye.


SAM Collage6

The Ultra colorful Squid and Dress Me Up by Justin Lee.

 SAM 28

The differently designed doughnut shaped ping pong table –Ping Pong Go-Round by Lee Wen where he made new friends and enjoyed playing together with them.


collage7.jpg So what did he like the most?

No doubt, The Reactive Wall, Let’s dance and the Ping Pong Table!!!

Do you feel…

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contented when you drop kids off at school or any other class? I do, to a great deal and ever since Yuvan started Primary One this year, it has been a must for me.

The feeling I get after I see him off at the school gate is something satisfactory and I feel contented. He walks in through the main gate looking out for me to wave a goodbye from inside the school grounds and this is the icing on the cake.

I have told myself, every single school day I shall see him off at the school gates. But have I sent him my helper ever? Yes, I have when I am kinda sick. But the guilt feel is much more than everyone might think. So I am trying not to do it all as it is very much in my control to walk him to school.

I still remember the emotional rush that I went through the first day I had to see him off at the school gate when he started Primary school !!

Not to mention, I love the way he tells me about anything and everything as we walk to school. I love the scenes of kids greeting each other while they see each other in the vicinity of the school and someone calling out ‘ Hey Yuvan … Am here can you wait for me ??’

So today is one of those content days and I am Happy !