Month: March 2018

Saturday Musings: Hunger, Poverty and Gratefulness

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One of Yuvanz school holiday project was to analyze poems given in particular themes and come up with mood boards. The theme of his poems were Poverty and one of it was on Hunger specifically and the other set in Mumbai.

Whilst I was helping him with logistics as he was putting together his project, a lot of reflections crossed my mind:

  • There is so much out there happening around me and I am not anywhere in that zone.
  • Hunger is the World’s biggest epidemic
  • The divide is very huge – social, economical and political
  • Why hunger?
  • Am I being truly grateful for what I have been provided for and what I am able to provide for?
  • What can I do? Am I doing my part being a responsible human being?

Why Hunger? It reminded me of this famous thought-school, ‘Consuming only what exactly you need is indirectly making it available to the needy!’ This I think is a powerful thought, which needs action. Starts from within!

I am grateful that this served as an opportunity to have meaningful conversations with Yuvan. Yuvan questioned whether it is the respective government’s responsibility to ensure no one goes hungry as much as possible? He seemed quite taken aback with the whole issue of Hunger for Food and Poverty.

I was thinking: Has he been so sheltered?

It was interesting when he mentioned hunger drives people to be desperate. He continued that hunger can also be related in terms of hunger for success, money etc. not just hunger. ‘Desperate’ for food could lead to stealing or begging; The other worldly hungers leads to cheating, power struggles and a huge impact on undermining values.

This thought process from him literally gave me a shock in both ways, though very insightful!

I told him, yes I completely agree. But there are so many millions in the World who go hungry every day for food, with no basic necessities like shelter and clothing too. We spoke about the Dabbawalas and the ‘Share the dabba’ initiative in Mumbai. Looking at what transpires and the humble lives they live and impact they create in so many people’s lives as well to come up with initiative to feed those in need is a point in reflection by itself! It was also point of reflection for me on food wastage and sharing!

One of his image was the World famous one by Kevin Carter and that brought out subjects like famine, depression and suicide – talking about Kevin Carter’s death.

Millions in the pocket would do nothing if there is no heart to share and care!

Being consciously grateful is the way of life! Be Kind, Love, Live and Let Live!

Making the most out of the moment

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and being grateful are some habits I have been practicing recently and I do acknowledge its increasingly difficult to be aware of it consciously every moment!

With a boy at the brink of breaking into being a teen, trying to identify himself, being aware that every choice he makes he also have to embrace the consequences and wanting independence and yet falling back to you is a very intensive phase of parenting! Me, fighting hard about letting go and yet having an eye on him, doing the ‘kite-flying’ parenting, the decision of how much to let go to strike a balance adds to it!

I am in a phase in my life where I have started to acknowledge, practice gratefulness, be thankful as well avoid comparison. I am celebrating myself and people around me for who they are and making mindful choices following my heart! I feel very raw at times!

Having said all this, it all comes back to seizing the moment! But yes it comes with its very own challenges; about losing it, being argumentative and losing the vision of what I want to achieve out of the very moment! I am getting there… getting there… slowly…

Last week there was a need for his phone to be repaired (thankfully it was the glass and not the screen), I spent time with Yuvan right after his school getting it done combined with a late lunch with him. It was a first, including me taking some time-off from work at that hour!

We took the train and we both were standing opposite to each other in the section where the two compartments are joined and truly enjoyed the motion of tge train and we smiled at each other! A previous memory by itself!

As we were walking after lunch to collect the phone back, I spotted a McD ice-cream and said, ‘Lets have ice-cream!’ That’s when he offered ‘I shall treat you for ice-cream from the money you gave me for today’ and it was an ‘aha’ moment as a mum. I just looked at him in awe as he queued up, bought and handed one to me.

He also noticed that the lad who served us was physically challenged and told me later on ‘I am so glad McD does this.. Isn’t a good thing to treat everyone equal?’ Well, another moment to cherish that he noticed; he is mindful, appreciating and accepting!

Sometimes I do think that he completely throws me off guard with his conversations and at the same time I accept he is argumentative for very minor things. But at-least now I know, scientifically proven, a 12 -16 year old brain works that way!

We did have our ‘argumentative conversations’ and I immediately spotted my emotions, his and did some recovery! More to come! As I learn and grow with him everyday!