Month: February 2015

A little buddy as his playmate

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and I am constantly impressed with how he handles young kids these days i.e right from infants to toddlers…

His Hindi tuition teacher gave birth to a second child and the first child – a girl who is 12 apparently has a good rapport with Yuvan since he has been with this teacher (to whom Yuvan has been going to for more than 1.5 years now.. ). He resumed tuitions after two months break and he came back to me with his story about how he was curious to see the new baby but decided not to ask his teacher; but rather ended up talking to the teacher’s daughter A about her PSLE and her little brother…

Yesterday, he actively engaged and played with our neighbour’s son for about 2 hours until the little one had to be teared off Yuvan to be fed..

But I also ahve to admit he has some reservations against toddlers on the what to play part – especially when Y is moody – but he ends up making up for it and playing with them – examples are our close friends kids.. And they like ‘Yuvan Bhai..’

I am glad Yuvan has developed this big brother quality… But it’s worrying that he just loves boys more than girls…

Anyways, I am happy the way he handles young ones! Good job Yuvan and keep it up! This is of-course a little something that I want to archive and cherish about ūüôā

Yuvan’s Everyday Gratitude – 13.02.2015

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I am grateful for mummy  who

  • bought ¬†me the floorball stick today (a long travel to Queensway Shopping centre…)
  • also let me have some game time on mummy’s phone..

Yuvan’s Everyday Gratitude – 11.02.2015

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I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have my mango again!

I am grateful that I got to sleep with my Dad tonight rather than my room…

Yuvan’s Everyday Gratitude – 10.02.2015

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It’s been a while I wanted to start a gratitude journal for Yuvan and myself so that we could reflect about the day: every night and think of just two things that we are thankful for that day – so that both of us will start appreciating what we have and retrospect the day – a quality I would like to inculcate in him and myself too.. let’s begin …

From Yuvan:

1. I am thankful to Mdm Syakila for releasing us early for recess and hence I had extra playtime with my friends.

2. I am grateful to my Aunty who helped to cut my most favourite fruit Mango so I could eat..

2014.. A year in reflection … we laughed, we cried and we made it!

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I know it’s officially 2015 and in to the second month already….But it’s never too late to reflect I guess…A year that had been personally tough.. A year that I had to reassess my priorities.. A year where I promised myself a few things.. A year where I made a few but major changes to my outlook of life and a year when Yuvan¬†also turned 9.. We had a little but contented birthday celebration…and Yuvan himself said he had loads of fun:-) (hoping to write this long pending post sooner…)¬†we managed to learn and appreciate from each of the Indian festivities we observed through the year! (a post to follow)

When I was questioning myself about my teaching methods and whether I am doing right things for Yuvan, he surprised me completely out of the box by clearing the GEP screening test as one of the 19 in the whole school, which was completely unexpected.. It was a good exposure for him but a huge confidence booster for me which also prompted me to think in a bigger perspective what I would like Yuvan to know/learn/achieve in his life… A big eye opener thought steam engulfed me!!

Academically he managed to keep up with his performance though he dropped a few ranks over all in the school… But we have taken it as a learning curve …

He participated in the school national day project with his friends as a team and made a make believe F1 circuit and their team won the year levels best after the whole school voting process.. He surprised me by saying that they did promote their project in the cafeteria by going around with a simple hand made banner during the Recess time canvassing for votes – how creative marketing brains these boys have!! Kudos!!

And oh yeah, he manged to get into his favorite CCA ¬†Floor ball through selection trails and was one of the¬†selected few to train to get in to the school team…

As a family, we enjoyed a well deserved break in Tokyo (one post is not enough to say how Japanese changed my outlook ¬†towards life for better – once again…) We also went home to Yuvan’s grandparents in India and I had a well deserved break with my uni friends and mom..

Over all, we laughed, we cried and we made it!

A year in which we had lots of ups and downs, lot of learning, lot of bonding and we survived!

I am grateful for what I had, though it was a tough year, yet we survived! Thank God for it…And very thankful to my mom who took leave from her bank job, and flew over to help us for more than two months on the domestic front to help me and Eash manage work and home. Her presence helped me personally soo much both emotionally and physically and soothed my soul.. Love you amma soo much! and grateful to my brother for putting up with my on-off sudden requests of mom to come to SG.