Month: March 2013

Signs! Signs!

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of growing up is so abundant these days as we watch the little boy of ours grow and mature!! Only last night we were seeing a series of selected pictures taken from the time of confirmation of my pregnancy until recently and I just told him last night ‘Yuvan, you have grown up soo much man!!!’ And I literally mean it!! From the so tiny just born to a chubby cute toddler and now to a mature 7 year old! Time really flies!

Today is Term 2 first day!!

When we start from home, he normally wakes up his sleeping dad, gives him a hug and tells him ‘bye Pa!’..

Today as we were about to step out of the house I asked him ‘Yuvan, Did you say bye to appa?’ And guess what Yuvan said ‘ Yeah.. Yeah I also wished him a nice day a work !’
Me :- *Super Rolled Eyes*

Before he goes into his school main gate, I would normally say ‘ Bye Yuvan, Stay safe’ and he would say ‘ok ma.. Bye..!’
And today he said ‘Bye Ma.. Have a nice day at work !’

I was speechless and a few rolled eyes around me!!

Touch wood! Touch wood!! Love you Yuv!!

Our little boy is growing up!!

Kids spell ‘Love’ T-I-M-E

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This is something that I liked reading somewhere and it’s stuck on my work desk as I completely agree with it!

A simple game

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brings so much joy and realms of laughter around for my little boy!! I have always wondered how these ‘silly’ games crack him up! The huge bright smiles he sports, when he plays these games with his friends never fails to surprise me.

Nevertheless, all their games sound so new and innovative to me as I have not played any of these ‘in trend’ games when I was young.

The Scissors-Paper-Stone game is played in different versions and they seem to be too engrossed in it when they play.. And mind you – they can play this game anywhere;anytime; and with anyone! It is also used in deciding the order of play!

The other interesting game is ‘Chop Stick’ – which is still confusing for me to play!!

Over the school holiday starting weekend Yuvan learnt the ‘tic-tac-toe- give me a high – give me a low’ from his very good friends and ever since we are tic-tac-toeing with realms of laughter. He has invented his own version by combining it with Humpty Dumpty with my helper!

Another interesting game is ‘Spider crawling on the back!!’

And the list goes on….

It’s just so amazing to watch him, his friends and off course my helper who gets into it too while they play these games!

And off-course I play the same games with him too – Teaching courtesy by Yuvan!

Little things mean more to the kids and they smile and laugh for these little things!!

There is something important to learn from these kids –

‘Enjoy whatever you are doing at that moment!’

Work Hard! Play hard!

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Well.. this seems to be the mantra at home for the little one.. which is something I would like to learn from him!! After all his PA’s and the reaching the goal set for him in consultation with him, Friday was an e-learning day. But the teacher had told the kids that if they are keen they can do it on Thursday itself. And knowing Yuvan, he was bugging me that he wanted to finish it on thursday evening. I was like “Tomo is holiday rt?”. But he won and he finished it.. and the minute he finished it, he went to MODE RELAX! Everything seems to work so slow and relaxed in this mode.

Example :- Getting ready for swim lesson  takes 15 minutes compared to 5 minutes , getting a book from the bookshelf before we set off takes a FULL 5 minutes, all seems to work in SUPER SLOW Motion!!!

He asked for the two angry bird figurines and though mummy was angry to buy those, the boy in RELAX MODE seemed to adore the same. After the swim lessons , he wanted to play in the water slides for more than 30 minutes and he was happy and enjoyed himself with a friend he made at the pool that day…




A contented dinner at Pastamania followed by iPad formula one before hitting the bed was what followed later!!



Kids these days know how to relax.. Don’t they? A lesson to learn!!!

Let the holidays begin!!!

A contented smile

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was my expression, when Yuvan called me during recess today from his school pay phone!

As it’s our practice for him to seek permission before he buys anything from the bookshop, he had done so last week to buy a wooden ruler that would potentially ‘deplete’ his savings by 25 cents. I had said Yes after contemplation (or pretended so… )

He didn’t buy yesterday or Friday and I had completely forgotten about it. Today he called me during recess and here goes the conversation:

Yuvan: Maa, it’s me.. Do you remember our conversation about the wooden ruler?

Me: Yes

Yuvan: Can I buy today?

Me: hmmm.. Ok 🙂

I just felt so contented that he had that feeling to ask me again though I had given him permission last week.

I believe he decided to ask again since he didn’t buy the very next day after he was granted permission!! I think he just wanted to be sure, may be ..

Aww.. I love you Yuvan!! Would you be the same Yuvan forever? I really hope so!

A real surprise

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it was!, when I had long back concluded that Yuvan no longer is interested (or does) in painting and coloring as artistically as he used to do a few years back. Everyone used to like his artwork that we ended up framing it as well..

But, ever since, he had deviated to doing pencil drawing, sticky figures and some horrible colouring at times.

Last week he did something as below so instantaneously when his good friend had come for a sleep over 🙂



As well, this week he brought home two of his artwork done at school.



What else can I say?? He proved me wrong and I am impressed. Another proof of kids learn a lot and they don’t forget the acquired skills so easily and if they have a genuine interest, the results will be awesome!