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M Back

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ooohoooooooooo.. m Back in our own home. What a feeling.. added bonus ..My mom is with us on a one month vacation 🙂 extended vacation for me 🙂

will post tomo in detail..

See u all soon at u’r blogs:)


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Wat a day it was.. First It was Yuvan’s Birthday.. the day was planned to be a family affair,a sit was a wednesday..and so the Birthday lunch was planned for 30th,the Sunday …(Sunday update later )

 Morning was pretty bad,which shdn’t have been… between me ,Eash n My MIL.. forget it.. didn’t want to make Yuvan’s day bad.. as planned we all went to the temple ,which happens to be the temple , where Eash was named by the God’s name …The temple visit soothed the hearts and tempers n Yuvan enjoyed every bit.. To be frank, I was kind off disturbed through out,though I was trying to be ok .

 On the way back in the car ,Eash sd “sorry “.. I was ok..but the wound made definitely left a lil scar 😦 Itz all part n parcel of life..

 V had a very good home cooked meal..done by both me n MIL.. n off we went in the evening to my Mom’s place..I knew they had ordered a cake,but never thought it wd be a small celebration that it turned out to be.. until 8pm it was only us at home..thatz me ,Eash ,YuvanMom ..n then My brother came with the Birthday cake, few of his frenz came in,my uncle n his family..n it turned out be a small crowd of 10+ ..but the mood turned out to be so jubilant.. I was literally happy n relaxed.. Then

v had the cake cut..  Yuvansang with us the whole “Happy Birthday song .”..He even sang “ happy birthday to Yuvan “ with all smiles … He blew the candle as soon as I lit it. And cut the cake by himself..I tried to help him.. he sd “ amma.. yuvan cut “ I sd “fyne ..u enjoy ur day “


He got gifts including a robotic dog which was the centre of fun for the next half hour…clothes and a small train with engine that runs on the track..

 My mom had made dinner. Yuvan’s n Eash favorite Idiaappam.- for my non-Indian’s looks like noodles n its made of rice at home… u can make bothsweetish n spicy.. my mom made both… n hot idli’s withtwo varieties of chutney’s.. v all had stomach full. And not to forget the cake.. black forest with choclate.. Yummiculous… V all wound up ard was a good day until now..

 Then Terror struckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk… The Mumbai terrror attacks.. First the magnitude of the strikes didn’t get into me.. I thought itz jus a small blast or may be i didn’t see the whole of the news…as time passed by n when I woke up in the morning, it was blood shed,situation worse..NSG commandos in action,Tv channels asked not to show live pictures,as terrorists were so smart they were tracking the action on Tv from inside the hotel they had aatcked.. The TAj,Oberoi n Trident..(Taj n Oberoi being the most sophisticated 5 star Indian hotel chains all over the world..),Army n NSG air dropped and what not.. a scene that will be running in my mind from now on ..on n off…From then we were glued to the TV.. in shear ShocK to be precise.. A feeling that I can’t express… Anger.. Shock n seeing such young faces of terror – the only one terrorist caught alive is 21 yrs… the casualties being mostly civilians and foreigners and top officials of the Mumbai police… WHY? WHY? WHY?

 It was such pain watching TV close to 50 hrs,for the hostage situation to clear n the terrorists being cleaned up… This was for me who was not involved directly,But as an Indian,when such attacks happen Itz hard to take it.. Forget abt being Indian..anywhere in this world where terror strikes,can’t take it. It brings such a shock, and shows how helpless we are ,and we are always caught unawares…

Wake Up INDIA. No political games now.Let’s unite to fight terror !!!

 One Impt n impressive thing India did this time was ..

 On the very next day,after it was evident that Pakistani forces were involved,The Indian PM spoke to the Pakistani PM to send the ISI chief.. Pakistan did agree.. and later a Big U turn..thatz a difft story..

 This is the first time after the parliament attacks India has reacted so strongly pointing Pakistan,the terror camps in there and the need to demolish them.. India has reacted strongly this time..

 SO many resignations followed including that of the Home Minister of India ..(personally I too wanted someone to take over) A wise decision the very performing Finance Minister tookoverhome.. he has been at Finance ministry with two governments.. very experienced fellow n a Big thinker…mmm..lets c..

 Light a candle for the souls departed ,let their family be in our prayers and letz fight against terror as ONE.!!! Come on India.. Wake up..

 Enough is Enough!