Month: March 2008

Promises Made

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Making promises everyday to myself seems to be easy n gives me more confidence in life and on life..

But how much m gonna follow it makes a hell a lot of difference…

I hope n i Promise that i will keep up my Promises!!!

To b Continued…

Green Moong Dal Curry

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This Recipe is very simple to make,very healthy and can b given to kids as well.
Yuvan’s another hot favourite at home!!
U can know more about Green Moong Dhal or Also called Green Bean Or Mung Bean here
Green Moong Whole : 1/2 cup
Small onions : 3-4 thinly cut
Red chilli : 2- 3 (u can increase as per u’r spice level)
Coriander seeds :1/2 tbsp
Cumin seeds:1/2 tbsp
Turmeric powder : a lil
Asafoetida: a pinch
Curry leaves: one springSalt : to taste
1.Put the Pressure cooker on the stove..add oil,sprinkle cumin seeds,coriander
seeds,Asafoetida, and add onion,chilli and curry leaves and garlic crushed together n saute
in sim until the onion turns golden brown..
2.Now add the Green Moong whole (alternatively u can soak for abt 30 mts if it
is more well done or give extra 4 whistles),turmeric powder,salt and 3 cups of water .
3.Cook for abt 10 that its nicely done.
4.Once the pressure settles down…,as soon as u open mash all together inside the cooker itself such that it forms a nice gravy…
5.Serve hot with rice
Very healthy for kids ,mix with rice that’s extra cooked for 2 whistles n lil ghee…
It tastes awesome..
Can be combined with Egg scramble for even better taste for kids!!

Beet root Rice for Toddlers

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This is a recipe which yuv liked from 8 months..only difference is that when he was 8 months n uptill 18 months i used to cook beetroot with rice as said in my older post n put in mixer!
now he loves it this way from 18 months n u can spice it up according to the kids taste buds n Yuv jus loves this…
here i go….

Shredded beet root: 1 cup
Small onion : 2
Chilli powder – a pinch or accordingly
Mustard seeds: 4
Curry leaves – 3-4
Salt: to taste

1.Pressure cook the shredded beet with lil required water only with salt n chilli powder
2.Once done,take a pan..put lil oil,sprinkle mustard seeds,curry leaves n saute the onion..
add the cooked beet root n saute well..
3.Steam rice for an extra 2- 3 whistles than normal.Mix the rice with the cooked beetroot
n a lil ghee n serve them.very tasty n healthy!!
1.Most of the kids after eating beet or carrot can see the colouration in their next stool..nothing to worry..normal!!!
2. Same recipe can b done with carrot instead of beet root!!
Here u go…Some info on beetroot n a few recipes from the web…. All about Beetroot

Life’s Lessons learned – I

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Bringing My Son up, I have learned a few important lessons, which I always thought so..but never believed until I went through it myself!

First n foremost, Kids will reach their milestones when they are really capable off. both physically n mentally!!
and every kid is a difft Individual!

For eg..Yuvan Turned himself less than 3 months old. but never did it again n frequently until he was 4 months complete.

But he DID!!- When he was ready!!

He started moving on the floor by 6 months but crawled by 8 months..but surprisingly he started standing with support by 7 months onwards…

Before he started crawling ppl from all quarters of my life kept asking me
hasn’t he started crawling yet?
But he DID when he was actually ready!

Then it all started .by 9-10 months. Why hasn’t he started walking????

And ppl started telling us that we shd teach him walk holding his hands…which we did try but Yuvan disliked being helped. rather to b apt he wanted to b independent for his age..

I personally too believed when Yuv feels Physically capable n mentally confident to walk he WILL!”
And YES n he DID..10 days before he turned 1…- when he was ready!

n wd u believe he started a few steps out of the blue one day!! and the second day he was just cruising along as if he has been walking rt from the time he was born!!!

Then was the language part!! Which stressed me n scared me to my every cell..
He did say “Amma” (Mother in Tamil)when he was 18 months but he never repeated. but he used to blabber a lot…communicate with gestures. Literally he could understand a lot of things, follow instructions, cooperating well for the potty training. but yet no clear words…

And i have heard that “hasn’t he started talking yet?” a more than 1000 times…

Words of confidence n experiences came along from all our frens, my Chinese neighbors…
U keep talking to him,
Boys are a bit slower compared to girls..
u wont believe my daughter never uttered a word till she turned TWO..but suddenly she started and from there no stopping…

also …
u shd communicate more..
chk with the doc…- which i indeed did with his paed..but he told me..he is a very normal kid. not to worry ..He is well ahead in all his milestones n he is blabbering communicating with gestures. he will pick up sooner!!

