Month: January 2013

A weekend

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over which we did a combination of stuffs which made me to ponder, realise and off course I was surprised over a few happenings..

Talking about food, I am a foodie and next to Indian, I love Thai food and very closely comes Mexican… and as a family we love it too… Saturday Lunch was at Margarita’s and after our favourite quesadillas we wanted to try their most reviewed Kitchen Sink Burritto. Default version has beef in it but we opted out and asked them to make a Chicken Kitchen Sink.


As the name suggests, everything is thrown in to the Burritto including Mexican rice, chicken and the black bean – we loved it but we would have liked it better without the bean… Yuvan loves Mexican next to Indian better than Thai 🙂

As we were waiting to pay the bill and head to ECP to meet a few friends for the evening along the beach,Yuvan wore his creative cap and he became the interviewer using the sauce bottle as the wireless microphone and my helper turning out to be his interviewee… Look at those smiles… Well… I am impressed!

Interview Time

He had one of the great evenings along the beach with his good buddies, kicking the ball on the grass and some sand fun with his buddies, water fun with his best buddy R, hide and seek, splashing water on every one of us with his water gun and what not…

What I realized is he still loves outdoors and he cherishes the friends of his age group:) and off course he loves Parotta and Singapore’s very own Milo Dinosaur, which he and R planned to share even before me and R’s mum opened our mouth to say “No Chilled drinks please..” 🙂

Footbball time

Water Fun

Sand Fun

And what Dad and Son loves to do … Photograph 🙂 and Yuvan obliges…

Eash n Yuv

And after all, still trying to stay connected and cherish the roots – A simple Thai Poosam at home 🙂

Thai Poosam


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is the word that surprised me or bombed me yesterday. Because, Yuvan used the word during our normal conversation. We were talking to my mom over the phone and the talk was revolving around dinner and festive food as this whole week is celebrated as harvest festival back in India. The conversation went from nowhere to this word and here is what we spoke..,

Yuvan: ‘Mom, whom do you think is a better cook, you or ammuchi(granny)?’

Me:’definitely ammuchi’

Yuvan: ‘Oh, I thought it’s you, because you always give ideas to ammuchi’

Me: ‘May be .. But ammuchi is good at what she does. we all like her cooking and so I learned from her and she likes my cooking too. So she gets the ideas from me.. So it’s both of us take the ideas from each other!’

Yuvan: Oh! It’s a hypothesis then!!

Me: (very surprised rolled eyes) ‘What do you mean by that?’

Yuvan: It’s an idea or ideas that we test ma!

Me : Spellbound! – ok…..

Inquisitive learning

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is the way many kids learn and if you notice carefully, you will be surprised at the number of questions they ask about everyday things and everything they see around, may it be during a grocery shopping trip or a quick walk around the neighborhood to grab something or during an actual learning session itself ..

I always get bowled over by questions Yuvan does ask about a lot of things while running errands with me..

Two days ago, we decided to go for a quick grocery shopping late in the evening and these are the two questions that he asked me and through answering them with the help of our very own Google and iPhone, I realized a lot.. And the questions were ..

1. What is touting?

2. How does puddle form? ( we were walking to the grocery store just after a nice rainy day..)

I did manage to use the opportunity to educate him; learn for myself notes about the topics that were in question; but most of all was really amazed by the inquisitive minds of kids these days and the amount of information they can grasp; their awesome quality to ponder over many stuffs which I believe are the root cause for all these inquisitiveness !!

Little things to cherish and remember – December 2012 and January 2013

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Images speak volumes.. as I am recovering from a bad allergic reaction, decided to reminisce these pics… What did he enjoy doing the last 1 month or so are captured here….

Yuvan Loves icecream and one of our casual Ben and Jerry’s visit….His favourite flavour is anything to do with Chocolate and he also likes Vanilla 🙂

Yuvan - Ben n Jerry's

He did his hands on some glitter painting as well.. which he loved…..

