Month: June 2008

Random Thoughts

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I m not sure whether i ‘m so occupied or is it something else? so much there in my mind n heart that i decided to spill out a few..

First..i felt lil bad…abt wat?

I chanced upon an article on my College’s (where i did my Engg) chancellor (who is now no more).When i was studying there, i did know that she was such a great lady has done so much to make it know to the world..and all those stuffs..but still v used to make fun n never gave her that truerespect ,I shd confess here..

The article made me realise what it means on a larger point of view ,what she has done … in the means from small to big..

Very astounding facts..

In 1937 when she had to marry due to her family circumstances,she did put forward to her groom,that she shd b sent for higher studies..,and the groom did agree..she went on to complete her research from Ohio state university, US in the again 1940’s… in India!!

She was the first to have done a research doctorate from overseas in home science.

She has served our college(Avinashilingam University ) as a Professor,VC n then Chancellor.. and has brought so much of funds and have utilised it to perfection to bring the college to the limelight.

Even now itz one of the well known colleges and one sought for!

She has been awarded The highest civilian award in India “Padma Sree”

and so many…I salute her..(Better late than Never) much that Yuvan is jus starting on alphabets n numbers n he is not giving his full concentration to me on that..lil pre-occupied on that!!! one good thing is he himself brought the numbers peg board to me n started fixing correctly repeats n recognises as I say….so shd i be happy rather than contemplating?

One happy thing Yuvan started to listen to stories as I read during bed-time allover again …pretty relieved!!!

Yuvan pushed Sam n he got hit in his forehead..that I had put an icepack..and though Yuvan did realise he has done something he is not supposed to do…took 30 mts after so much talking to tell me the magical words”sorry” n “sorry n kiss ” to Sam.. ^^^ Bugging ^^^

Gonna give a call to my mom right m feeling lil home sick (Mom -sick??)


Announcing my(our) Food Blog!

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Yep..after so much dilly-dally and after my hubby always telling me to keep my recipes seperate, I decided to start a food blog seperately…

But this time.m joining hands with my dear friend Bhony.
But My Brainwaves will b  my priority… Juz that i wanted a seperate space for my that i can dedicate my brainwaves for my other ramblings,abt my lil random thoughts  n intimate feelings.

So as usual i will b regular in here..jus that when i feel like posting my recipes,will do it me??so don’t stop visitn me here..will b as usual updating u guys on a regular basis!

To mention abt my good friend Bhony ,She is a very good cook n v have tried n experimented a lot of recipes for our lil sons, Yuvan n Sam who are best of  frenz..
So v are having a seperate section for kidz recipes n toddler recipes so that i will b useful for all the mommies n to-be-moms…

I hope to keep my food blog simple yet special…
Do visit it n I need u’r support.

My other food blogger frens..don’t think that i haven’t included u yet in my food blog roll..Give me some time..m still experimenting on the themez n will b adding all your food blogs that I love most!!!so jus wait for me to improvise my site..

But V have started off with lil note n will b posting our recipes sooner..

have a look.. it is..


Sorry for being absent minded!!

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Oppz…How weird to realise what i have done almost after 3 days…
wonder wat?
I have forgot to pass my awards in the happiness n excitment of writing abt my birthday on that day..
Here I go..
M happy to pass my Good chat blog award to my very good blogger fren who is amazingly writing abt the children in her life…I jus adore her blog…Who else?? Angeline
and My Good fren Bhony for her efforts to write her blog in a more eloquent manner ..

Congrats Dear Buddies!!!

Awards / Birthday

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How to start?? Where to start?

I wanted to make it two posts each seperate..but then since this both has been linked in someway..i wanted to club both..

Here I go.. I got my first award from Vani and the same award by Tamzhini namely the “Good Chat Blog award”

and Tamzhini had written that I’m writing interestingly abt my Son..

Wow..what a way to start the Birthday!!!!

Yep..It was my Birthday yesterday… and my first log-in had Vani’s message ” u have a surprise in my blog” and there she had given me unknowingly my birthday gift!!!My First Blog Award!!!