I made a visit to India for a two month vacation ,

I did take him to his paed in India and he assured me too not to worry n said there is still more time ..n he will pick up!!

Yuv was 2 months short to two then he had so many ppl around he picked up a few words. but still not to all of our expectations…

But all that mattered when i came back to SG..after exactly two weeks. he was 2 years n one month. he started talking a lot of words he had heard back in India..n now picks a lot of words from his day to activities!! n he started communicating with words…to be precise he started to have Conversations!!!

and he is literally learning at least one new word a day….hi vocabulary list has improved leaps n bounds i shd say…fully potty trained, nights i make him go

susu every 2 hrs..sometimes he does wake me up by himself and does let me know whenever he wants to do potty n he literally is off diaper completely..n enjoys play school a lot..Understands both English n Tamil – our mother tongue perfectly that we started speaking with spellings at home at times..learns words form both the languages n tries to converse in both!!!

Another eg..he never liked to watch phonics when 4 months back. Now wannna watch only that n picks a lot of words from the CD..takes his picture book..relates n shows n tells me what that word is. And also asks me teach new words n tries to repeat!!!

And even now i hear from many ppl ” why he hasn’t started talking
But now m very confident n i know Yuvan will speak up with lots of sentences sooner and he is already geared up for that n he will b ready n doing the task sometime sooner!!!
Now i Know n believe kids WILL, at the rt age appropriate for them in their own individual way!!!

and Thank You My Son…n u are a So precious n u have taught and teaching me many a lessons from life…

And i Love u My Son!!!

Spicy Chicken Franks – Sausages

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This is a new recipe or to b apt my First on sausages i tried today!!!
The Inspiration is my Son Yuvan..When we had been to his fren’s place he tried this first time n liked it..Though i donn wnat to give him frequently as its quite fatty once in a while is ok
SO here i go
Ready made sausage -the one i used is Chicken Franks- 4 sticks -cut into small pieces
Garlic-3-4 cloves -Crushed
Ginger — 1 Inch – Crushed
Big Onion – 1
For Marination:

Marinade the cut sausages with 1 tbsp chili powder,1/4 tbsp coriander powder,lil turmeric,salt n 1tbsp Chicken masala and salt to taste and keep aside in the refrigerator for abt 30 – 45 mts..( if u like it more spicy,u can add a bit of garam masala powder too while marinating)

1.Take a non -stick pan,put oil,add the thinly sliced onion along with coriander leaves,saute for
a while n then add crushed ginger garlic n saute for some more time
2.Add the marinated sausages and saute for a while.
3.Sprinkle Lil water and cover n cook on simmer until The sausages are well done.
Note: Yuvan Liked it Soooooo Much!!

Satisfying a Toddlerz Taste Buds

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My Son’s taste buds have changed over the time..from the time he started eating solids (once he completed 3 months) till now( 2years n 2 months)…And with the help of my very good fren Shazia n a lot of researching by myself..i somehow accomplished the task that My son likes to eat all veggies…n also egg,chicken n fish.. and so i thought i shd share these xperiences and recipes which may b helpful for first time momz like me…
So i decided to write about those under a separate label..” Toddler’z taste Budzz” under which i will compile all the recipes which will b in accordance with our day to day well My son wd have luved eating it.. But i worry that i may not b able to post the pictures!!!!!
I will try posting some of the interesting things that happened when my son ate these for the first time…i wd love to write a lot on him..which shdn’t b only sharing but also informative..that’s what i feel!! so Let me get going!!!
To start with a simple recipe combining veggies,cereal n rice which is suitable from 6 months..until his taste buds changes for more variety..(he he he)
Lunch/Dinner For a 6 month old (onwards..)

Rice – one handful
Toor dhal – 1/2 handful

Vegetables- 1/2 cup
Garlic – one clove
Small onion – 2
Cumin seeds – a lil
salt- lil to taste
Pressure all together ..with required water..give 10-12 whistles…Then mash together with a spoon when hot…add ghee..n serve!!
Note:Vegetables can b started with carrot,beetroot initially and then cauliflower, potato( don mash with it becomes sticky..),beans,broad beans and then once u r sure the kid is not allergic to any of these,u can combine accordingly to give diff tastes every day!!
Dhal too..can use green moong dhal full,yellow moong dhal split or a combination!!!