Month: March 2010

” I am so proud of you …. “

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This is the sentence Yuvan uses so often to me and eash…

M so surprised  🙂

Like , when Eash plays a nice shot during their game of cricket… Yuvan says ” I am so proud of you appa.. because you hit that one really nice ” (“really “is another most used word in Y’s dictionary )

Today I made him as well me a whole grilled Pomfret… he says  ” I am so proud of you ..because you cook so nice for me everyday ”

To his Thomas track – new with Thomas ” Thomas ..M really proud of you that you are my friend ”

*** FAINT ***

Compliment worth the recording !

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Yuvan ‘s teacher called me today when I went to pick him up… I was like” ?%&*#$$”

Then she told me “Yuvan was such a good boy today  ,in his work as well how he conducted himself.. I must give him this compliment today ..Sure I have to ”

I was up in the air…

Yuvan did tell me ” Amma.. I was so good today … I did all my work and also a good boy! ” So my teacher told me “Good job and Good BOy!”

I know a praise and a little compliment goes a long way in the making of everyone 🙂

Well done my boy 🙂

I am happyyyyyyyy  too 🙂

School re-opens and Project #2 – Rainbow

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School re-opens tomorrow and Yuvan is excited to be back in school…. The school holidays were fun, and the major activity was spending time – close to 7 hrs at the zoo,exploring the new water play area and the boat ride…. I will be doing a post later on that… It was totally fun and relaxing with lot of team work at home, Yuvan falling sick for two days.. kindaa a roller coaster school holidays..but had fun 🙂


And it was a rainy day yesterday and we did this project at home on rainbows post lunch,when it was only me and Y at home,with E engaged in an office pool tournament… I got the basic idea for the mural from this link

Supplies required :

1.Plain white paper

2.creative paper cut into small pieces for the rainbow colours

(I used crayons for violet and indigo )

3. Glue stick

How to do

1. Draw a rainbow on the plain sheet of paper

2. get the child to number each partition and count to get the number of colours in a rainbow.

3. Get the child Mark each partition with the concerned colour’s first letter

4. Do the rainbow either using crayons for all colours or using creative paper cut into small pieces…

5.If you are  using small pieces of creative paper, apply the glue on the respective area first and let the child drag the small pieces on to it and do it by himself.

6.Take another sheet of  paper and write simple facts about the rainbow… get the child involved in framing the sentences…

eg : when can u see a rainbow ? – The child :” On a rainy day ” – get him to write that ..

Note Booking and Project#1 – Plant

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Two days back.. I was browsing over the internet to find some  useful Art and craft ideas to do at home,basically to keep him involved on a rainy day and also that would be linked to what I teach him at home…

I bumped into this concept of Notebooking where in You can do simple art and craft projects in line with what u learn at home… Basically this is done by home-schooled kids . I thought “why not us ?” and this notebooking can be filed using sheet protectors and we can continue to do this as they grow up,which will definitely be a big resource for learning and a big archive of the child’s work which he and we will cherish .

Doesn’t it sound interesting ? For me Yes.. basically,Its learn through play, getting involved and when he does the craft himself with the help of me,it gets into his mind concrete.. and also we get to spend quality time as a team  🙂

Notebooking is more or less like Lapbooking… but in a different variation… M happy that I got to know about this Lapbooking through my friend J 🙂

And I straight away started with a Plant project ,which I had taught him early and grew a plant at home…

Here We go..

Project #1

Supplies required

1. Icecream stick – 1

2. creative paper  to cut flower,fruit ,leaves and root

3. Glue stick

How to do

1. Get the child to paint the icecream stick green on one side. Glue it on the paper and use it as a stem

2. Cut out flower,fruit ,leaves and root  and stick.

3. Get the child to say the functions of each part and simple facts about the plant  and let them write on a separate sheet of paper.

4. Finish, read together and reinforce and do the notebooking.

5.Keep this file accessible to the child so they can read and feel whenever they are interested to do so,which helps  🙂

And I already bought the sheet protectors and the ring file to file his work 🙂 And I intend to continue!

Role Play

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Yuvan has been doing a lot of  role play and one funny incident happened last week.. The hero being …..


He was enacting talking to every one of his frens…

a few conversations

Yuvan : Hi, C.. ( P,A,) where are  you ? Is your baby bear okie ?

Yuvan : Oh okie ..okie.. I will call you back… Beacause my battery is going to be flat (me : **** faint**** )


We were getting ready to go out… Yuvan insisted to bring his phone when he was full swing talking..I said NO and  communicated the NO by eyes To E

E : Yuvan.. Keep the phone at home… you see.. at the cinemas you cannot bring and use the phone

Y: Then  if some one gives me a call.. I won’t know… My friends will call meeeeeeee….

(He didn’t budge when I said  ” its your toy phone… You won’t get calls “)

E : Yuvan.. once you come can see the missed calls and then call them back…

Y: OK… let’s go..


The peak of it….

Y : Hi Yuvan.. how are you ? what are you doing ??

Me :*** eyes rolled *** and ROFL


I was in the washroom.. He knocks the door….

Y: Amma… thatha is calling… ( MY FIL from India)

My mind was like ” oh… why is he calling now…. what’s the news …?” ( cos its not the usual hour to call..and normally he talks online almost every day )

I jus peeped out of the door and just let my hands out…

Know what.. ? he is handing me over the toy phone and says ” amma… thatha… talk… ”

My reaction : I stared at him but was laughing like anything inside the washroom….


Second Blog Anniversary :)

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I crossed this milestone on Feb 26th 🙂

This blog is something I cherish and Love doing it 🙂

This year I have seen new visitors 🙂 I have  moved onto new dimensions.. except that I take involuntary breaks from blogging..which I need to change for sure 🙂

Thanks for the support and hope the same with you guys 🙂

Good Morning :)

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This is what I feel to say right now.. after waking up to a pouring Singapore Morning .. after more than 10 days of hot hot hot sun…

Some how I have never cursed a rainy morning all through except for the laundry. may be basically being from Coimbatore:)

Here are the few Photos taken in the morning… That Reminds me.. Yippee… I got a new camera Canon – Powershot A3100 IS ….

Morning 7.50 am

Ready at the Bus stop. waiting for the bus to go to School…

Yuvan has recovered from the Fall ,which I haven’t blogged about…  Yes… he had a fall On the Low – lying Tv console and had a deep cut two weeks back and had to be glued instead of stitching… And poor guy got hurt in the same place when he went for the School trip after 5 days , and required a lot more nursing and the whole afternoon he was complaining of pain….

Anyways,though the Fall was scary as I had to keep watch over any vomiting symptoms, It passed on.. and a lesson learnt for Both him n me..

Him : Don’t dance so aggresively until you have a fall like that… no jumping… and he has been following the rules now strictly.

Me: Corner protect , how much ever its low lying 🙂 – DONE

This photo was taken after we came back from the hospital.