It started for me very well on 17th evening itself I shd say…My very good friend B gifted me a “BBBBBBBiiiiiiiiiGGGGGGGG” chocc and a nice earring and wished me..what a feeling to get a birthday gift..though u get it every time though!!

Then My hubby called me to tell that he has taken off on 18th for my birthday ..wahh…Itz been long since we were together the whole day on my birthday…off he came with a bouquet n cake…

Then I slept by 10.30 after Yuvan went to bed…unknowingly in the couch in the living room..

the clock struck 12!!and off they woke me up..I mean ‘they ” cos it was Eash n Yuvan to my surprise..

The first question I did ask was ” hey..i did make Yuvan sleep rt? or did i sleep before that?”

Eash had woke him up..n My lil tadpole was more than happy to wake up for his Mom’s birthday celebration..This was one of the nicest moments I shd say..

Yuvan gave me a single rose (courtesy : Dad) and lots of kisses n v did savour on the Yummy choc cake ..My all-time favourites..

Eash his flower bouquet

n My day started well with the blessings from my mom n In-laws!!! what a way to start a day??? I really cherished every bit of it!

On the B-day,cooked for Yuv n Eash…got two surprise calls of all the calls from India from my two cousins..went to the temple and had dinner at PizzaHut with

our very good frens M N V..

Yuv enjoyed the Twin pasta Kiddy meal a lot…I tasted the chic meat ball n Icecream of wonder he loved his dinner!!!

In recent years,this is one of my most memorable birthdays of which i cherished every bit of it!!!The most relaxing Birthday ever!!!

Thanks Eash ,Yuv n My frens !!!



The Name – I

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All in the name>>>

When I was talking to my fren B two days back..By chance the conversation led to how Yuvan got his name..n then me n my bro..

Thought of sharing it here..

Lemme start with “YUVAN”

When I Did conceive,I had some expectation for a Girl baby..

That lil hopes for Girl was neutralised by me not sooner than a month cos I had read somewhere long time back that if the baby is of opposite sex than what u think or have a lil preference..The foetus starts developing /growing inside with the feeling that “my mom doesn’t like me”…I don’t want my lil one to go thru all this..and I want him/her to know that I need him and I love him!!

before the 22nd week ,my Gynae asked us “Do u want to know the sex of the baby?” . V did say Yes”… She told us Looks like a boy..u can know very clearly in the 22nd week scan..”

Then  V went to the Amazing doc Called Dr.Anantha Krishnan,at the Camden Medical Centre ( he is one of the best …I strongly recommend him to anyone for the 22nd week scan..) for my detailed scan which took 2 hrs . then he confirmed by asking us ” do u want to know the sex?”V both sd “yes” and he told us ” Itz a baby boy…” with a lil tune of his own!!

Then I started searching for the names..

But i shd also mention ,by our Hindu Tradition n our family tradition,we name the babies after their birth,in accordance to the time of their birth..Then comes the Moon Signs n naming accordingly..

But we wanted to finalise the name before for reasons of getting the passport before Eash flies back n more importantly wanting to have our own time to choose the name rather than in the hospital with very lil names to choose by n with nominations by X n Y n Z..

Before we stumbled upon the name “Yuvan ” ,I had Options Arjun – my all time favourite.( I have already told Eash that if v go for the second one n if it happens to b a boy..then no name searching ..its gonna b “Arjun”) ,Rishi n Rahul n Eash had Varun in his mind!

But then it came to Rahul or Arjun!

Off I flew to India in my 7th month of pregnancy… with these names in mind…V had decided that v wd name him Arjun if v don’t find any other name v like…

Then One fyne of Eash’s fren’z fren had told Eash ” How abt the name “Yuvan”?”..Instantly Eash liked.. N Coincidentally..i saw the Same name on TV when i was watching some show back in India..n i had liked it too…

That’s how My Lil tadpole was named “YUVAN” – meaning EVER YOUNG MAN!