Yuvan - Glitter Painting

Bonding with his Dad…

Yuvan - LGK 2

Yuv nad Eash 2

Yuv and Eash

Enjoying Sun, Sand and Sea at Langkawi, during a recent getaway….

Yuvan - LGK

Talking about his day, hiding in the quilt..

Yuvan - Hiding in the QUilt

Taking Self portraits  – This image below is unedited n his own work.

Yuvan - Self Portrait

He loved the Christmas Candies from Aunty Maggie:)

Yuvan and Candies

Not but not least, he cherishes one of his Birthday gifts – Buzz Lightyear – an alarm clock bought by Eash during his recent US official trips… and wakes up to the music of it along with the little Barney that keeps him company for the last 6 years or so..

Yuvan Alarm CLock

Growing Up!

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Growing Up!

Found this, when I was decluttering the study room desk…. His first cute attempt at having his own signature and I believe he is using it 🙂

Questions… Questions….I am spell bound

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with some of the questions Yuvan asked me yesterday and I have told him that we will discuss this again today or tomorrow.. It is just that am buying time to give a more logical answer to every one of his questions. Here is the conversation he had yesterday with me, if you have any answers, if you been at it before, all the responses would be welcome before I discuss it again with him…

Yuvan : Does God control our body?

Me: No really, he has given you a brain and you have to control using your thought process which is the basis for everything.

Yuvan: If God created all of us, then how can we control it? How everything in the body is controlled by the brain?

Me: hmmmm.. we have to discuss this in detail, before that can you try reading the book we bought about human body? If you read, you will know the basics of the human body and how everything is connected to the brain. And then, we can discuss about God, creation and everything, once you get to know about the Human Body.

Yuvan: Ok, then.. I will read up… Then, How are babies born? How are they made?

Me: “Yuvan, I said all of it tomorrow and over the weekend in detail…”

Yuvan: Ok, Good Night!

Primary One – Reflections!!

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I can’t believe a year has gone by and tomorrow morning, when I drop him off at the school gate, Yuvan will be stepping in to P2.

P1 was very anxious basically for me as a mother and lot of thought went through before choosing a Singapore School compared to any other which we had an option to go to..  When Dominique Goh hosted me at her blog, I wrote about how we decided on his school and other things as I looked through myself as a mom.. But I think I have done the right thing for Yuvan…

He did start school after a week ‘cos of suspected HFMD – but he coped well and he was quite independent and accustomed well to the changes. He has consistently done well in the academics and other areas. He has been vocal and very social and he has been able to manage well in a BIG environment, academically and socially well…

I did do some preparation right from K2 knowing what is expected of kids in P1 – reading being the main focus with strong basics in Math and English which the pre-schools he attended catered to.. He was fortunate enough to have good teachers so far, may it be in the partial Montessori set up or his Kindergarten years… Again, he had a great teacher in his P1 and I will know tomorrow whether she will continue to be his P2 teacher as well according to the school policy of same form teacher for two years. And Off-course the home support system has helped and I am really glad that God has been with me n Eash to provide him whatever he needed and I hope to do the same with God’s blessings this year too..And that has made me more a believer that everything happens for a reason… I am absolutely happy that it did happen for good reasons for Yuvan…

So am I happy? Yes, I am absolutely happy about the year that went by in his Primary One and we are looking forward to P2 and the challenge is to be able to sustain!!! I was so surprised to read the little notes that his friends had scribbled for him on the last day of P1 in 2012… It feels great to know that your son is loved by many….

A big pat on his back and a bear hug!! Overall I am happy with what he has grown up to be and I hope he keeps it up!! Well Done Yuvan and All the Best!! Wish us luck!! Love you Yuvan! We shall continue to strive….

Some snapshots through his P1…..

yuvan p1-3

Yuvan p1-4

Yuvan -P1- Friends


Yuvan P1-7

Yuvan P1-2

photo (1)-cropphoto (2)-crop