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Reflections 2011 – 6th Birthday – Part Two

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I have finally decided to a lot of back dated posts so that I update the whole year of events that I missed to blog so that I can blog the current ones with much ease:)


Yuvan’s second part of Birthday Celebrations stretched all through the holidays I would say…

First we had a small get together at home on the 26th of November for Yuvan’z birthday where we had very close friends with kids invited for the birthday dinner. The best part of this is the fun he has playing with his friends in his room. He loved it.. was exhausted actually, between the cake cut and dinner. He loved every moment of it!!!

This is the first time, I think all the gifts he received was what he wanted and/or loved.

He got his fooseball which he had been asking me for quite a while from his favourite Michelle and Ilango Mama:)

He got popular vouchers from Mansi aunty and Vaishal Mama to buy whetever he wants and the book bug he is, he bought himself Geronimo Stilton 🙂

He got his favourite Ferrari car from Geetha Aunty and Lakz Mama which he just loved…

For the Formula One fan he is, he got a Ferrari car with changeable tyres, wings etc. just like how the pit stop crew does it from Karthik Mama and My brother’s best buddy Miru!

We gifted him a trip on board Super Star Virgo where he had loads of fun with Sponge bob and his Kids club friends.. On the hindsight, we may not take another cruise trip at all for other reasons..:) He loved it !!! Pictures speak volumes…

And finally he got to go for his Roller blading lessons which he wanted to learn for a longggggggggg time with Skate with us and in another three weeks time, he will complete his Junior skates programme and he has learned so much from them right from scratch on basic safety to fast skating and back flips, it’s is a joy to watch him skate now! The best part is his trainers love and adore him 🙂

Also I took him to numerous water plays, indoor plays and of all he played a lot in the playground with his friends!!!!

Now the big milestone awaited —- Primary One!!! I shall write a separate post!! (another back dated post sooner)

Vinayagar Chathurthi – At home:)

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Ganesha Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is the Hindu festival celebrated on the occasion of birthday of Lord Ganesha[2], the son of Shiva and Parvati, who is believed to bestow his presence on earth for all his devotees in the duration of this festival. It is the day Shiva declared his son Ganesha as superior to all the gods, barring Vishnu, Lakshmi, Shiva and Parvati. Ganesha is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune and traditionally invoked at the beginning of any new venture or at the start of travel.

– Wikipedia

We had a little prayer session at home by our little man for the very first time.. Though I was giving instructions and he didn’t agree with a few, it was definitely a day to remember!!! Love You Yuvan!!!



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do I miss home?? i.e home in India.. Yes!!! especially during the auspicious days like today when everyone’s home, early mornings, prayers and good food with your loved ones!!!

I am trying my very best to celebrate auspicious days here, like the most important festivals, (though I am not so religious) to give everyone at home a great feeling, a blessed feeling and as well I see these as windows to introduce Indian Culture to Yuvan.,

What’s all about today?? Ganesh Chathurthi or typically called Vinayagar Chathurthi in South..

I am all geared to have a little prayer at home today evening… and hoping to add on to this post later:)

Happy Vinayagar Chathurthi!!

My first Guest Post…

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I think this is a personal milestone for me.. Because for the very first time I am guest posting in one of the blogs I admire.

The blog makingmum by Justina Tey fondly called as Jus has everything in it. She writes about parenting hits and misses with her two adorable boys,  everyday learning which is greatly complemented with her awesome food presentation/ bento skills. Well, it doesn’t stop there…She also gives a great insight to God  and to life itself with her wonderful Thankful Tuesday posts. On top of all this, look out for her amazing photos which is the cherry on the cake!!!

So Hop over and visit me and my wonderful host Justina at MAKINGMUM today where I have mused about what has motherhood changed in me…:)

PS: Been crazy busy and MIA for a long time, but Jus, you made me blog today as you are a special blogger friend!!!