Surprise :When Yuv completed one Year,by our tradition v got the horoscope done for Yuvan,The guy who did it had asked my cousin ,who went to do the horoscope thing for Yuvan,who named him ? n how?”.Then my cousin had told His parents ..n cos they liked this name n not in accordance with the time of birth or the moon sign..”…  To our surprise the Guy has told my cousin “ this name fits him perfectly according to the moon sign,birth time n numerology..that’s why i asked u.”

Hurray..My parents n his parents were very happy hearing this..after all that family tradition followed as well!! LOL



Big Brother?

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Big Brother???

Recently I have been noticing the Big brother attitude In Yuvan..ON A POSITIVE side though..Thank Goodness!

He has been always carried away by the lil babies he sees at the malls,play area,hospital..wherever..he jus goes behind them..when they (parents)also notice n start behaving friendlier..then after giving me a “Shall I?” Look Yuv jus gives a gentle touch with his young n cute little palms on the cheeks of the lil one..

I always adore the way does with jus Gentle care n Immense Love!!

But for other reasons..i Have taught him the Don’t tuch attitude unless i Give him Permission!!

Last weekend we had been to one of our close fren’s fren’s Place..They had wished Eash to take pics of their one year old daughter..They had made it a get-together as well.One of his fren’s family with a 2 year old Sidh was also present..

 Yuvan from the moment v entered the house tried to socialise with the Young Sidh though he was shy ,by shaking hands,inviting to play catch n throw with the balloons around..driving the car n all that..Soon Sidh started playing a lil with Yuvan..

And the Lil daughter of our fren named Raaniya was bombed by Yuvan and viceversa!!They started having a ball of time togther!!

all thru,Yuv treated Raaniya n SIdh as his frens as well played the big brother role perfectly..sharing..Taking care of them…being gentle n what not??

The climax is …all thru the time the music was on…..


And as I have written earlier ,Yuvan has a passion for dancing (as with the ball to play around….)that too when its hip hop or foot tapping music..Raaniya loves to dance as well ..Sidh too to an extent..

When the song was on..Yuvan wanted o hold hands of Raaniya n dance..n to our surprise Raaniya co-operated well..we all had so much fun watching them dance together holding hands..



finally after the song was over..Yuv gave a gentle Hug to Raaniya.u Can feel the gentleness in this pic!!!

YUv made me Proud being a big brother and a friend to his pals..n a well behaved disciplined  Happy Young son to his Mom n Dad..

Not to mention..he too had lot so fun playing in the lawn with his fav uncle Vishal..Sidh n others with his ball!!






Tea or Coffee?

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Tea or coffee??

I know the answer rt away.. TEA.. i have always been a Tea Girlie..or a Teapot??

I think i got this habitually from my father who was an avid-tea drinker,shd i say…

He used to drink easily 8-10 cups of tea a day!!! Surprisingly..My Mom n my Brother can’t drink tea ,that they are so used to drinking coffee..more the Indian version of “filter coffee”..

I was an addict to tea until I was in My 12th standard ie until the age of 18..that i cannot start my day without a tea..i need it rt after i finish gargling my toothpaste after i brush..n i need it steaming hot…i cannot stand even a minute later than that..Many times i have fought with my Mom though 99.99% she will b on the dot with my tea..

same goes after i come back from school..I feel that My Brain starts workign only after a Tea!!!

Then..finally i decided that i shd over come this addiction but not quitting tea..n i took it as my resolution for the 1998..n i overcame it..

that’s when i started drinking coffee..once in a while…But That TEA satisfaction nothing else cd match for me..And was on Tea twice a day..But i could manage even without a tea rt after my brush!!The change was awesome..thats what even My MOm felt…

Off i got married in Mid 2004 n My dear Hubby is an avid -coffee lover like my Bro n well my In-laws family..

so I switched over to coffee..with not so much interest though…

after moving to SG immediately after my wedding,i had the option to make both at home..but laziness won over me n was making coffee only!!!

Now..after 4.5 years of married life..m back to MY luving tea..

Yep..I have become a Tea girlie again since last 15 days n Coffee for my Lovely Coffee lover only!!

Now u all cd have come to a conclusion why m suddenly blabbering out here abt my tea -stories???

U like what Tea or Coffee?